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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Sylvester Albert 93 III
Sylvester Barbara 93 III
Symes Della Lane 210 III
Symes Edna 210 III
Symes Ena J Campbell 210 III
Symes Henry 209, 210, 211 III
Symes Herbert 209 III
Symes Jimmy 210 III
Symes John 209, 211 III
Symes Louis 209 III
Symes Louise Mary 210 III
Symes Marjorie Clark 210 III
Symes Mary Burrell 209 III
Symes Mary Helen 210 III
Symes Rodney 209, 210 III
Symes Rodney T 210, 211 III
Symes Rodney T Jr 211 III
Symes Sidney 210 III
Symes Sidney James 210 III
Symes Sidney T 210, 211 III
Symes Tecumseh 211 III
Symes Tom 209 III
Sypher LaDean 264, 265 III
Talkington B F 30 III
Talkington Ben 70 III
Talkington Benjamin    136 III
Talkington David 22 III
Talkington Ethel 60 III
Talkington Gerald   22 III
Talkington Marc 22 III
Talkington Margaret 22 III
Talkington Mary Alice 22 III
Talkington Michael 22 III
Talkington Peggy 22 III
Talkington Roger 22 III
Talkington Shirley 22 III
Talkington Steven   22 III
Talkington Susan   22 III
Talkington Walter 22 III
Talkington Wilbur 352 III
Talley Clara 37 III
Talley Clara Smith 38 III
Talley Mrs Kenneth Hays 38 III
Talley Victor Byrd Mrs 38 III
Tannehill E H 279 III
Tanner Harriet Pugh 367 III
Tanner Reverend 291 III
Tate Babe 216 III
Tate Martha Anne 86 III
Tate T R Lt Comm 216 III
Taylor Aubry B 100 III
Taylor Lloyd 100 III
Taylor Scarlette Annette 101 III
Taylor Teresa Lynn 101 III
Teat Bill 374 III
Tefft Clifford 234 III
Tefft Kenneth 234 III
Tefft Lois Yenzer 234 III
Tennehagen Carl Mrs 121 III
Tennehagen Ella Mae 121 III
Terrell Lucy 135 III
Tetze Bill 227 III
The Elm 308 III
The Pioneer Ranch 308 III
Thebus August 386 III
Thomas Christian 78 III
Thomas Clarkson H 139 III
Thomas Dorothy 78 III
Thomas Edna 69 III
Thomas Florence Josophene 139 III
Thomas Hazel 78 III
Thomas  Matilda 319 III
Thomas  Paul 78 III
Thomas  Robert 319 III
Thomas  Robert Mrs 317 III
Thomas  Ruth 78 III
Thomas  Samuel D 325 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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