ABRAHAM KIGHTLINGER              GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

Buried in Graceland Cemetery, Burlington, Coffey Co., KS.

Died:  Jan. 27, 1890


    Abraham Kightlinger, who at died at his home in Burlington township on the 27th, was an old soldier, a member of the G. A. R. ---one of the many thousand heroes of the war.  He served in an Ohio regiment, was severely wounded, was afterward captured at the battle of Cold Harbor, and for many months suffered the indescribable hardships and miseries of confinement in Andersonville prison.  During this period the foundation of the fatal disease that caused his death was laid.  A peculiar circumstance in connection with his capture was that his relatives in Ohio mourned him as dead, and funeral services were held.  His obsequies under the management of Allison Post, of which he was a member, took place Wednesday.