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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Parker Nellie Howard 367 III
Parks Edna May 116 III
Parks Eva 250 III
Parks Jerome P 116 III
Parson Beverly Sue 163 III
Parson Dwain 163 III
Parson Kelley Sue 163 III
Parson Robin Marie 163 III
Passmore Alan 221 III
Passmore Andrea Fritzie 221 III
Passmore Ann 221 III
Passmore Chris 221 III
Passmore Coleen Hamilton 221 III
Passmore Connie 221, 378, 380 III
Passmore Harold 221 III
Passmore Josephine 220, 221 III
Passmore Norma June 221, 258 III
Passmore Olice 221 III
Passmore Robert 221 III
Passmore Ted 220, 221 III
Passmore Teddy 221 III
Passmore Thomas 221 III
Patterson John 371 III
Patterson Pauline 176 III
Patterson Verline 78 III
Patton Lucina "Patty 119 III
Patton Mary Anna 98 III
Patton Net 82 III
Patton Phil 340 III
Patton Phil Mrs 340 III
Payne Emma Mrs 340 III
Payne Grace 376 III
Payne Patty 376 III
Payton Leona 234 III
Peabody Addie H Mrs 92 III
Peabody Bonnie T Mrs 92 III
Peak Esther 78 III
Peck Douglas Allan 168 III
Peck Jean Elaine 168 III
Peck Karen Gayle 168 III
Peck Larry Gregg 168 III
Peck Loren Gerald 168 III
Peck Warren Major 370 III
Pendergraft Asa 378 III
Pendergraft Clayton 235 III
Pendergraft Ida Wilson 235 III
Pendergraft Roy 235 III
Pendergraft Ruea 214 III
Penn   Reverend 287 III
Pennell J M 279 III
Pennington J N Rev 273 III
Perkins Kenneth 157 III
Perkins Rita Lee 157 III
Perry Mary Elizabeth 138 III
Perry Nathan 291, 292, 293 III
Peters Chet 220 III
Peters Clara Piper 220 III
Peters Leonard Jr 220 III
Peters Leonord 220 III
Peterson Myrtle J 83 III
Petford Amanda 180 III
Petford Bessie 236 III
Petford Bessie Anna 180 III
Petford Harry J 180 III
Petford Jason 180 III
Petford Jason Allen 180 III
Petford John James 180 III
Petford John Richard 180 III
Petford John Watson 180 III
Petford Katherine 180 III
Petford Katheryn Ann 180 III
Petford Lenna 180 III
Petford Lillian 180 III
Petford Lucile 180 III
Petford Phyllis 255 III
Petford Rena 180 III
Petford Richard 254 III
Petford Virginia Mae 180 III
Petty John C 146 III
Petty & Knapp 146 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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