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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Campbell Hugh K 395 III
Campbell John B T 178 III
Campbell John Mrs 153 III
Campbell Lisa Anne 105, 144 III
Campbell Maurine 178 III
Campbell Sam Farm 154 III
Campbell Sharon 377 III
Campbell Susanne E 178 III
Campbell Venita    49 III
Canty Stephen 33 III
Canty Jane E  33 III
Cardd Martha 23 III
Carey Eliza 293 III
Carley Jeanne 250 III
Carlson Reuben W & Mrs 325 III
Carmichael Maxine 31 III
Carnett Dolphis 176 III
Carnett Twila 176 III
Carney Gertrude E 116 III
Carney Madeline 116 III
Carney Virginia 116 III
Carney William J 116 III
Carnine Helen Wilson 236 III
Carpenter George 252, 352 III
Carpenter Lewis 317 III
Carr & Sons 88 III
Carrier Phyllis 127 III
Carter Freda 79 III
Carter Gary 79 III
Carter Joseph Paul 79 III
Carter Mansion 375 III
Carter Ranch 371 III
Cartter Dr 385 III
Cartter Pasture 243 III
Cartter's Field 387 III
Caruthers Floyd 80 III
Caruthers Jane    80 III
Caruthers Jean 80 III
Caruthers Marjorie 80 III
Caruthers Richard 80 III
Caruthers Velma 80 III
Caruthers Virginia 80 III
Casey Alice 265 III
Cash Nannie L 232 III
Cathcart Gladys 93 III
Caton Emily 230 III
Catterton F D 278 III
Cavanaugh Lusetta 145 III
Cedar Hill 307 III
Cedar  Lawn 308 III
Cedar  Valley Baptist Church 272 III
Cedar Hill Stock Farm 99 III
Cerney Elizabeth J 177 III
Cerney William J 177 III
Cerney William Joseph 177 III
Chadwick Benjamin H 47 III
Chadwick Benjamin Hiram 47 III
Chafee H W 278 III
Chamberlain Patricia Lee 124 III
Chambers Mary Jane 145 III
Chandler Carrie Brese 368 III
Chandler L L 394 III
Channel Bruce 17 III
Channel Eddie 17, 18 III
Channel Edgar W 18 III
Channel Eliza 18 III
Channel Eliza Evans 17 III
Channel Ella 17 III
Channel Emma 17 III
Channel Estelia  Ann 18 III
Channel Eula Jones 18 III
Channel Eunice M Wood 18 III
Channel Jessie 17 III
Channel Lou  17 III
Channel Mae Barnes 18, 19 III
Channel Mae Barnes Hood 18 III
Channel Marshall W 17, 18 III
Channel Sadie A Heckendorn 18 III
Channel Zoe 18 III
Channel Zoe Glanville 18 III
Channel Zoe Gordon 18 III
Channel Zoe Jordan 18 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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