The commercial standing of a city can be easily and accurately guaged by the stores which supply the daily needs of its people. The citizens of Columbus demand the best of everything; and so far as their wants in the line of drugs and allied specialties are concerned, the establishment of M. R. Jones, located on the east side of the Square, meets every requirement in its large and growing field.
  Mr. Jones has been connected with the drug business here for more than 20 years, and is one of the most capable men in this line in Cherokee County. He carries a complete stock of pure drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines, toilet requisites, novelties, cut glass, ivory goods, fine candies, cigars, tobacco, etc. The store is also equipped with a modern soda fountain together with Opalite glass top serving tables and all other up-to-the-minute conveniences. Mr. Jones makes a specialty of accurate prescription work. He is a graduate and registered pharmacist of wide experience and handles a large per cent of the business in this line in Columbus. Mr. Jones is too well known locally to need any words of introduction. He is a man of the highest integrity and has always been counted among the real live boosters for Columbus and surrounding country.
Rider on Ox


  The ebb and flow of commerce makes and unmakes the prestige of cities in their influence over the commerce of States. Modern business methods are not what they were a generation ago and places like Columbus which are fortunate in possessing establishments like that of the Oxenrider Wholesale Grocery Company, who keep abreast of the business currents and who take advantage of opportunity to push ever and ever ahead in their line of business, are the places which ride the crest of the flood-tide of commercial success. And as one opportunity begets another in almost widening influence, so do such enterprising firms grow upward and ever stronger in securing their own opulence and success, and in helpfulness to the City in which they are located. The foregoing is truly applicable to the Oxenrider Wholesale Grocery Company, who conduct one of the representative wholesale grocery houses of this section. This concern opened its doors for business in 1919, and has been a success rom[sic] the very outset, due to honest effort and square-deal policy of its management. This business is under the able management of C. M. Oxenrider.
He is one of the most energetic and wide-awake men of the County and stands high in both business and social realms of the community. This firm is incorporated with an ample capital and carries a complete stock of everything pertaining to its line. It matters not what the public demand in the way of foodstuffs like Aladdin's Cave, their storehouse of food excellence yields the desired article. The markets of the world have been scoured to find the staples that are here gathered together. Tropical jungles, the boundless plains of our West, sunny Italian hills, the historic valleys of Greece, the olive groves of Spain and the tea gardens of the Orient have all been forced to yield their treasures, treasures such. as the epicures of Rome in her palmiest days knew nothing of, all for the delectation of the prosperous residents of the territory that constitutes the firm's sphere of action.


  Look back through the years and count the number of automobile companies that have been started - and forgotten. Count the number of cars that have been introduced - and forgotten. Through all the ups and downs of the industry, through good times and bad times, through days of doubt, and the days when an automobile was a curiosity - and right on through the days when the automobile became a beneficial and enjoyable necessity, the Ford has not only endured, but has steadily grown in popular favor. These well known cars together with Ford trucks and Fordson tractors are sold in Columbus by Chas. E. Jones. He also carries a complete line of Ford parts, tires, accessories, etc., and does a general repair and storage business. The mechanical department is complete to the minutest detail and is presided over by men who are highly skilled in this line of work. Mr. Jones is too well and favorably known to need any words of introduction at our hands. He is a man of business ability and integrity and takes much interest in all matters calculated to benefit the community.


Ladies' Ready-to-Wear.

  As a merchant and business man, U. S. Lyman has accomplished much during the five or more years he has been engaged in business at Columbus. He has had a consistent development and successfully conducts his establishment through superior service and reliability. His patrons have confidence in his goods and his prices and he lives up to this reputation by keeping in stock only reliable lines and offering them at the lowest market quotations. Here may be seen the latest styles from the metropolitan cities of the East, the stock carried being one of the best selected in the County. He carries a complete line of notions and ladies' ready-to-wear of every description. This is the only exclusive ladies' ready-to-wear store in the City. The business is located on the east side of the Square and no detail is lacking to make the house one of the representative enterprises of its kind in its town and field. Mr. Lyman is a man of wide experience in mercantile pursuits and keeps thoroughly posted on all the important details connected with this line. He is a man of reliability and marked business ability and enjoys the fullest confidence of the masses.
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