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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Anderson Axel 373, 374 III
Anderson Cap 285 III
Anderson Carl Eugene 60 III
Anderson Carol Faye 60 III
Anderson Charles C   60 III
Anderson Cora Alice 139 III
Anderson Donald Charles 61 III
Anderson John A 139 III
Anderson Mabel Harriet 116 III
Anderson Sheila Faye 60, 61 III
Andrews Emma 219 III
Andrews Florence Wilson 233 III
Andrews Guy B 233 III
Andrews Harriet Isabel 224 III
Andrews Hattie   219 III
Andrews James 233 III
Andrews John 219 III
Angle Donald 72 III
Angle Elva Delphine 72 III
Angle Elva Lura 72 III
Angle John 72 III
Angle John R 72 III
Angle Martha E 72 III
Angle Marvin Giger 72 III
Angle Marvin Joe 72 III
Angle Newton H 72 III
Angle Pauline 72 III
Appelgate Evan 20 III
Appelgate Patricia Barrett 20 III
Archer Debbie 380 III
Archer Patricia Brown 232 III
Archer Sharon 232 III
Armagost Laurie 380 III
Arnold Anna 232 III
Arnold Anna E 362 III
Arnold Becky 57 III
Arnold Charles    226 III
Arnold Diane 57 III
Arnold Don 226 III
Arnold Dorothy 226 III
Arnold Flora Belle 226 III
Arnold Fred & Mrs 375 III
Arnold Fred J 57 III
Arnold Joe 57 III
Arnold Phillip 57 III
Arnold Sara 227 III
Arnold Stephen   227 III
Arnold Veda 226 III
Ashford Carl E   32 III
Ashford Carla Jean 32 III
Ashford Mark Edward 32 III
Ashford Merrilee Sue 32 III
Ashford Patricia Leann 32 III
Ashford Shirley Faye 32 III
Askins Opal 37 III
Atkins Edith    250 III
Atkins Temple Mrs 250 III
Atkinson Frank 340 III
Atkisson Doris D 106 III
Ault Alvin W 362 III
Austin Frances 328 III
Austin Fred 328 III
Austin Harold   328, 329  III
Austin Helen 393 III
Austin Helen M 328, 329 III
Austin James  73 III
Austin Land 378 III
Austin Patty 250 III
Austin Sally 250 III
Austin Sarah 73 III
Austin W P & Mrs 373 III
Austin Walter 327, 328 III
Austin William P 7 III
Austin 7 III
Auston James & Mrs 371 III
Axford Anna Hickcock    26 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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