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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Grisham Sadie Park 368 III
Grisham Thomas H 47, 179 III
Grodon Ray 347 III
Grother David 80 III
Grother Kermit 80, 221 III
Grother Linda 80 III
Grother Linda Kay Waidley 221 III
Grother Mathew   80 III
Grum Mr 280 III
Gurley Floyd M 395 III
Gurney Elva I 177 III
Gustagson Dean 19 III
Gustagson Eleanor Patterson 19 III
Gustagson Phil  19 III
Gustagson Richard 19 III
Gustagson Starla 19 III
Gustagson Stephen 19 III
Gustin Lawrence 327 III
Guthrie Amelia Bierce 129 III
Guthrie Benjamin Franklin 129 III
Guthrie Elizabeth Stone 129 III
Guthrie Florence Abbie  129 III
Guthrie Truman 129 III
Guyton Homer 119 III
Guyton Louise H 119 III
Guyton May Beth 119 III
Guyton Robert 119 III
Hackey Dorothy 78 III
Hadden Gretelle 86 III
Hadley J R Rev 291 III
Hageman S S Rev 273 III
Hager Alice 250 III
Hager Elmer Mrs 38 III
Hagerman Letitia   225 III
Haggard Jerri   228 III
Hagins Austin 234 III
Hagins Floyd Austin 234 III
Hagins Harriet 234 III
Haglund J Paul Rev 291 III
Haight David 139 III
Haines C C 293 III
Hale Preston 251, 264, 331 III
Hall Mildred 239 III
Hall Vera 157 III
Hallman Helen 216 III
Hallman Walter A 216 III
Hamill Jennie B 280 III
Hamilton Avena Cress 58 III
Hamilton Coleen 221 III
Hamilton Elizabeth   225 III
Hamilton Ella 133, 225 III
Hamilton Letitia Hagerman 225 III
Hamilton Mr 317 III
Hamilton Peter 225 III
Hamilton Thomas 225 III
Hamm Gerrie 250 III
Hammerton Etta 30 III
Hampton Amos 292 III
Hancock Charles 337 III
Hancock Clyde   78 III
Hancock Diana 78 III
Hancock Douglas 78 III
Hancock Eliza L 337 III
Hancock Ervin 78 III
Hancock Gayle 78 III
Hancock Gaylen 78 III
Hancock Hazel 78 III
Hancock Helen 78 III
Hancock Homer 78 III
Hancock Margaret 78 III
Hancock Naoma 78 III
Hancock Paul 78 III
Hancock Ruth 78 III
Hancock Susetta 78 III
Hancock Susetta (Dolly) 75 III
Hancock Verline 78 III
Hanna J B 236 III
Hanna Jean    59 III
Hanna John B 59 III
Hanna Myrtle Alice 59 III
Hanna Nell 59 III
Hanna Rosalie 59 III
Hanna Ruth 59 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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