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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Kline Margaret 141 III
Kline Mark W 141 III
Kline Melburn C 141 III
Kline Minnie   194 III
Kline Minnie Maude 140 III
Kline Pauline 141 III
Kline Sharon 141 III
Kline Steven C 141 III
Kline Walter 141 III
Kline Walter E 141 III
Kline William 141 III
Kline William K 140 III
Kline William Kenneth 141 III
Kline William Kolmer 140 III
Kline William Mrs 194 III
Kline Zella 141 III
Klotzer Iva 69 III
Kloxin Helen 100 III
Kloxin Helen Caroline 85 III
Kloxin Russell Demore 62, 85, 100 III
Knab Adeline 232 III
Knapp David Edward 146 III
Knapp David T 147 III
Knapp David Thompson 145 III
Knapp Lyde Spence Orr 145 III
Knapp Marvin Bruce 146 III
Knapp Mary 145 III
Knapp Mary Lusetta 145 III
Knapp Mary Sill 145 III
Knapp Nettie    147 III
Knapp Nettie Blanche 146 III
Knapp Ruth Horton 146 III
Knapp Ted 146 III
Knapp Theodore David "Ted" 146 III
Knapp W M 146 III
Knapp W M 396 III
Knapp William 145, 146 III
Knapp William Michael 146 III
Knepp E H Rev 288, 290 III
Koch Kathryn 145 III
Koch Warren W Mrs 145 III
Koegeboehn Beverly Anne 105, 144 III
Koegeboehn Carl Rudolph 142, 143 III
Koegeboehn Clara Thakla 142, 143 III
Koegeboehn Clarendene 105, 144 III
Koegeboehn Daryl Lynn 143 III
Koegeboehn Deborah Kay 143 III
Koegeboehn Detlaf 142 III
Koegeboehn Edna 142 III
Koegeboehn Edna Helen 142, 144 III
Koegeboehn Elizabeth Ann 143 III
Koegeboehn Hilda Emma 142 III
Koegeboehn John Lewis 142 III
Koegeboehn Karen Marlene 105, 144 III
Koegeboehn Kathy May 143 III
Koegeboehn Larry Paul 105, 144 III
Koegeboehn Levi William 142, 143 III
Koegeboehn Lois Irene Lewis 236 III
Koegeboehn Louis  318 III
Koegeboehn Melvin Carl 143 III
Koegeboehn Paul   142, 331 III
Koegeboehn Paul John 105, 142, 144 III
Koegeboehn Raymond Lee 143 III
Koegeboehn Ruby Lorene 143 III
Koegeboehn Sophie Marie 143 III
Koegeboehn Stephen Carl 143 III
Koegeboehn Thelma Nadine 143 III
Koegeboehn Tracy Mel 143 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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