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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Simmons Eleanor Seigle 192 III
Simmons Elinore Virginia 193 III
Simmons Ellen 193 III
Simmons Fred 193 III
Simmons Garrett McDowell 191 III
Simmons H N 191 III
Simmons H N Place Cemtery 248 III
Simmons H Nelson 192 III
Simmons H Nelson W 192 III
Simmons Herbert 259 III
Simmons Herbert Nelson   192, 193 III
Simmons Herbert Nelson II 191 III
Simmons Herbert Nelson III 192 III
Simmons Horatio Nelson 192 III
Simmons Inez Elizabeth 193 III
Simmons Inez Lockey 193 III
Simmons Joyce 192, 214 III
Simmons Margaret 250 III
Simmons Margaret Lee 192 III
Simmons Marianne 52 III
Simmons Marianne Isabelle 191, 192 III
Simmons Marla Belle 192, 261 III
Simmons Mary 192 III
Simmons Mary Adaline 193 III
Simmons Mary Clements 193 III
Simmons Mary Garrett 191 III
Simmons Mary Inez 192 III
Simmons McDowell W D 191 III
Simmons Nancy 192, 214 III
Simmons Patricia   214 III
Simmons Patti 192 III
Simmons Phillip Lindsay 193 III
Simmons Robert 370 III
Simmons Robert Andrew 192 III
Simmons Robert Clements 191 III
Simmons Suzi 192 III
Simpson Willie 193 III
Sims Celai 82 III
Skelly Service Station 311 III
Skinner Roma Johnson 24 III
Slarosky Renate 139 III
Slifer Dr 205 III
Sloper Mary Mrs 311 III
Smart Barbara   163 III
Smethers Ada 194 III
Smethers Amy 194 III
Smethers Ann  197 III
Smethers Beth   196 III
Smethers Beth D 195 III
Smethers Dorothea   197 III
Smethers Dorothea L 195 III
Smethers Edward 194 III
Smethers Edward R 197 III
Smethers Ferdinand 195, 197 III
Smethers Fred 194, 197 III
Smethers Fred Mrs 195 III
Smethers Henry 140, 141, 194 III
Smethers Henry Madison 193 III
Smethers Howard   197 III
Smethers Howard D 195 III
Smethers Howard D Jr 197 III
Smethers Howard Jr 197 III
Smethers Jane    140, 194 III
Smethers Jane Nickelson 193 III
Smethers Julia M 195 III
Smethers Marjorie 197 III
Smethers Minnie   194 III
Smethers Minnie Maude 140 III
Smethers Myrtie   196 III
Smethers Myrtie R 195 III
Smethers Ned L 197 III
Smethers Oscar 194 III
Smethers Patricia J 197 III
Smethers Ruth 197 III
Smethers Ted W 197 III
Smethers Walter    194 III
Smethers William 194, 345 III
Smethers Zella 194 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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