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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Linck Daniel James 207 III
Linck Earnest 223 III
Linck Ernest 206, 207 III
Linck Helen Ahrens 207 III
Linck Iris 207 III
Linck Mabel Estes 207 III
Linck Martin William 207 III
Linck Nina Louise 207 III
Linck Peggy Ann 207 III
Linck Richard Ernest 207 III
Linck Richard Wayne 207 III
Linck Robert August 207 III
Linck Ronald Eugene 207 III
Linck Russell William 207 III
Linck Sidney Lee 207 III
Linck Stephen Joseph 207 III
Linck William 206, 207, 223 III
Lind Melvin E 321 III
Lindsay Lester 93 III
Lindsay Sarah J 93 III
Lindsay Walter 93 III
Link August  223 III
Link James   62 III
Link James Earl 86, 100 III
Link James Earl Jr 62, 86, 100 III
Link Jim 86 III
Link Karin 62 III
Link Karin Jean 86 III
Link Lew 218 III
Linnens Ralph W 236 III
Linsea Nancy    376 III
Linville Aubrey Mrs 197 III
Linville Kathi S 197 III
Linville Nancy Myer 197 III
Linville Richard E 197 III
Linwood 308 III
Lips L J Mrs 339 III
Lister Emma Butler 153 III
Lister Grace 153 III
Lister John Riley 153 III
Litchfield Ethel   90 III
Littler Adeline Wilson 235 III
Littler Clyde 266 III
Littler Kathy 377 III
Littler Richard 377 III
Litzelswaub Joe 205 III
Ljungdahl J J 255 III
Ljungdahl P W 264 III
Lloyd Albert   231 III
Lloyd Charles    231 III
Lloyd Mary 231 III
Lockey Inez 193 III
Long Dora Humphrey 128, 396 III
Long Dora Elizabeth 133 III
Long Henry 133 III
Long Jesse 375 III
Long John Wayne 133 III
Long Kenneth Wayne 133 III
Long Marlene 207 III
Long Rebecca Lynn 133 III
Long Spencer B 133 III
Long Virgelene 250 III
Lookout Schoolhouse 294 III
Loomis Pearl 139 III
Loos Cornelia 70 III
Lord Ella Harper 95 III
Lord Eva Marie 95 III
Lord Joseph Daniel 95 III
Lott Mary G 84 III
Lott Olive 84 III
Louis Farm 82 III
Louthan Herschel 293 III
Lowen C W 172 III
Lowen Carolyn Gayle 172 III
Lucerne Stock Farm 308 III
Ludwig Alvina Paetke 104 III
Ludwig Anna Emma Augusta 104 III
Ludwig Elmer 53, 381 III
Ludwig Martin 368 III
Ludwig Samuel 104 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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