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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Ayers Bruce 72 III
Ayers Carol 93 III
Ayers Ernest Lee 31 III
Ayers James Paul 31 III
Ayers Jane Ellen 31 III
Ayers John Evan 72 III
Ayers Larry Joe 31 III
Ayers Marian Eugene 31 III
Ayers Martha Cornelia 72 III
Ayers Paul D 30 III
Ayers Paula Dee 30 III
Ayers Rodney 72 III
Badger Benjamin 339 III
Badger Brothers 383 III
Badger Farm 209 III
Badger Granville 339 III
Badger Mrs 383 III
Baerg Kathy 380 III
Bailey A S 282, 284 III
Bailey Bradford 229 III
Bailey Darwin 352 III
Bailey Frentwood 229 III
Bailey Lyle 229 III
Bailey Mason 78 III
Bailey Verlene 78 III
Bailey Zonella 229 III
Baillie Veda 201 III
Baird Beverly Jane 31, 32 III
Baird Helen 31 III
Baird Helen Lauretta 31, 32 III
Baird Ralph C 31 III
Baird Shirley Faye 31, 32 III
Baird Sylvia Leigh 31 III
Baird William 282 III
Baker Arthur E 252 III
Baker Arthur Eugene 15, 16 III
Baker Bart Aubrez 16 III
Baker Becky Annette 16 III
Baker Bernard Carl 15 III
Baker Bertha Russell 15 III
Baker Betty Stollard 16 III
Baker Billie Ann 16 III
Baker Carl Edward 15 III
Baker Clara Irene 16 III
Baker Clara Irene Swift 16 III
Baker Clara Jo 15, 16 III
Baker Clara Lois Russell 16 III
Baker Clare Burenheide 15 III
Baker Edward Tinkham 15 III
Baker Emma Brandley 14 III
Baker Flora E Ayers Mrs 15 III
Baker Jennie Blackshere 14 III
Baker Jo 15 III
Baker Josepha G Tinkham 15 III
Baker Josepha Tinkham 34 III
Baker Jospeha 14 III
Baker Laura 15, 16 III
Baker Laura Boethwick 16 III
Baker Lequita Joy 15 III
Baker Lois 15, 16 III
Baker Margaret 64 III
Baker Mary Alice 16 III
Baker Mary Alice Harrison 16 III
Baker Mary Ruth 15, 34 III
Baker Mary Ruth Blackburn 17 III
Baker Pamela 380 III
Baker Patricia Ann 61 III
Baker Patty 61 III
Baker Robert Arthur 15 III
Baker Robert Nathan 15 III
Baker Russell Eugene 16, 17 III
Baker S H 393 III
Baker Seward H 14, 34 III
Baker Ula 15 III
Baker Vicky 380 III
Balch Gary 157 III
Balch Janie 157 III
Baldie 345 III
Baldwein Clint 394 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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