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BUCKLES Tue Dec 28, 1998
I am hunting any information on any of the Buckles family that lived in Sedan, Kansas. My Great Grandfather was Lewis Warren Buckles (B. 1859-D 1925), his father was Henry Harrison Buckles (B. 1840-D 1901) in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas, mother was Emily SAMS (B 1841-D 1926) in Sedan, Chautauqua, Kansas. There were 13 or so children in this family, I would love to here from any of the descendants from this couple. Also if any one has any information on the family from here back. As my G Grandfather and G Grandmother were divorced we did not know very much about this side of the family.
Contact Nancy Carter - NCarter583@aol.com

CUNNINGHAM, George W. Tue Dec 28, 1998
CUNNINGHAM, George W, born 15 December 1852, perhaps Indiana. Parents Lewis William and Katherine Cunningham. Brother John William and sister Mary Jane Cunningham HALL lived in Cherokee County, Kansas. G. W. Cunningham Dealer in Dry Goods and Groceries and General Merchandize, Lowe, Kansas 189? was on a letter head. Believed he operated a post office in his store. Possible a daughter married a Dr Vernon BOOTH of Sedan, but this is not definitely established.
Contact Dave and JoAnn Loudon - loudons@bigplanet.com
FERRELL, George W. Tue Nov 3, 1998
George W. FERRELL, lived in Peru, Chautauqua Co., Kansas and died there. Believe he is buried in Peru Cemetery. Probably died in 1890. Need information about his wife, Emerlis KILGORE. Believe she is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Sedan Kansas. She died July 4, 1941, They had six children, Maybel, Otis Clark (my grandfather), Margaret (Maggie), Lula, Maude, and Alice. Would like information about George W. FERRELL's parents and also parents of Emerlis KILGORE.
Contact Darrel G. Roberts - dgsnroberts@prodigy.net
FLETCHER Sat Sep 10, 1998
Interested in the Fletcher family that lived in Chautauqua Co., KS. These were the children of James Russell FLETCHER and Sarah Matilda VIERS. There were 10 children in this family. Most of them died in Sedan, Chautauqua Co., KS. Any information most welcome.
Contact Robert Fletcher - rfletmod@accessus.net
KELLY - TANNAHILL Sun Sep 30, 1998
I am interested in the KELLY surname and the TANNAHILL surname. They lived in Chautauqua County from about 1890-1918. Thank you.
Contact Carmen Johnson - carmenmjo@cableone.net
MILLIKEN, Imo Unity Thur Oct 01, 1998
I am seeking information on my fathers mother's family. His mother, Imo Unity Milliken, was born on March 20,1897 in Cedar Vale, Kansas to Horatio Carson and Henrietta Pratt Milliken. We have no information on either of the grandparents of Imo and would like to know the history.
Contact Joyce Rose - address not working 09/12/99
OKERSON Tue Feb 03, 1998
Seeking information on Franklin, Albert, Charles, Sarah and Edward Sherman Okerson. 1869 Chautauqua County, Kansas. Any information regarding the above would be appreciated.
Contact Pat and Ed Okerson - Okisan@aol.com
PADGETT, Locke H. Sat Apr 18, 1998
Padgett, Locke H. (10 June 1846, Felicity, Clermont Cty., Ohio--8 March 1923, Chautauqua, Kansas) and wife, GATES, Margaret Elizabeth (Birth ?,Monroe Twp., Clermont Cty., Ohio--24 December, 1943, Chautauqua, Kansas). Moved to Chautauqua, Kansas in 1890's. Children: Padgett, Harvey Gates ; EDWARDS, Angenette (Nettie) Padgett; PHILLIPS, Mary Elvina Padgett; and FOSTER, Susan Alice Padgett. Daughter Phillips, Jessie Matilda Padgett (31 August 1870, Felicity, Clermont Cty., Ohio--19 June 1953, Amelia, Clermont Cty., Ohio) married Phillips, Charles Emmett on 1 February 1893 and remained in Ohio. Would appreciate information on the above mentioned and any information on the Padgett family ancestors.
Contact Julie Dumont - arlabs@worldnet.att.net
I am researching the following surnames in Chautauqua County and have been for a number of years. Pumpelly, Miller, Grounds. I would be very happy to share and trade information with others with interest in these families.
Contact Vera Miller - millerv@ksok.biz
SCHULER, Jonas W. Fri Dec 18, 1998
Seeking information on Jonas W. Shuler, b 7 Oct 1839 in Loveland Colorado. He appears on the1883 Civil War Veterans Residing in Chautauqua County list. Married Mary E. WITT of Palmyra, Il. on November 7, 1866. They had ten children. Jonas died in Loveland, CO on Oct. 31, 1914 and was buried in Wauneta, Kansas. Would appreciate hearing from and corresponding with anyone having information on the Shuler family.
Contact Colleen Terrell - NCTerrell@aol.com
I am looking for information on my ggrandfather George W. Castoe. The Castoes and Sears families were married to each other within three sets of siblings. Sometime after the war George Castoe died and his wife Sarah Sears Castoe married K. Malone. All these families lived around Sedan and Elgin and other places in Chautauqua Co. The Thompsons and the Coots were all part of the same families. I have information on others area of the country but need to know how and when George W. Castoe died. Will share my information.
Contact Winnie Bell - hwbell@mc2k.com
TURNER, Thomas and Serena Wed Mar 25, 1998
Seeking any information on Thomas Turner who settled in Chautauqua County in 1870 and was still living there in 1885. He married, date and place unknown, G. Serena WOLFE. They had at least one child, a daughter named Ida, birth date unknown, married a man named KNOPP, date and place unknown, she died 11 Dec 1945 in Stillwater, Payne County, Oklahoma. Ida had at least one child, a daughter, Anna, who married a man named DAVIS, date and place unknown. I have been told that descendants of Thomas and Serena were later living in Texarkana, Arkansas or Texas.
Contact Helen Ormsby - heleno@alaska.net


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