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Chase County Death Notice
Or Obituary Index
1863 - 1999

Surname Given Name Newspaper Date At Society
Phelps Mildred 1996
Pherigo William Mrs 1939
Pherigo William 1960
Pherigo Dan 1980
Pherigo William 1980
Philbrick Charles Mrs Jan 18 1928
Philla John Mrs Mar 21 1956
Phillips Owen Mrs 1937
Phillips Sara 1950
Phillips Thomas Mrs 1958
Phillips Thomas C 1977
Phillips J W 1980
Phillips A B Mrs Bessie 1982
Phillips Randy 1985
Phillips Walter 1991
Phillips Ethel Jun 26 1913
Phillips Irvie Mrs Oct 17 1962
Phillips Lucy A Feb 10 1925
Phillips Winfield Oct 29 1914
Phipps Lloyd 1997

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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