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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Howard Kathryn Lynn 127 III
Howard Linda Ann 124 III
Howard Mabel "Toots" 126 III
Howard Mabel Donna 126 III
Howard Marian Ruth 126, 127 III
Howard Marjorie W 124 III
Howard Mark Howard 140 III
Howard Mark Lee 123 III
Howard Martha May Maule 122 III
Howard Matti 238 III
Howard Mattie 122, 265 III
Howard Mattie Mrs 395 III
Howard Nancy    123, 140 III
Howard's Pasture 243 III
Howard Patricia 68, 176 III
Howard Robert C 321 III
Howard Robert Crocker 127 III
Howard Ruth Eleanor 125 III
Howard Scott Charles 123 III
Howard Sherre 140 III
Howard Stanley Lane 124 III
Howard Stephen Earl 124 III
Howard Vicky Lea 25, 123 III
Howard Virginia May 123 III
Howard Worth Dixon 125, 126 III
Howard Worth Dixon Jr 126 III
Howell A 309 III
Howell Augustus   247 III
Howell Augustus Mrs 247 III
Howell Bob 139 III
Howell Janice Lorraine 139 III
Howell Nigel Leon 139 III
Howell Velma Fay 139 III
Howenstine Clara Jane 51 III
Hoy A J 137 III
Hoy Carolyn Vay 137 III
Hoy Dennis Jay 137 III
Hoy Janet Kay 137 III
Huff James   296 III
Huff Mr 132 III
Huff Mrs 297 III
Hughes Christine 192 III
Hughes George 339 III
Hughes Thomas 337, 339 III
Hull Dale Woodrow 163 III
Hull Julia Jaunita 163 III
Humbert Louise    182 III
Humphrey Ada 132, 134 III
Humphrey Ada Chappelle 128 III
Humphrey Ada Mrs 396 III
Humphrey Addie 128 III
Humphrey Alice 128 III
Humphrey Charles 128 III
Humphrey Charles B Mrs 141 III
Humphrey Charles Benton 133 III
Humphrey Charles Storm 128 III
Humphrey Charles W 141 III
Humphrey Charles William 133 III
Humphrey Dora Elizabeth 128, 133 III
Humphrey Edwin 128 III
Humphrey Elizabeth Ann 133, 141 III
Humphrey Ella 133 III
Humphrey Emogene 128 III
Humphrey Erma Belle 133 III
Humphrey Ethel 133 III
Humphrey Florence Emogene 132 III
Humphrey Frankie 128 III
Humphrey Ida Mae 128 III
Humphrey Jennie Hazel 132 III
Humphrey Larry Dan 133 III
Humphrey Louise H 128 III
Humphrey Marie 133 III
Humphrey Mary Ann 133 III
Humphrey Mary Louise Delaney 128 III
Humphrey Mary Susan 128 III
Humphrey Rebecca Lynn 133 III
Humphrey William 128, 132, 134 III
Humphrey William Stanford 133 III
Hunnewell Dennis 383 III
Hunnewell Wil Mrs 383 III
Hunnewell William 345 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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