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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Nelson Ranch 371 III
Neurnberg Douglas 80 III
Neurnberg Jean 80 III
Neurnberg Roy 80 III
Neva Stock Farm 308 III
Neville Dorothea 197 III
Neville Joseph B 197 III
Nevitt House 76 III
Newby Curtis 24, 249 III
Newby Grace 248, 263 III
Newby Grace L 265 III
Newell Florence 137 III
Newell J F Dr & Mrs 137 III
Newley Mr 132 III
Newman Don 293 III
Newman George 311 III
Newsom J S Rev 291 III
Nichols Merl A Cress 58 III
Nicholson Ann Mrs 295 III
Nickel V A Rev 291 III
Nicoley Charles 67 III
Nicoley Dick 67 III
Nicoley Dora 67 III
Nicoley Douglas 67 III
Niles Della 58 III
Noah Ann McGuire 136 III
Noah J B Rev 136 III
Noah Rachel Jane 136 III
Noble Mary Margaret` 49 III
Noble Peggy 49 III
Noel Opal    154 III
Nolle L G 206 III
Nolle Helen 207 III
Nolle Ruth 206 III
Noller Daniel 78 III
Noller Donald 78 III
Noller Margaret 78 III
Noller Robert 78 III
Nordeen David 152 III
Nordeen Irene Miller 151, 396 III
Nordeen Loren C 152 III
Nordeen Lucy 152 III
Nordeen Mark   152 III
Nordeen Miller 152 III
Nordeen Robert O 152 III
Nordeen Ron O 152 III
Nordeen Rosalie 152 III
Nordeen Russell O 152 III
Nordeen Steven   152 III
Nordman Allan R 196 III
Nordman Benita 196 III
Nordman Betty  196 III
Nordman Bud 196 III
Nordman Christopher L 196 III
Nordman Clarence Mrs 196 III
Nordman Debra 196 III
Nordman Diane 196 III
Nordman Kent H 196 III
Nordman Kirk A 196 III
Nordman Micael 196 III
Nordman Nancy J 196 III
Norris Rebecca  P 225 III
North Laura 159 III
Norton George 278 III
Norton J P 340 III
Norton John 341, 356 III
Norton Lulu Grace    25 III
Norton M 356 III
Norton Michael 355, 358 III
Norton Minnie 394 III
Norton P J 341 III
Norton Pat 353 III
Norton Tom 341 III
Norton Wm 356 III
Norton 267 III
Notable Tree 392 III
Nuttle Janice 179 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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