Columbus, the county seat of Cherokee County, is a clean, progressive and well-governed little city with a population of approximately 4,000 and every one a "live one."
  Geographically, Columbus is admirably located for a thriving and progressive city. With its two lines of railroads and interurban line, shipping facilities are good. It is on the Frisco, M. K. & T and the Joplin & Pittsburg Electric Railway, and the Northeast Oklahoma is building into the city. In addition to its ample railroad facilites, Colum-
of the county lead and zinc mining is the principal industry.
  Columbus has efficient electric light, gas and water service, local and long distance telephone exchange, one of the finest systems of schools of any town of its size in the country, churches of all leading denominations, public library, and many beautiful homes of the real American type. The streets are paved in the business section and graded, graveled and well kept in the residence portion of the town. All the leading fraternal

Riverton, Kans., Plant, Empire District Electric Company
bus boasts of hard surfaced auto roads connecting with all adjoining counties. The city is surrounded by one of the best agricultural, dairying, live stock and poultry sections of Southeast Kansas and is destined to take its place among the foremost towns of its size and class in the Great Southwest. It is also in the center of one of the richest mining districts of the country. On the north and west coal is mined on an extensive scale while in the Southern and Eastern sections societies are represented here and most of them are strong and doing good work.
  Columbus has three strong, growing and successful banks, one wholesale grocery house, two wholesale produce houses, one wholesale confectionery establishment, three grain elevators, two hotels, a number of well equipped garages, machine shops and auto salesrooms, two bakeries, one marble works, two lumber yards, large greenhouses, bottling plant, many retail stores equal to those found
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