Cherokee County Sections
of the
Volume XII, 1912

(Chicago, Ill. : R.L. Polk & Co., 1911)


--   Advocate The (daily), Wm R. Smith propr.
--   Aitchison Realty Co, C. R. Aitchison pres and sec, R. T. Aitchison treas, real estate.
--   Allee L. E. & Son (Linus E. and Edgar), grocers.
--   Allison & Dillman (Nathaniel T. Allison, Lucius N. Dillman), real estate and ins.
--   American Gas Co, James A. Sloan mgr.
--   Anderson Charles J, restaurant.
--   Anderson W. B, grocer.
--   Ashley Edmund D, dentist.
--   Babb J. C. Mrs, Propr Hotel Columbus.
--   Bartlett & Townley (Charles E. Bartlett, Wayne D. Townley), druggists.
--   Baxter Lee, physician.
--   Belt George W, jeweler.
--   Benham W. M. & Son (Wm M. and Morton), livery.
--   Bishoff Charles S, photogr.
--   Blake George R, jeweler.
--   Blake & Son (Thomas A. and Harry), Proprs The Columbus Green House.
--   Bradney Edward D, grocer.
--   Briggs Charles H, meats.
--   Briggs Edith A, notary.
--   Britt Hardy, restaurant.
--   Brooks The, Lyman Brooks propr.
--   Brown James T, coal.
--   Burgett Wm F, vet surgeon.
--   Burgoyne M. W, propr Columbus Steam Laundry.
--   Burke Bros Drug Co (John T, James E. and Richard R.), druggists.
--   Callahan M. W, ice mnfr.
--   Campbell & Wilson Bros (James P. Campbell, Ralph G. and R. Bruce Wilson), grocers.
--   Cherokee County Alliance Exchange, Frank Porter mgr, general store.
--   Cherokee County High School, M. L. Catlett prin.
--   Cherokee County Lumber Co, Fred Deem mgr.
--   Cherokee County State Bank (Capital and Surplus $55,000), M. A. Housholder Pres, Elbert H. Ellis Cashier, Robert P. Miles Asst Cashr.
--   Cherokee Land Co, Nathaniel T. Allison, Henry A. Forkner, real estate.
--   Columbus Advocate The (weekly), Wm R. Smith propr.
--   Columbus Commercial Club, Dr C. S. Huffman Pres, E. H. Ellis Sec, Stanley Walbert Treas.
--   Calumbus [sic!... i.e. Columbus] Furniture & Undertaking Co (James S. McCauley).
--   Columbus Green House, Blake & Son proprs.
--   Columbus Public Library, Sadie Hammett librarian.
--   Columbus State Bank (Capital $50,000, Surplus and Undivided Profits $8,320.00), C. S. Huffman Pres, B. F. Stewart V-Pres, C. W. Van Zandt Cashier.
--   Columbus Steam Laundry, M. W. Burgoyne propr.
--   Colmubus Vitrified Brick & Tile Co, M. R. Stewart pres, L. J. Slease treas, E. D. Whiteside sec.
--   Coxey L. C, contractor.
--   Craddick Tilden O, jeweler.
--   Crystal Airdome, Chas A. Pryor propr.
--   Daily Louise Mrs, milliner.
--   Davis Pleasant H, Sign, Pictorial and Flag Painting.
--   Dennison Abiel S, Attorny-at-Law, Bonded Abstracter, Loans, Real Estate and Insurance, 114 Maple.
--   Douglas Wm W, harnessmkr.
--   Dunbar James N, lawyer.
--   Elder Henry H, hardware.
--   Elliott Franklin, pension agent.
--   Elliott James H, real estate.
--   Ellis Elbert H, cashier Cherokee County State Bank and sec Columbus Commercial Club.
--   Empire District Electric Co The, Henry B. Storrs mgr, electric light plant.
--   Estes & Son (Robert E. and Everett), restaurant.
--   Etheridge W. B, grocer.
--   Filby Frank, automobiles.
--   First National Bank of Columbus (capital $50,000), Thomas P. La Rue pres, Henry A. La Rue cashier.
--   Forkner Mercantile Co (Jesse and Henry A. Forkner), grocers and dry goods.
--   Foster Millie D, grocer.
--   Gillen Mrs E. C. & Daughter (Mrs Eugene C. Gillen, Mrs Bertha Strong, milliners).
--   Glasgow Arthur B, Bicycles, Gun Repairer and General Machine Work, 131-135 Kansas av.
--   Gordon James E, wall paper.
--   Grisham J. B, grocer.
--   Grisham Thomas M, grocer.
--   Griswold J. Louis, physician.
--   Hammett John M, livery.
--   Hearrell John M, restaurant.
--   Heaton Frank, contractor.
--   Heaton Ira, lawyer.
--   Hendrickson Paris J, physician.
--   Home Telephone Co, M. Robeson pres, J. K. Williams sec, M. L. Robeson mgr.
--   Hood A. & Sons Implement Co (Capital $125,000, Surplus $130,131.04), Edward S. Hood Pres and Genl Mgr, G. W. Hood V-Pres, Orloff E. Skinner Sec, Mary A. Hood Treas, Hardware Implements and Seeds, 120 Pine, Tel 19.
--   Hoskins John W, restaurant.
--   Hotel Columbus, Mrs J. C. Babb Propr, Remodeled and Newly Furnished, Near Both Depots.
--   Housholder & Jarrett (M. A. Housholder, W. A. Jarrett), real estate.
--   Huffman Charles S, physician.
--   Jackson Gale C, restaurant.
--   Janes James W, physician.
--   Johnson Wm N, physician.
--   Jones Bros Drug Co (M. R. and A. E. Jones), druggists.
--   Jones Daniel M, marble works.
--   Jones-McNay Produce Co (Robert B. Jones, Claude H. McNay), whol produce.
--   Keller Jesse L, baker.
--   Kempf Wm, tailor.
--   La Rue Henry A, cashr First National Bank and notary.
--   Lea & Alfred (Archibald T. Lee, Benton B. Alfred), real estate.
--   Logan Security Co (J. Wilbur Logan) real estate.
--   Long-Bell Lumber Co, Eberly D. Whiteside mgr.
--   Low & Son (John and Henry L.), livery.
--   Lowry, Taylor & Kammermeyer (Benedict H. Lowry, Charles W. Taylor, Robert H. Kammermeyer), clothing.
--   Lowry W. B, editor and publr The Modern Light.
--   McCartney J. H, grocer.
--   MDonald [sic!] Sisters (Eliza and Ada), photographers.
--   McGhie's New Theatre, W. E. McGhie mgr.
--   McKee & Davis (Albert K. McKee, Archibald B. Davis), grocers.
--   McKinney Robert B, physician.
--   McKinney W. A, bottling works.
--   McNeill & McNeill (Corbin A. and Edwin V.), lawyers.
--   Martin B. W. & Son (Benjamin W. and Robert E.), harness.
--   Marty Martin, baker.
--   Miles Robert P, asst cashier Cherokee County State Bank and notary.
--   Missouri & Kansas Telephone Co, Harry W. Sexton mngr.
--   Mitchell Henry, stationery.
--   Modern Light The (weekly), W. B. Lowry publr.
--   Nicholson John R, printer.
--   Oliphant Sisters (Laura and Lucy), milliners.
--   Oxenrider Clayton M, grocer.
--   Painter Jesse D, 2d hd goods.
--   Pattyson E. R, real estate.
--   Pryor Charles A, mgr Crystal Airdrome.
--   Rambo Daniel G, auctioneer.
--   Reeves Wilson, meats.
--   Reid A. M, osteopath.
--   Re Maley Alva L, grocer.
--   Roberts Bros (Harry H. and Charles), produce.
--   Ruhland Undertaking Co (John D. Ruhland, Lemuel Mulholland).
--   Sayer Perry R, dentist.
--   Scammon Ezra, physician.
--   Schart Wm, livery.
--   Schreiner George H, fruit grower, 2 m w.
--   Scott Walter R, physician.
--   Scovell Hulbert A, hardware.
--   Scovell Leslie E, plumber.
--   Shaw Wm T, real estate.
--   Sheets Joseph A, cigar mfr.
--   Skidmore & Walker (Andrew H. Skidmore, Stephen L. Walker), lawyers.
--   Slease Lewis J, general store.
--   Smith Louis E, plumber.
--   Smith Wm R, propr The Advocate and The Columbus Advocate.
--   Spiker & McMillan (S. W. Spiker, John W. McMillan), sewing machines, etc.
--   Stauffer & Cammack, feed mill.
--   Stephens Precy R, real estate.
--   Strawn W. Irving, dentist.
--   S. H. & S. Mining Co, D. A. Mansur pres, H. B. Henderson sec and treas.
--   Tanquary Levi S, pension agent.
--   Thomas Abraham H, restaurant.
--   Thomas Rose E, osteopath.
--   Throop John C, jeweler.
--   Tracewell & Moore (Edward M. Tracewell, Wm J. Moore), lawyers.
--   Tussey & Schreiner (Horace F. Tussey, L. W. Schreiner), real esate.
--   Van Zandt C. W, cashr Columbus State Bank and notary.
--   Walberts & Timberlake (John A, Stanley and Charles Walberts, Stanley G. Timberlake), hardware.
--   Waller Elta, general store
--   Way Newton, feed mill, 2 m w.
--   Wellington Edward, livery.
--   Western Cigar & Tobacco Co, C. H. Carrol pres, Al F. Williams sec and treas, cigar mnfrs and dealers.
--   Whiteside Eberly D, mgr Long-Bell Lumber Co.
--   Williams Alfred F, lawyer.
--   Winter Daniel, physician.
--   Wright Isaac, Mrs Iowa Wright mgr, general store.
--   Youngman Emery W, Bonded Abstracter, Real Estate, Loans and Insurance, 129 Maple, Tel 94.
--   Youngman & Albin (Bert R. Youngman, Elmer A, Albin), meats.

Transcribed by Bill Sowers

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