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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Bales Abram 292 III
Bales J C 292 III
Ball Ada Abadal 69 III
Ballew Alfred 224 III
Ballew Cora 238, 239 III
Ballew Cora Edna Watson 224 III
Ballew Josie M 99 III
Ballew Leila Gillsepie 224 III
Ballew McHenry 224 III
Ballew Thelma 224 III
Ballew Wayne 224 III
Ballweg Carl   266 III
Ballweg Carl A 395 III
Banta Alta 93 III
Barbe Betty 152 III
Barbe Elizabeth Ellen "Betty" 152 III
Barbe Rebecca Ann 152 III
Barbe Robert Miller 152 III
Barbe Robert W 152 III
Barbe William Albert 152 III
Barnes Ann 17 III
Barnes Ann Ellis 17 III
Barnes C B  273 III
Barnes Joan J 116 III
Barnes Mae 17, 239 III
Barnes Mae Channel 18 III
Barnes Maria 17, 240 III
Barnes Maria Fink 18 III
Barnes Marion 17, 240 III
Barnes Mary Higgins 17 III
Barnes Nancy   17, 240 III
Barnes Will 240, 241 III
Barnes William   17 III
Barnes William Jr 17 III
Barnett Anna Maria 94 III
Barnett Gertrude 65 III
Barnett Jerry   65 III
Barr Frank Mrs 340 III
Barret Clarice Ann 78 III
Barret Cranston 78 III
Barret Fannie 78 III
Barret Verlene 78 III
Barrett John B 19 III
Barrett Alamada Bollier 20 III
Barrett Augusta Harpole 19 III
Barrett Bernice 19 III
Barrett Bernice Nelson 19 III
Barrett Beulah Bowman 20 III
Barrett Beverly 20 III
Barrett Carol Wilson 19 III
Barrett Dorothy Luckeroth 19 III
Barrett Edith Hamilton 20 III
Barrett Eleanor 19 III
Barrett Elizabeth 19 III
Barrett Eula Burton 20 III
Barrett George 19 III
Barrett Glenda  20 III
Barrett Glendon 20 III
Barrett Harry 381 III
Barrett Helen Sayre 20 III
Barrett J Richard 35 III
Barrett Jana 20 III
Barrett Jim 20 III
Barrett John 374 III
Barrett Louise Herdt 19 III
Barrett Mabel 19 III
Barrett Mabel Hunter 19 III
Barrett Margaret Mrs 395 III
Barrett Marilyn 376 III
Barrett Martha    20 III
Barrett Mary Demoss 19 III
Barrett Mary Helen 20 III
Barrett Nellie 19 III
Barrett Nellie Patterson 19 III
Barrett Pamela 20 III
Barrett Patricia Appelgate 20 III
Barrett Raymond 19, 20 III
Barrett Raymond J 374 III
Barrett Richard   19 III
Barrett Richard Lee 371 III
Barrett Russell 20 III
Barrett Valeria 20 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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