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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Cowley Alfred 52 III
Cowley C A 291 III
Cowley C B 340 III
Cowley Carl B 52, 53, 56, 373 III
Cowley Charles 53 III
Cowley Charles A 52 III
Cowley Charles A & Mrs 56 III
Cowley Edna 53 III
Cowley Esther 56 III
Cowley Geraldine 56, 57 III
Cowley Hazel 53, 56, 57 III
Cowley Iva E 56 III
Cowley Lannie 53 III
Cowley Mr  54 III
Cowley Mrs 54 III
Cowley Ruth 56, 57, 58 III
Cowley Sam R 349 III
Cowley Thomas 52 III
Cox Elda Ann 293 III
Cox Elsie    96 III
Cox M Lester 264 III
Cox Moses 36 III
Cox Myrtle E Riggs 364 III
Cox Myrtle Mrs 366 III
Cox S G Mrs 254 III
Cox Sheldon 293 III
Cox Tom 374 III
Cox Vera Margaret    142 III
Coyne Valley School 129 III
Craige Lea Stock Farm 167, 174 III
Craigrilia Stock Farm 309 III
Crawford Alda 59 III
Crawford Amanda 44 III
Crawford Ann 82 III
Crawford Arthur J 394 III
Crawford Chrissie 103 III
Crawford Constance 228 III
Crawford D L Mrs 102 III
Crawford Dana L 103 III
Crawford Dona Faye 103 III
Crawford Emma Viola 120 III
Crawford Faye 103 III
Crawford Frank 294 III
Crawford Hortense 44 III
Crawford Iva Sue 103 III
Crawford J T Rev 273 III
Crawford Jana Rae 103 III
Crawford Joe 289 III
Crawford Joe John 103 III
Crawford John A 308, 340 III
Crawford Joseph L   44 III
Crawford Lucy Melissa 82 III
Crawford Lucy Williams 229 III
Crawford Margaret Amanda 44 III
Crawford Minnie 120 III
Crawford Raymond Joe 103 III
Crawford Susie 102 III
Crawford  Thomas 120 III
Cress Alba M 58 III
Cress Alberta  59 III
Cress Alda 59 III
Cress Avena 58 III
Cress Banna 58 III
Cress Banna Rea 58 III
Cress Bessie M Boten 58 III
Cress Beulah 58 III
Cress Big Jim 57 III
Cress Blanch Vera 58 III
Cress Blanche 370 III
Cress Blanche V 236 III
Cress Cadiz 59 III
Cress Curg Fletcher 59 III
Cress Curg Kay 59 III
Cress Della 58 III
Cress Dicae 59 III
Cress E Gale 58 III
Cress Earl F Lt Col 58 III
Cress Ernest 58 III
Cress Everett Lewis 58 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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