G. W. ASHBY                               GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

Apr. 20, 1898

    Mr. Shirley, of Buffalo, Wilson county, brings the news that G.W. Ashby was buried in the cemetery at that place last Sunday.  No particulars concerning his death are reported, only that he died in Oklahoma.  G. W. Ashby was Captain of a company in the 12th Kansas Infantry and served three years.  He lived in Chanute a good many years.  He owned for several years and improved the old Hawkins place south of town, now owned by Mr. Henry, and planted all those trees that have grown so large.  He became involved in debt, in making his improvements and exchanged his little fruit farm, that had just began to bear, for dwelling property on South Junction Street where he lived for several years.  After moving to town he went into the furniture business on West Fourth Street with S. J. Hatcher.  Captain Ashby was commander of the old G. A. R. Post, and was a candidate for Mayor once.  He was a good officer in the army, a loyal soldier and as a citizen was jovial, friendly and was well respected.  If there was any acid in the Captain’s system none of it ever worked out.  He was commander at the time Dobbs and the Post played the Spy of Atlanta.  He was enthusiastic in his activity in helping to reproduce on the stage the events of the civil war in which he had taken part in reality.  The old soldiers and settlers of Chanute all knew him and will have no recollection of that acquaintance to jar their kindness for his memory.  It is said that every one makes the world better by coming into it and that they make it still better when they leave it.  This may be true, yet it is open to serious doubt.  Coming into the world is a matter of no particular importance to the world only to those directly interested, but how the new comer pass out is always a question more or less serious.  “Going out of the world is a different thing altogether.  Some people leave it, but leave no lingering regrets, while others die and leave many wishing that they could have staid longer.  Captain Ashby was one of those frictionless characters that make the world a more congenial place to live.  As his country stands trembling on the verge of another bloody conflict the Captain crosses the dark sea to join his comrades on the other shore.