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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Clark Betty Ann 79 III
Clark Cecil 222 III
Clark Dan  79 III
Clark Frank 294 III
Clark Jack Mrs 342 III
Clark Kenneth 266 III
Clark Marjorie 210 III
Clark Richard 79 III
Clark Winnie Sayre 20 III
Claude Frankie Claude 71 III
Clausen D B 279 III
Clausen Ted 279 III
Clearview Stock Farm 307 III
Cleaver Nell Agnes 83 III
Clements Mary Stuart 191 III
Clements Robert 192 III
Clothier George L 308 III
Clover Cliffs 307 III
Clymer Emilia Mrs 120 III
Clymer Melvina Alice 120 III
Clyne M 309 III
Coats Jeanie Ruth 182 III
Coats John 182 III
Coats Nancy S 182 III
Cobb C F 12 III
Cobb Charles 13 III
Cockcroft Dorothea Jean 125 III
Cockcroft John Bryant 125 III
Cockcroft John Bryant Jr 125 III
Cockcroft Susan Jean 125 III
Cockrill J M 295 III
Coe Mate M 27 III
Coffey Lavona    87 III
Coleman Anna 223 III
Coleman Edna May 224 III
Collett Branch 244, 339 III
Collett Caroline 216 III
Collett Caroline R 216 III
Collett Family 140 III
Collett  Henry 216 III
Collinsworth Crystal 377, 378, 380 III
Collinsworth Lee Mrsa 380 III
Collinsworth Mary Jo 380 III
Collister Margaret 199 III
Colmar Barbara Jean 170 III
Colmar Harry 170 III
Colmar James Lester 170 III
Colmar Ruth Margaret 170 III
Comer J J 327 III
Conaway Elreen M 367 III
Congregational Church 311 III
Conklin Roy 347 III
Conkrite Farm 75 III
Connacher Charles R 394 III
Connacher Mrs 387 III
Connelly Aileen 28 III
Conner Abe 394 III
Conner Ruth Mrs 393, 394 III
Conraddy Dorothy 81 III
Conway Dr 75, 76 III
Conway Myrtle 178 III
Cook Edna 121 III
Cook H A 277, 278 III
Cook Reverend 287, 290 III
Cooley Ione 234 III
Cooley Jabez B 365 III
Cooper Christa Lee 66 III
Cooper Craig 31 III
Cooper David 31 III
Cooper Debbie 233 III
Cooper Denny Dean 233 III
Cooper Donnie 31 III
Cooper Ivan 256 III
Cooper Ivan I 30 III
Cooper Ivan Mrs 380 III
Cooper James Capt 66 III
Cooper Janet 31 III
Cooper Jerry 31 III
Cooper Judy 31 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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