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SIXTH DISTRICT List of voters of the sixth district of the Territory of Kansas, according to the census returns taken by William Barbee in the months of January and February, 1855.
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    Name                Where From    



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Adkins, John               MO

Alexander, Joseph          MO

Alexander, William         MO

Anderson, J. C.            NY

Andrian, James             AR

Arnett, James              MO

Arnett, Nathan             MO

Arnott, Thomas B.          MO

Arntziotte, _____          Rome

Arnuld, Vanden Heyol       Holland


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Bainos, John C.            IN

Barbee, John A.            IL

Barbee, William            IL

Barnes, John               MO

Barnett, Ephraim           NC

Bearer, Samuel             MO

Bennett, Noah W.           MO

Benton, Saul               OH

Beth, Richard              PA

Blake, George              MO

Bledsoe, Hiram             OH

Boyd, Adam                 MO

Boyd, Reuben               MO

Brant, Akin                IL

Breese, William,           IL

Broils, Lewis              IL

Brown, John                OH

Brown, John                MO             

Buckhart, Daniel F.        OH             

Burgess, James             MO             

Butler, George             MO             


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Cail, John                 MO             

Carter, Thomas             MO             

Cates, John                MO             

Cathing, Joel              IA             

Cellars, Matthew           MO             

Chany, James M.            NY             

Coapland, Jesse            IL             

Coapstan, Jefferson        IL             

Conville, Andrew           MO             

Cook, E.B.                 MO             

Cook, Emory B.             IL             

Crook, John                CN             

Cssushratte, Adam          NY             

Cummings, P.D.             TN             

Culton, John               MO             


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Davis, Lewis               OH             

Davis, Porter              IL             

Dawson, Michael            GA             

Debryn, John               Belgium        

Deivent, F.                KY             

Denton, John W.            KY             

Denurdly, Samuel           VA             

Dobson, John               TN             

Dorland, Thomas            MO             

Drennon, Samuel            MO             

Dreeser, James             MO             


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Eanin, William             IL             

Edwards, Robert            MO             

Endicott, G.J.             MO             

Eueing, Milton             TN             

Evans, Jonathan            MO             


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Fawbush, Benjamin          IL             

Fawbush, James             IL             

Fawbush, John              IL             

Fields, Jackson            IN             

Finch, John                IL             

Finley, Jacob              OH             

Fishback, E.S.             OH             

Fisher, Stephen            MO             

Fleener, James             IN             

Fleener, John              IN             

Fleetwood, Issac           MO             

Fleetwood, Miles           MO             

Fleetwood, Reuben          MO             

Fleming, James H.          IN             

Fleming, John B.           IN             

Fly, Elisha                MO             

Fly, John                  MO             

Francis, Daniel            MO             

Fowler, Jesse              MO             

Fox, Thomas H.             CN             


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Gasaway, William           GA             

Gathered, Ira              GA & MO        

Gathey, David              PA             

Getreal, Robert W.         IL             

Gilmore, Samuel S.         MO             

Godfrey, William           MO             

Grant, John                CN             

Graves, John               KY             

Graves, Thomas             MO             

Griffith, William          PA             

Gunthey, James             MO         

Gunthey, John              MO             


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Haloway, Jerman            IN Ter.        

Harlan, David              GA             

Harrison, James            IN             

Haskins, William           TN             

Heard, Charles             IL             

Heard, James               IL             

Heard, Stephen             IL             

Heimer, Theodore           Prussia        

Hix, John                  MO             

Hopkins, Daniel            GA             

Hopkins, Nathan            GA             

Horton, A.H.               AR            

Howell, James              IL             

Humphreys, Henry           MO             


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Ingham, Thomas P.          MO             


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James, Daniel B.           MO             

James, Thomas              MO             

Janny, L.                  MO             

Janny, William             MO             

Jarrand, Michael           Canada         

Jefferies, Joseph          OH             

Jones, H.W.                IN             

Jones, Washington          MO             


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Kelley, Charles            IL             

Kirk, Matthew              IL             


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Lebaun, Peter              MO             

Laherdy, Peter             MI             

Lewis, Fielder             MO             

Linn, James M.             MO             


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Margrove, William          MO             

Marr, James                DE            

Matthews, John A.          KY             

McCann, Michael            ME             

McCoy, John A.             IL             

McKiney, L.                MO             

McNew, Jeremiah            MO             

Minor, John N.             MO             

Milam, Charles             WI             

Miller, Jacob              MO             

Mills, Berry               IL             

Mills, Issac               MO             

Mitchell, Charles          MO             

Mitchell, Cowan            MO             

Moody, Jerome              MO             

Moore, Philander S.        MO             

Moore, Samuel              MO             

Mooyard, Lewis             MO             

Morgan, Reiley             MA             

Morgan, William            MO             


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Neet, Charles              KY             

Nelson, Samuel             GA             

Nichols, Albert            GA             

Nichols, James P.          GA             

Nichols, John              GA             

Nichols, Manor             GA             


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Osborne, Enoch             MO             

Osburn, Thomas             MO             

Ousboin, Alfred            MO             

Return to alphabet Painter, William MO Parker, Reuben MO Patterson, Wyle AR Paul, Parzeglionne Italy Phalin, Patrick Ireland Pickeral, James MO Pickeral, Thomas MO Piles, B. MO Potter, Stephen TN Powell, Jonathan IA Price, George MO "R" Return to alphabet Randolph, William PA Rannay, Andrew IN Rawls, Joseph OH Ray, James MO Ray, James B. MO Ray, William MO Ray, Jesse TN Reding, Robert T. IA Rennick, Geo. W. IN Robinson, Joseph IN Rocker, George IA Rodgers, Abram AR Rosecrant, William MD Russell, Jackson MO Russell, Samuel MO "S"
Return to alphabet Schoemaker, John Holland Shambles, Jacob IN Shapeweather, Aram KY Sharp, Joseph M. KY Sharp, Lewis MA Sheehan, John Ireland Simons, George MO Simpson, John MO Smidt, Hans MO Smink, Henry NY Smith, Charles MO Smith, James IL Smith, James MO Smith, John B. IL Smith, Joseph MO Snider, Aaron W. MO Snider, Jacob MO Snider, Henry MO Sooter, Abrer MO Sooter, William MO Spears, Solomon MO Spratt, Reuben MO Stephen, Charles MO Stephenson, Henry CN Stiner, Peter OH Sumers, Thomas MO "T" Return to alphabet Thompson, Aaron MO Thompson, John IN Thorn, O'Donnel Ireland Tinker, George MO Tivas, John IN Trim, Jesse TN Turner, James MO Twombly, Francis MO "U" Return to alphabet Underhill, William MO Upton, James MO "V" Return to alphabet Vorehies, William IL Vermillion, William VA Vestall, Lemuel MO Vestall, Nathan IL "W" Return to alphabet Wakefield, John MO Wakefiekd, George MO Waldron, James OH Ward, A. IL Ward, Arthur MO Ward, Davis MO Ward, Harrop MO Warfield, Alexander MA Warren, James OH Watkins, Henry KY Watkins, William KY Weaver, William MO Welch, Joseph MO Welch, Peter MO Wenshap, Frederick Prussia Weston, John IL Weston, George IL Wilkerson, Benjamin F. IL Williams, Benjamin MO Williams, James MO Williams, John MO Williams, William MO Wilson, Enoch IL Wilson, Hir. T. MO Wilson, Thomas DE Wood, Green OH Wood, John R. TN "Y" Return to alphabet York, Francis IL York, George IL Young, William MO


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