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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Richmond Alice F 196 III
Richmond Brenda J 196 III
Richmond James K 196 III
Richmond Kent Mrs 196 III
Richter Florence 233 III
Richter Henry 233 III
Richter Marcie 233 III
Riddles Elizabeth 77 III
Rider Alferetta Park 195 III
Rider Betty Jane 46, 147 III
Rider Birdie 195 III
Rider Catherine    194, 287 III
Rider Christopher C 194 III
Rider Cora Gladys 195 III
Rider Dottie 194, 195 III
Rider Franklin G 194 III
Rider Fred 195 III
Rider George R 194 III
Rider Helen 58 III
Rider I D 340 III
Rider I D Sr 287 III
Rider Isaiah D Jr 194, 195 III
Rider Isaiah Dewight 194 III
Rider Isaiah R Jr 194 III
Rider Kittie 195 III
Rider Myrtle 195 III
Rider N P 247 III
Rider Walter    195 III
Ridings May Beth 119 III
Riggs Albert J 293 III
Riggs Bob Mrs 250 III
Riggs Calvin B 365 III
Riggs Emma 293 III
Riggs Evelyn 250 III
Riggs Fred A 324 III
Riggs Hazel 295 III
Riggs Henry   295 III
Riggs Henry A 365 III
Riggs Jesse 295 III
Riggs Joseph 293 III
Riggs Joseph H 293 III
Riggs Mrs 376 III
Riggs Myrtle 189 III
Riggs Paul 295 III
Riggs Rita Belle 262 III
Riggs Robert Mrs 375 III
Riggs Ruth 376 III
Riggs Sarah Mrs 295 III
Riggs Shirley 83 III
Riggs Walter 295 III
Riley Albert 52 III
Riley Carlotta 52 III
Riley John Newton 373 III
Riley Juanita L 255,264 III
Riley Randy 52 III
Riley Robin 52 III
Rindflesh Bonnie Lou 127 III
Rindflesh Ken 127 III
Rindflesh Marcia 127 III
Rindflesh Mark    127 III
Rippert Mary Alice 22 III
Risher Home 344 III
Risher Minnie Frances 155 III
Risner Mrs 344 III
River  View 308 III
Riverside Ranch 308 III
Roach Pearl 92 III
Road S S 385 III
Roark J L 115 III
Robbins E C Ranch 314 III
Robbins Farm 229 III
Roberts A J 45, 47 III
Roberts Dorothy    46 III
Roberts E C 346, 347 III
Roberts Eunice 45, 47 III
Roberts Florence 74 III
Roberts Ken 346, 347 III
Roberts   Nancy 61, 85 III
Roberts   Nancy Lou 99 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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