Transcribed by John Jackson from “The Altamont Journal” dated May 28, 1914


The Sleeping Heroes in Our Cemeteries


  The list that follows are the names and regiments of the departed heroes of the Civil and Phillipine wars who lie sleeping in the Altamont, Elston and Wooden cemeteries.  It might be possible that we have failed to get all but we have done the best we can under the circumstances.  A number did not belong to the Post here and it is almost impossible to get a complete record.  Many who have belonged to this Post have been buried elsewhere.  The following is a list of departed soldiers whose graves will be decorated with flags and wreathes by the Topping G. A. R. Post No. 268, Saturday morning, May 30, at 10 o’clock:


                                                          Wm. Reed, Co. A, 45 Ky. Mounted Infantry.

                                                          Daniel Reid, Sargent of Co. B, 73 Ill. Infantry.

                                                          R. M. Duckworth, Capt., Co. D, 38 Ill. Infantry.

A.   I. Ross, Co. F, 16 Ohio Infantry.

Samuel F. Terril, Co. E, 51 Indiana Infantry.

                                                          Wm. Fouts, Co. G, 73 Indiana Volunteer Inf.

B.   F. Cohoon, Co. E, 100 Illinois Infantry.

S. A. Gray, Co. C, 21 Penn. Calvery.

                                                          Joe Scott, Co. K, 130 Illinois Infantry.

                                                          Alfred Kniss, Co. A, 52 Ohio Infantry.

                                                          Phillip Gibson, 125 Illinoise Infantry.

                                                          E. C. Sanford, 2nd Wisconsin Infantry.

                                                          Samuel Walter, 9th Indiana Inf.

                                                          Isaac Brown, Illinois Reg.

                                                          S. D. Anderson, Pennsylvania Reg.

                                                          Abner Torbert, Indiana Reg.

                                                          R. F. Silcott, Iowa Reg.

                                                          Chas. Grast, 20th Regular Kansas Phillipines.

                                                          Hugh L. Pennington 20 Missouri Infantry.

                                                          Ben Keller, 63 Indiana Infantry.

C.   C. Richmire, 2nd Iowa Infantry.

Ben Potts, Indiana Reg.



                                                          H. C. McClelland, Co. E, 88 Ind. Inf.

A.   H. Wait, Co. C, 123 Ohio Volunteer Inf.

O. W. Park, Co. I, 36 Iowa Infantry.

                                                          R. A. Davis, Co. I, 14 Indiana Vol. Infantry.

                                                          L. B. Ward, Co. K, 1st Ind. Heavy Art.

                                                          Michael Noel, master of arms Gunboat Cincinatti.

                                                          R. M. Davis, Co. A, 6 Ind. Cav.

D.   Jackson, 21 Ill. Inf.

J. K. Friend, Maine Reg.

                                                          J. K. Riggs, Ohio Reg.

                                                          Shoemaker, Initial and Reg. unknown, whole family

                                                died of small pox.

                                                          Ed Edson, 20 Ind.

                                                          Ed Cure, Pennsylvania Reg.

                                                          Bud Jaynes, West Va. Reg.

                                                          Dan Laughlin, 1st New Mex. Cav.

                                                         Samuel A. Gray, Co. C, 21 Penn.



                                                                        Isaac Baker, 63 Ind. Inf.

                                                          Nicholas Trapp, Capt. A, 1st Ohio Inf.

                                                          Otis Weaver, 20 U. S. P. I.

                                                          Wm. Carlisle, Co. F, 29 Iowa Inf.


                                                          Thirteen soldier graves are to be decorated at the Fairview cemetery.