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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Oak Grove 308 III
Oakwood 308 III
Obley Mary Catherine 76 III
Oborny Diana M 141 III
Oborny Margaret 141 III
Oborny Mary K 141 III
Oborny Morris W 141 III
O'Byrne 385 III
O'Byrne John 386 III
Ochs Cheryl 378, 380 III
Ochs Vincent Mrs 380 III
O'Connell Helen Miss 42 III
O'Connell Joseph   Mrs 42 III
O'Dell  Barbara Harbison 203 III
O'Dell  Geraldine 214 III
Odle John 381 III
Oelschlaeger Thelma Nadine 156 III
Old Sarah 72 III
Oldham Tonya 380 III
Oldsberry Ed 371 III
Oles William 308 III
Olin Clarence Clyde 97 III
Olin Clariene Denette 97 III
Olin Frances May 97 III
Olin Frances O'Fay 97 III
Oliver French E 285 III
Olseon Webster 201 III
Olson Doug 263 III
Olsons 98 III
Olsons Willard 372 III
Oread Mr 374 III
Organ C L Rev 285 III
Orr Cordelia 145 III
Orr Eva Louetta 145 III
Orr Lusetta Cavanaugh 145 III
Orr Marion 145 III
Orr Samuel 145 III
Osborn Bonnie 254 III
Osborn Hannah 337 III
Osborn Jaunita 157 III
Osborn Joyce 60 III
Osborne Margarer 24 III
Osborne Henry 388 III
Osman P M 280 III
Osmer William 309 III
Overstreet John 295 III
Overstreet John Mrs 295 III
Overstreet Marguerite   46 III
Overstreet Maria 46 III
Overstreet Ross 46 III
Owen Esther 180 III
Owen Irving 180 III
Owen Lenna 180 III
Owen Nora Louise 180 III
Owen Peggy 377 III
Owen Robert 180 III
Owens Dave  77 III
Oxford John 295 III
Oxford Millie 295 III
Paetke Alvina  104 III
Page J H 308 III
Palmer Betty    102 III
Palmer Edward 102 III
Palmer Hazel 102 III
Palmer Junior 102 III
Palmer Kim 102 III
Palmer Kurt 102 III
Palmer Lester 102 III
Palmer Ruth    102 III
Palmer Wayne 102 III
Park Alferetta 195 III
Park Amanda Carner 195 III
Park Bernice 262 III
Park Gay  61 III
Park Gayland 61 III
Park Gayland Mrs 380 III
Park Gertrude 215 III
Park John 111 III
Park Leora 364 III
Park Maude K 396 III
Park Minnie Beth 61 III
Park Samuel 195 III
Park   Tonya 380 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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