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Chase Co. Kansas
1870 Census Index

Prepared 2000 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

This index includes all the heads of households, other people residing in that household with a different surname, and other adults over the age of twenty (20) with the same surname as the head of household. If an interpretation of the census writing is incorrect and you know it to be, please contact the host coordinator for corrections. Included in the 1870 census is also a township index. If you know where the family resided, please check all possibilities of surname spellings. It was the intent to furnish the best possible interpretation.


Surname Given Age Birthplace Township Page
Calhoun Charles F 47 Rhode Island Cottonwood Falls 17
Carmack Wesley A 36 Illinois Cottonwood Falls 18
Carpenter James L 27 Missouri Bazaar 2
Catlin Russel A 39 Penn Cottonwood 6
Cazly William 24 Penn Diamond Creek 10
Chamberlin Albert 56 Vermont Cottonwood Falls 18
Chapman Jacob 28 Ohio Bazaar 3
Chase Willis S 20 New Hampshire Diamond Creek 10
Clark Francis 22 Indiana Toledo 25
Clark Isaac 64 Indiana Toledo 25
Colbin John 26 Penn Cottonwood 8
Colbin Samuel 23 Penn Cottonwood 8
Coleman Leonadus 26 Alabama Toledo 22
Collett Charles 25 England Diamond Creek 10
Collett George Sr 59 England Diamond Creek 10
Collett George W 35 England Diamond Creek 11
Collett Henry 28 England Diamond Creek 10
Cope Nathan 50 Ohio Toledo 23
Copland Francis M 22 Indiana Cottonwood Falls 17
Copland Lucinda 24 Indiana Cottonwood Falls 17
Copland William 49 Ohio Cottonwood Falls 17
Corrall John 25 Illinois Diamond Creek 14
Coryell McPherson 34 Ohio Diamond Creek 15
Cove Kenton 31 Ohio Cottonwood Falls 16
Cox Thomas B 27 Missouri Bazaar 1
Cox William 29 Missouri Bazaar 1
Crawford Alonzo 32 Ohio Cottonwood 9
Crawford Joseph 45 Ohio Cottonwood 9
Craybow Mary A 13 Indiana Diamond Creek 14
Crissup John F 28 Tennessee Cottonwood 6
Crissup Robert 58 Tennessee Cottonwood 6
Crocker Ashbell J 36 New York Toledo 22
Crocker Erastus B 31 New York Bazaar 5
Crook John 34 England Toledo 22
Cuningham Mary A 3 Missouri Bazaar 3
Curtis Cristopher G 47 Missouri Bazaar 2
Curtis Emeriles 28 Ohio Diamond Creek 15
Curtis John 21 Illinois Toledo 25
Curtis John 47 Ireland Diamond Creek 15
Cutberth Robert 43 England Cottonwood Falls 17
Cutberth Richard 48 England Cottonwood Falls 21

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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