The rapid development of the automobile and the excellent means of transit it affords make it incumbent upon any community whose desire is to keep pace with the strides of time to have within its confines one or more garages of suitable capacity, and equipment to properly care for this important branch of modern business. One of the representative firms engaged in this line at Columbus is Ward's Garage, situated at 207-212 East Maple street. The place is equipped with all up-to-date conveniences for serving
Wrecker Owned by Ward's Garage
the public in this respect and is in command of a substantial share of patronage. They repair cars of all makes, do a storage business; also carry a full line of accessories, tires, tubes, oils, gas, etc. This firm has been established about three and a half years and is owned by F. R. Ward. He is one of the best posted automobile men in this section and is meeting with success by affording absolutely first-class service at economical prices. Mr. Ward is a live wire, full of "pep," energy and the go-ahead spirit and is always interested in anything that promises improvement in conditions in his home town.


  Among the first-class institutions that are contributing their full share toward the advancement of Cherokee County, a place of no slight prominence must be accorded Blake & Son, who operate large and modernly equipped greenhouses at Columbus. This is one of the pioneer enterprises of the community, having been in operation about 30 years, and has been a success from the very beginning, owing to the energy and ability of the proprietors. This business is located a short distance southeast of the City, on the Blake road. The greenhouses are modem in construction and equipment and in keeping with the best establishments of a similar nature in much larger cities. They have enlarged their premises from time to time in order to keep pace with the growth of their trade and now utilize about 60,000 feet of glass. At this writing they are making a special feature of lettuce which is shipped to all parts of the country. In addition to the large greenhouses, they utilize about five acres out-
side which is equipped with the overhead irrigation system. This firm is composed of F. E. and E. M. Blake. They are among the representative citizens of the County, are largely public-spirited and have done much toward the upbuilding of this community.


  There are several things necessary to attain success in business now-a-days. One of these is a thorough experience; another is being able to meet all demands promptly and at short notice, and still another to be able to supply the public at rock-bottom prices. In these respects, the establishment of J. E. Gordon measures up to the standard set by the best of houses of a similar nature in the larger cities. This business is located in spacious quarters on the southeast corner of the Square. It was founded about fourteen years ago, although Mr. Gordon has resided here for forty years and is one of the best known citizens of the City. He is a fair-minded business man and one who takes a deep interest in everything that has a tendency to improve conditions in the community. Mr. Gordon carries a complete line of wall paper, paints, varnishes, sporting goods, china, glass, tinware, household necessities, novelties, confectionery, cigars, tobacco, etc. He has always been accorded a liberal share of patronage and his store is one of the most popular of its kind in the County.

The Bargain Store.

  The best criterion by which to judge a town's progress and improvement is by the character and variety of its commercial enterprises, and in this connection a few words concerning the establishment conducted under the style of Brown's cannot but interest many of the readers of this publication. Although the above house is only a little over a year old, it has taken its place among the strong and succesful[sic] retail enterprises of the County. The stock carried comprises dry goods, notions, furnishings, clothing, shoes, hats, caps etc. Their slogan is, "Everything at Less." They feature the best goods to be had from the original sources of supply and offer as low prices as can be had anywhere. This business is located in spacious quarters on the northwest corner of the Square. It is owned by J. T. Brown. He has made his home here for years. He was formerly engaged in the grocery business and was also connected with the real estate business here for several years. He is a man of the highest integrity and is meeting with success by selling honest goods at honest prices.


  Among the well known and successful lines of business of Columbus is the West Electric Company, located at the southwest corner of the Square. They make a specialty of rebuilding, repairing and recharging storage batteries; also repair generators and motors and sell the famous "Superior" and other makes of storage batteries. The business is under the personal supervision of a man of the ripest sort of experience in this important line and patrons are afforded the best of service at moderate prices. J. S. West is the proprietor. He is a fair-minded and progressive citizen and enjoys the esteem and confidence of the public in general.
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