The Baxter State Bank is conducting a general commercial banking business, devoting the utmost attention to the needs of the community of which it forms a most component part. Utilizing every effort possible to merit the approbation of the substantial element of the community, it stands today as one of Cherokee County's strong and successful institutions. Its management, and conservative and consistent

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methods are above criticism, and thoroughly compatible with the best interests of the community in which it is operating. According to its official financial statement of December 11, 1922. The Baxter State Bank has total resources of $876,579.92; capital, $25,000.00; surplus, $42,000.00; undivided profits, $12,696.82, and TOTAL DEPOSITS TO THE AMOUNT OF $796,883.10. Deposits are protected by the Depositors' Guaranty Fund of the State of Kansas. This Bank was organized March 5, 1905, and since that time it has exercised a powerful influence in the financial affairs of Cherokee County. The officers and directors are W. T. Hartley, President; Tarrence Connor, Vice-President; W. W. Wyatt, Cashier; W. C. Hartley, Assistant Cashier and John I. Cooper. They are among our leading financial citizens and stand high in the estimation of all.


  The most practical, economical and popular means of transportation today is the automobile. It is responsible for our good roads and wherever you find good roads you will find prosperous and contented farmers. The large number of cars in use makes it necessary for all commercial centers to have establishments devoted to the sale of supplies and the upkeep of these machines. This leads us to speak of the Barnes Tire Company, located on 12th Street, near Military Avenue. They carry a full line of tires, tubes, and tire accessories; also do steam vulcanizing of the highest possible class, and at right prices. The vulcanizing department is in charge of men of the highest qualifications whose broad experience in this line enables the firm to guarantee all work to give absolute satisfaction. In the sale of tires this firm makes a specialty of the well-known and popular "Fisk," "Pennsylvania Vacuum Cup" and "Silvertown." the Barnes Tire Company opened its doors for business in September, 1921, and is very ably managed by R. D. Barnes. He is a live wire and a rustler in every sense of the word. Much of the success of the business has been due to his ability, and his manner of doing things - always on the broad, liberal plan.


  It is safe to say that in no other retail line is competition so keen as it is in the retail grocery trade, and among the houses that have long enjoyed the confidence of the buying public of Baxter Springs and vicinity is the Baxter Cash Grocery, owned by C. G. Henbest. Located at 1125 Military Avenue and carrying a stock which for quality and variety is equal to any in this section, this store has taken its place among the strong and vigorous lines of business of its town and field. The policy of the proprietor has been to feature the best goods that money and experience can bring together with prices as low as can be had anywhere. This has made the house a favorite headquarters for all who like to obtain the best pure food groceries at rock-bottom prices. Anything commonly found in the best grocery store anywhere may be found here. C. G. Henbest, the proprietor, is a native of Barry County, Missouri. He is one of the most progressive of our younger set of business men and stands high in both business and social realms of the community. He was on the road for the Neosho Wholesale Grocery Company for several years prior to establishing this store and worked the local territory four or five years.


  Eventually every citizen, good, bad or indifferent, goes to the drug store. So universally is this true that the drug store might be called the people's meeting place. It may be for a cigar, a glass of soda water, or it may be on a more serious errand. Baxter Springs is fortunate in possessing as complete and up-to-date drug stores as can be found in any small city in the Middle West, and one of the foremost leaders in this line is the store of the Scott-Puckett Drug Company, located at 1042 Military Avenue. Here may be found drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines, toilet articles, stationery, box candies, cigars, tobacco, etc. No drug store is con-

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sidered complete in this day and age without a first-class cold drink dispensary, and in this respect the store of the Scott-Puckett Drug Company ranks with the best in the district, possessing a large fountain of the most approved make, together with serving tables. This business has been established since 1917. The firm is composed of Dr. W. R. Scott, one of the leading physicians and surgeons of the community, and T. M. Puckett, a registered pharmacist, who is thoroughly posted on all the details connected with this profession. They are men of executive ability and never hesitate to come to the front in support of any measure that helps make Baxter Springs a bigger and better town.
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