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Chase Co. Kansas
Historical Sketches
Vol. III

Prepared 2002 by Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

Surname Given name Page # Vol
Watkins John T 337 III
Watson A B Mrs 340 III
Watson Alice Amanda 223, 224 III
Watson Anna Coleman 223 III
Watson Bert 131 III
Watson Burton Mayham 223, 224 III
Watson Cora Edna 223, 224 III
Watson Edna May Coleman 224 III
Watson Gwennie 224 III
Watson Hariet Isabel Andrews 224 III
Watson James Monroe 223, 224 III
Watson Jim 131, 224 III
Watson John 311 III
Watson Lizzie 311 III
Watson Mary Elizabeth 223, 224 III
Watson Permelia Ann Minor 223 III
Watson Permelia Arrilla 223, 224 III
Watson Walter 309 III
Watson William 223 III
Watson William Cain 223 III
Watson Winnifred 224 III
Way A W Rev 288, 290 III
Way James W 326 III
Way Robert 250 III
Wealand Denna 262 III
Wean Phoebe    120 III
Weaver Hazel 163 III
Weaver Henry Embree 277 III
Weber Christian Jacob 97 III
Weber Jack Eugene 97 III
Weber John 366 III
Weber Melanie Ann 98 III
Weber Mildred Brown 97 III
Weber Patrick Alan 98 III
Weber Tony Randolph 98 III
Webster Charles 136 III
Webster Florence Johnson 135 III
Webster George 308 III
Weems Katheryn 163 III
Weichold Emma Clara 142 III
Weinman Bertha 206, 207 III
Weinman Louis 206, 207 III
Weinman Ruth 206 III
Weiss Garnet 86 III
Wells Barbara Joan 161 III
Wells Gideon 47 III
Wells H E Rev 288, 290 III
Wells Harold Kipling 161 III
Wells Harold Kipling II 161 III
Wells Janna Gail 161 III
Wells John 169 III
Wells Kip Mrs 314 III
Wells Kipling 351 III
Wells Kipling Macy & Mrs 161 III
Wells Laura J Mrs 394 III
Wells Leonard Jr 222 III
Wentworth A P 309 III
Wentworth Jane 310 III
Wentworth Pine 310 III
Werry Douglas Laurence 49 III
Werry Janet Jessie 49 III
Werry Laurence 49 III
Wertz Connie Sue 33 III
Wertz Donald L 33 III
West Mattie Willhite 31 III
Westermann Frank 67 III
Westermann Marianna 67 III
Wharton Store 386 III
Wheat Betty Ann 139 III
Wheat Joe 139 III
Wheat Mary Jane 139 III
Whelans Howard 371 III
Whetherholt Sarah Mrs 292 III
Whibley Ann 46 III
Whibley Ed Mrs 46 III
Whibley Eddie J 46 III
Whibley Esther 46 III
Whibley Kevin 46 III
Whibley Star 46 III
Whibley Susan   46 III

Chase County Host
Lorna Marvin

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