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Sat Oct 19, 2002
I have been given access to an Autograph Book that belonged to my great grandfather's sister which is signed mainly by friends and relatives living in northeastern Chautauqua County in 1885 - 1887.  There are also a few people who signed the book later in Colorado.  The names of people who signed the book are listed below. If you are related to any of these persons, send me an email and I will send you the content of the entry in the book.
Addie M. ABBEY; B. C. ADAMS; Eva L. CHAFFEE; E. S. CLARK, Georgie Clark, Mrs. Maggie Clark, S. C. Clark, W. T. Clark; J CRANDALL, M.D.; Bill CULVER, H. N. Culver, Nettie Culver; S. G. DAUGHERTY; Annie DOUGLASS, Lillie Douglass; Belle EVERT, Charles Evert, Jennie Evert, Joseph B Evert; A. W. FINLEY, Beulah Finley, Jessie D. Finley, Lula B. Finley, Will. D. Finley; B. FLINT, Mrs. E. A. Flint, E M Flint; Mrs. Abbie GARVIN, D. H. Garvin, Grace Garvin, Maude Garvin; Wm HILDEBRAND; John N. IRVIN, Will. S. Irvin; A. Z. JENKINS, Willie H. Jenkins; B. C. JOHNSON; E. J. LEACH; Luella PARMAN; Jas. C. PARMLEY, J. C. Parmley, M. E. Parmley; W. W. PATTERSON; James A PHELPS, Carrie M. Phelps, H. E. Phelps, Angeline Phelps, Ina M. Phelps, Lenora Phelps, Emerson Phelps, Nellie Phelps; Martha PHILLIPS; Theo. PITWOOD; Ed J. RICHARD; Mrs. C. H. ST. JOHN; Mr. E. J. SEARLE; S. D. SHAFER; E T STOCKWELL; Azariah F. STULS; S. A. TALLMAN; Frank C. VOORHEES, Truman Voorhees, Mrs. T. L. Voorhees; Maggie WATTON; Mr. J R WINDBIGLER, Mrs. Nannie E. Windbigler.
Also see my posting from 1999 which lists the names of people who signed my great grandmother's Autograph Book during the same time period (many names are the same but some are different).
Contact Virginia Phelps - vphelps@earthlink.net

BADRAUN Wed November 27, 2002
The badraun family buried in round mound cemetery. The Badrauns have absolutely no idea about this part of the family. Are there any burial records are available for this family or if there are likely funeral homes in the area that would have the funeral records?
Contact Steve Badraun - sbadraun@earthlink.net
BRIGHT, REEDER Sat Jun 29, 2002
I'm looking for information about the Reeder and Bright families. Martha (Mattie) Reeder Bright and her husband William Riley Bright.
Contact D Blacharsk - DBlacharsk@aol.com
BYRUM/PARKS Sat December 14, 2002
I've trace my grandmother's birthplace to either Hewins or Elgin. Her given name was Leota Louise Parks.   She was born to Frances Leota Byrum Parks and Jesse James Parks  June 29 of  1912.  The Byrums were from Chautauqua county and my great-great-grandmother Sarah Byrum (married to Hiram Byrum) resided there I believe until the mid 1920's. My great-grandmother was born April 28, 1892.  I have a civil war discharge paper for Chauncy Byrum in 1964.  It listed his residence as Oklahoma.  My grandfather Parks and family is from Pawuska, Oklahoma.  I would appreciate any information regarding this family line that is available, either Parks or Byrum.
Contact Shuree Torgerson - shuree_t@hotmail.com
CROCKER Tue Oct 8, 2002
My great grandfather was Frank O. Crocker, he was an auctioneer in Cedar Vale, farmer, and also owned an ice cream shop there.  Crocker street is named after his father, my gggrandfather L.P.(Philip) Crocker.  He owned a ranch in Cedar Vale, my ggrandfather on my mothers side was James Hamm and Frank Crockers wife was Georgia Kygar from Hewins, Kansas.  I have some information on them but not a whole lot.  I remember coming to Cedar Vale at least twice a month and visiting Papa until his death in the 60's.
Contact Maril Tart - maril@bellsouth.net
DORSEY, James Wed May 29, 2002
Seeking info of James Dorsey, b. approx.1845 Mo., James is in the 1900 census for Chautauqua Co.Kansas listed with the H. Buck family of Little Caney Twnshp. Also listed with James Dorsey is Maudie Mae Dorsey, daughter, born 1890 Mo. James Dorsey is widowed.
Contact Carol Jones - gjones9917@aol.com
GROOMES Sat Jan 26, 2002
I am trying to find information on the Groomes Family. My greatgrandparents were Charles Everett Lamb and Essie Groomes. They were both born in Moline and married at Howard County Seat. I found a record of their marriage there with his fathers name but nothing on her family. I also found a record of an Eliza Groomes marriage and her parents were Thomas and Susan Groomes. I ran across a submission of Thomas C. Groomes buried at the Cedar Vale cemetery. I was led to believe that they lived in Cedar Vale also. Can you help me with these names at all, if you can I would appreciate it very much.
Contact Brenda jenkins - jesus_is_my_lord_forever@hotmail.com
HARTZELL Thu August 15, 2002
Am trying to locate family of Adam Hartzell.  Some of the children went to Chautauqua Co.  I think a son was sheriff there for a term or so.  Adam (son) Hartzell died and buried in Peru, Ks. about 1916.  A Samuel Hartzell was also there.  A brother Randal M. Hartzell  is also to be buried there.  Any information about any members of these people will be greatly appreciated.
Contact Dorothy SwansonName - dgswan99@accessus.net
My mother, Louise Barbara Jeffers was born in Eskridge, KS in 1904, October 22 to Dr. and Mrs. George Newton Jeffers of Elgin, KS.  She lived in Elgin, KS until she married Norbert Draper in 1928.  Both her mother and father died a week apart in Elgin in January 1928.  Christine Jeffers divorced George Jeffers and married the town pharmacist, Mr. Harry Shinn.  I am looking for any information on this family.  Dr. Jeffers was the town doctor.  I would like to know where they lived or anything about them that someone could remember.  My husband and I visited Elgin several years ago and were so well treated by the citizens of the town.  I want to come back.
Contact Barbara Draper StarkeyName - starkedoll@aol.com
JOHNSTON, Edward B. (E.B.) Fri Sep 27, 2002
Edward B. "E.B." Johnston b. 1816, either in PA or IL, and his wife, Rebecca Van Winkle b. 1820 IL, lived in Chautauqua County, KS before their son Allan McGee Johnston was born 20 Mar 1855. Both "E.B." (d. about 1890) and Rebecca probably died and are buried somewhere in Chautauqua County also.   Any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated.
Contact Patt Woods - pwoods1997@aol.com
JOLLIFF, William M. Tue Mar 19, 2002
Looking for confirmation that the William M. Jolliff buried in Round Mound cemetery in Chautauqua co, Kansas with a death date of 15 June 1900 is William Marion Jolliffe, the son of John Morgan Jolliffe and Catherine Merideth. William was born 1848 in (West) Virginia. He married Mary Asenith Torode 6 Dec 1877 in Madison Co, Iowa. William and Mary Jolliff had a son Clifford Charles born 20 Nov 1878. Wondering where Mary Jolliffe and son are in the 1900 census? Also the 1900 census of Chautauqua co, Kansas does seem to show that William’s brother was in the county at that time. This was Charles Wesley Jolliffe, born 26 Dec 1859 in Iowa. In the census he seems to be married to a Henrietta with son Carl W. Jolliffe b. Dec 1893.
Contact Kathleen Rizer - rizerk@erinet.com
JULIAN, Otie/Odie Wed Oct 09, 2002
Otie [or Odie] Julian, b 1871-1880's
He came to Peru during the oil boom, July 5, 1904, and lived with his father Madison J. Julian and brother Martin V. Julian[d 1905].  I don't know what became of him after his father died in 1929. If you have any information relating to him, I would appreciate it.
Contact Sharon Truitt - jktruitt@ntin.net
MADDOX, Samuel R & Mary Thu Feb 14, 2002
I am looking for someone that can do a lookup for me in Cedar Vale, Chautauqua County, Kansas..possibly Jefferson Township. I am looking for the birth of a baby girl that was born to SAMUEL R. and MARY MADDOX, born in 1874 and a baby boy born in 1879. I am also looking for someone that can do a 1880 CENSUS lookup for SAMUEL R. and MARY MADDOX and family in CHAUTAUQUA CO., KANSAS, JEFFERSON TOWNSHIP. Any help would be appreciated.
Contact Beverly - mojo@ccp.com
NICHOLAS, John & wife Margaret HOPKINS Tue Sep 3, 2002
I'm interested in information on the John and Margaret nee HOPKINS (my great great aunt) NICHOLAS and their family. Both were born in Wales, John in Oct 1834 and Margaret Aug 1853. Margaret was the 6th child of the dozen plus children of Thomas and Catherine HOPKINS of Glamorgan, Wales, and who, as well as two brothers, John HOPKINS b. May 1863 Llysworney, d. June 6, 1908 Clayton, OK and Evan Hopkins LEWIS b. Mar 1864 Llysworney, d. 5 Jul 1947 Ottumwa, IA, emigrated to the United States during the last quarter of the 1800s. The 1900 Census has John and Margaret NICHOLAS with daughter Mary and son-in-law William BANNELL living in Cedar Township, Cowley County next door to John's son, by a previous marriage, Thomas A. NICHOLAS and family. By 1910 Mary and her husband had struck out on their own. Then in 1920 Margaret is living alone just off of Maple Street, in Cedar Vale, Chautauqua County, John having passed the previous year. I would like to know when and where John and Margaret married and who were their first spouses etc.
Contact Chuck Lewis - CLewis8970@aol.com
ODELL, William & Margaret Wed Jun 19, 2002
Looking for information for William Otis ODELL, b.1844, d. 1898, buried in Ozro Cemetery in Chautauqua County near Hewins. His wife Margaret Elizabeth PARKER, b.1844, d. 1895, was buried in Gravette, AR. Their children: Delphia Eliza ODELL, b. 1874, Daisy, Lois Maude, and Otis. Have info to share from Delphia.
Contact Susan Allen - subeallen@yahoo.com
OFFUTT Mon Feb 25, 2002
Looking for help in identifying the following Offutt's listed as being buried in Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Peru Cemetery
Offutt, Mr. O. 12 Oct 1873 - 7 Apr 1947

Round Mound Cemetery
Offutt, Alice G. 23 Sep 1876 11 Jun 1910 w/o E.L.
Offutt, Sarah Elizabeth 25 Mar 1837 31 Dec 1910
Offutt, Z. M. 21 Jun 1886 (57y 11m, 19d)

Contact David Offutt - david.offutt@alltel.net

PARKER, Robert Wed Oct 30, 2002
I am a volunteer researcher for the Saline County Kansas Sheriff's Department, I research former Sheriff's trying to locate former photographs of them. One of our former Sheriff's is Robert Parker, he served as Sheriff in Saline County in 1863-1864, he left Saline County after 1865 and went to Jackson County for a short time, from there he went to Chautauqua County and died in Sedan. I have gotten his obituary, learned his daughter married a Dyer, I do not know what happened to his son, John. One other child of his had died in Saline County and is buried here. I would appreciate corresponding with anyone researching this line, or anyone who might know of a photograph of Robert Parker.
Contact Keely Denning - kdenning@cox.net
PEARCE Mon January 21, 2002
I am looking for a region near Cedar Vale described as "Irish Flats."  An old family tree created by my great aunt, Mary Catherine Pearce Bowker, says her father, F.C. Pearce moved to that area with his parents (John H. and Catherine Pearce) from the Wichita area in the late 1870's or early 1880's. Do you know of such an area and/or it's location?  Do you know if a cemetery is in that area?  I believe John H. and Catherine may have another daughter buried in that area.
Contact Debbie Martin - DMartin@bass-net.com
PERRY, Thomas Mon May 20, 2002
Hart, Ky. census 1850 - Thomas Perry b. 1826, wife Dorcas b. Dec. 10, 1819, son Franklin David b. Mar. 4, 1849 Ky., wife May Indiana Alford b. June 20,1861 Ind. All are buried Grenola, Elk Co. Ks. I have 30 yrs. missing on this family, 1850-1880. Franklin was in Peru, Chautauqua Co., KS 1879. Franklin was a peddler, or tinker. Other surnames in KS, Harp, Barnes, Clark, Would like to find other research for Perry. Contact Ann Murphy - emurphy64@cox.net
SHOCKEY, Sarah Jane & Ray Mon Jan 07, 2002
I'm looking for information on Sarah Jane Shockey and her son Ray. Need obits on them. Both buried in Union Cemetery in Lafayette Township. She died 17 Sep 1929. Ray died 30 Dec 1954. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The family has lived in Chautauqua County off and on from late 1870's to the time they passed on. They first lived in Hewins.
Contact Linda Jones - linder-j@cox.net
Chautauqua SPRINGER, Louisa Sun Jul 07, 2002
Married in Sumner Co., KS and died in Co. in 1787. Wife of: Cyrus Barrington or William Franklin Barrington. Son: Delbert Otis Barrington b. 20 Sept 1896 Monett, Chautaugua Co., KS who is my grandfather. Karen Farr Roper for mother: Can you locate Burial site and/or other info. Thank you for your time and effort. Contact Betty Farr - ropycomp@swbell.net
SWINNEY/SWEENY Tue November 26, 2002
I'm searching for infornation about my grandfather; Riley George Swinney or Sweeny, who according to my father's birth record, was born about 1845 in or around Chautauqua County. Any and all information will be appreciated.
Contact Father Rick - father_rick@hotmail.com
TAYLOR, George and Esther Tue Jan 29, 2002
I'm looking for George Taylor b. 1828 and his wife Esther Caroline (Rice) Taylor, b. 1848 d. 1921.  Esther died in Niotzae, Chautauqua, KS.  They had 3 children William, Sidney and John.
Contact Norma Karter - nckarter@flash.net
THOMPSON, Sherman E. Fri Jul 19, 2002
I am looking for the parents of Sherman E. Thompson who lived in Jefferson Township. He is buried in Cedar Vale Cemetery. He died in 1954. Is there an obituary? His mother was Margaret Ann Morgan Thompson.
Contact Marvin and Suzanne Morgan - Morganmarsu@aol.com
WALTMAN, Dee Kennith Fri Nov 08, 2002
My parents lived in the Chautauqua area around Boulanger in the early 1920's.  My mother delivered a baby boy. still born, and I was told he was buried in the cemetery there.  My father, Dee Kennith Waltman, aka D.K., worked for the Wolverine Oil Company and later moved to Wolco, Oklahoma.  The oil company was later Shell.  My uncle, Elza Waltman also worked in that area.  I am trying to locate the grave of the brother and any photos of that area in the early 1920's.  I would appreciate any information.
Contact Nadine Harmon - nadineh@bendcable.com
WHETSTONE, Gaylord & Carrie Louise Thu Nov 07, 2002
My grandparents Gaylord and Carrie Louise (Hooper) Whetstone were married in Moline, Ks 1926. Lived their married life in Sedan.  My mother the oldest of 3 children was born in Sedan in 1927, Joan Geneva (Enloe) Whetstone. My grandfather operated oil units for Denman Oil and they lived on Denman leases until his death in 1969.   My grandmother remained in Sedan until 1971.  She died December 2001.  Both are buried in Greenwood cemetery in Sedan.  My Grandmothers parents Sumner and Eunice (Fletcher) Hooper settled in Chautauqua county around 1904. Sumner parents Charles Augustus Hooper and Mary A. Bussey settled in Chautauqua county 1870's.  Eunice's parents James and Sarah Fletcher moved to Chautauqua county in 1880's.  All four are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Sedan.  James Fletcher's family are buried in St Charles Cemetery North of Sedan.
James Augustus Hooper was commissioned First Lieutenant of Co. A 7th Regiment of New Hampshire Volunteers February 1, 1861 and served until he was honorably discharged May 1864.  Reenlisted and appointed Captain until the end of the war. Wounded in the left shoulder.
James Russell Fletcher Pvt. Co D, 13th Regiment Kentucky Infantry from 1861 until he was injured in the battle of Huff's Ferry November 14, 1863.
I have documented entries from the Archives in Washington D.C. both received pensions.
I came across this website and felt a need to include my family members. 
Contact Debra L. (Enloe) Gordon - dgordon@wwwebservice.net
WILSON FAMILY Mon Jul 22, 2002
Looking for descendents of my great-grandfather William B.Wilson. He was born in Cass County Indiana in 1849., d. 1914 in Sedan Kansas. Married Maggie L. Lancaster, b. 1855. d. 1943 in Sedan KS. Children - Maybell b. 1872 D.1882? -William Alex B.1873 d. 1900 -Frank b.1874 -Alex Freeman b.1877 - Fred Arlington b.1888 d.1964. Specifically, looking for information on Alex Freeman (Freim) Wilson and Frank Wilson.
Contact Karen Lee - karenwlee@cox-internet.com
WOOD Fri Aug 9, 2002
Wiley Wood was in the 1880 census in Chautauqua Co., Belleville Township.  We believe that he and his family, wife Mary (Pryor), sons John Minor Wood, William Columbus Wood and George Pleasant Wood were there between 1877 - 1881.  They came from the Blackhawk, Colorado area to Kansas and left Kansas to go back to the Washington County, Arkansas area.
Contact Billy & Sondra Wood - woodbrw@ipa.net
WOOD, Martin Sun March 17, 2002
Would there be a Martin Wood (181?-188?) and wife Elizabeth (Campbell) Wood ,slightly younger in the Cedar Vale area?  Any help appreciated.
Contact James Wood - mrwood49@hotmail.com


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