One of the largest lines of industry in Cherokee County and one of the most efficient plants of its kind in this section is The Stauffer-Cammack Grain Company, an institution that has had a broad and steady growth along the most progressive business lines. This business was founded in 1902 and they now operate establishments at Columbus, Baxter Springs and Scammon, Kan., and Picher, Okla. The local elevator, warehouse and office are situated on the tracks of the Frisco Railroad near the depot. They are prominent wholesale dealers in grain, flour,
Stauffer Grain Company

feed and hay; also manufacture chops, dairy feed, meat mash and scratch feed for chickens. They are members of the Kansas Grain Dealers' Association and are recognized leaders in their line in this section. They have the best facilities at their different houses, enabling them to handle a large volume of trade at a minimum of expense and labor. In the sale of flour they make a specialty of the famous "Wichita's Best" and "Red Star," two of the leading brands of flour sold in the Middle-West. This Company is incorporated with the following officers at its head: S. K. Stauffer, President; D. W. Robeson, Vice-President:, and L. T. Cammack, Secretary-Treasurer. They are among the leading citizens of the County and are liberal supporters of all measures advanced in its interest.


  Columbus has a number of large enterprises of which she has every reason to, be proud and which are contributing to her prestige as a busy commercial center. One of the largest establishments of its kind in this section is the A. Hood & Sons Implement Company, located on the south side of the Square. This Company began business at Columbus in a comparatively small way in 1873. With the flight of time the business grew and expanded and additional stores were opened and the concern is today one of the foremost of its particular kind in the Southeastern section of the State.
  The A. Hood & Sons Implement Co. operate houses at Pittsburg, Columbus, Parsons and Baxter Springs, Kansas, and Carthage and Springfield, Mo., and Miami, Okla. They are extensive dealers in farm implements, farm machinery, harness, saddlery, buggies, wagons, farm tools, automobiles, etc. They
are exclusive agents in this community for the far-famed Buick automobiles; also carry a line of parts for these well known and popular cars. The Company is incorporated, with an ample capital and has for its officers E. C. Hood and H. C. Hood, of Pittsburg, and G. W. Hood and O. E. Skinner, of Columbus. They are all widely and favorably known throughout this section and stand high in both business and social realms of the community.


  A store specializing on one line of goods can give the trade better service and quote lower prices than other stores handling the same line of goods more as a side-line than as a self-sustaining department of their business. The above is a forerunner to the statement that if you are in the market for harness or saddlery and want to make sure of obtaining the best at rock-bottom prices, you should deal with Martin & Carl of Columbus. This firm is located on the East Side of the Square. They carry a complete stock of harness, saddlery and horse goods, also auto tires, robes, suit-cases, hand-bags, etc. Another branch of their business is harness and shoe repairing. In the latter branch of the business, they have the latest and best machinery known to the trade and are affording the best of service at live-and-let-live prices. All work is turned out on short notice and absolutely guaranteed to give satisfaction. The proprietors are enterprising citizens of good standing in all circles, and by their integrity and upright bearing have gained the fullest esteem and confidence of the masses.


  One of the well-known and successful business enterprises of Columbus is that of the Electric Supply Co., dealers in electrical appliances and contractors for all kinds of electrical construction work. This business has been established about two years. George Field, the manager, is well versed on all the fine points of his calling and is meeting with success by affording patrons the most efficient and reliable service at right prices. The firm makes a specialty of house wiring and repairing. This business is conveniently located on East Maple Street. Mr. Field is a young man of modern and progressive ideas and is counted among the real live wires in local business circles.


  Building material in the substantial growth of any community has become an item of the first magnitude and no contribution in this direction has been of greater value to Columbus than that of the Cherokee County Lumber Company, situated on East Maple street, near the Frisco depot. This business is under the able management of C. W. Hiller. He is one of the most wide-awake business men of the city and is strong for any measure advanced in the interest of his home town. This concern has been established about 20 years. It has been accorded a substantial trade from the beginning and enjoys an enviable reputation for square dealing and superior service. They carry a complete stock of lumber, shingles, roofing, lime, cement, brick, paints, varnishes, etc., and their prices are as low as those of any firm of a similar nature in this section.
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