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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Barringtons William  240 III
Barron Mildred Cress 58 III
Barth G Rev 273 III
Bass Brook 308 III
Bastin Cecil   222 III
Bastin Junior Wayne 61 III
Bastin Norma Jean 61 III
Bastin Russell Scott 61 III
Bastin Wayne Craig 61 III
Bates Grove 340 III
Baumgardner Barbara 376 III
Baumgardner Boyce 63 III
Baumgardner Bummie 63 III
Baumgardner Dee 376 III
Baumgardner Ethel Maria 62 III
Baumgardner Glenn 62 III
Baumgardner Glenn Boyce 62 III
Baumgardner Mr 387 III
Baumgardner Paula 63 III
Baumgardner Teresa 377 III
Baxter Elenor 220 III
Bayer Stone Company 270 III
Bayless Family 344 III
Bayless O M 382 III
Bazaar Pig Club 252 III
Beach Bonnie 377 III
Beach Judy 376 III
Beach Marie 76 III
Beach Rae 376 III
Beach Will 373 III
Beals Cathreine 337 III
Beals Jacob 337 III
Beasley Ottie 217 III
Bebermeyer Calvin Wesley 163 III
Bebermeyer Delores Ann 163 III
Bebermeyer Ivan 163 III
Bechelmayr Agnes    21, 22, 252 III
Bechelmayr Alice 21, 22, 252 III
Bechelmayr Bertha   21 III
Bechelmayr Bertha Stubenhofer 21 III
Bechelmayr Boyd Edward 21 III
Bechelmayr Dona Sheridan 21 III
Bechelmayr Donna 21 III
Bechelmayr Edith    21, 252 III
Bechelmayr Edith Talkington 22 III
Bechelmayr Elizabeth Ann 21 III
Bechelmayr Elta 21 III
Bechelmayr Emily 21, 23 III
Bechelmayr George 21, 23 III
Bechelmayr Jack 21 III
Bechelmayr James 21 III
Bechelmayr John   20 III
Bechelmayr Josephine Grant 21 III
Bechelmayr Lee 21 III
Bechelmayr Mabel Shultz 21 III
Bechelmayr Majorie 23 III
Bechelmayr Margaret Bucher 21 III
Bechelmayr Margaret Duke 20 III
Bechelmayr Margaret Mrs 21 III
Bechelmayr Marjorie Mrs 396 III
Bechelmayr Mary Ellen Williams 21 III
Bechelmayr Rex 21 III
Bechelmayr Richard 263 III
Bechelmayr Scot James 21 III
Bechelmayr Vera Laughridge 21 III
Bechelmayr William 21 III
Bechelmayr Wilma 21 III
Bechelmayr Wilma Evans 21 III
Bechelmayr Zella 21 III
Bechelmayr Zella Haus 21 III
Beck Rena Miss 350 III
Becker Lew 308 III
Becker Margaret 116 III
Becker Valentine 116 III
Beedle Adeline Christine Rogler 25 III
Beedle Adeline Rogler 25 III
Beedle Betty Gay 25, 123 III
Beedle Beverly Grace 25 III
Beedle Carl 25 III
Beedle Carl Calvin 25 III
Beedle Carl Custer 23 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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