Name Unit Born Died
DeWitt, Grasson Capt. CO. F, 110th ILL. INF. 1834 Apr. 8, 1901
Hawkins, D. W. CO. K, 43rd WIS. INF. Aug. 15, 1827 Jan. 5, 1896
Henford, Henry CO. L, 5th KANS. CAV.
Stacy, John CO. E, 12th ILL. CAV. Oct 11, 1828 Jan. 21, 1906


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Alger James CO. A, 3rd MICH CAV. Aug. 20, 1834 Jun. 10, 1915
Banfill L. B. CO. G, 27th ILL. INF.
Barnell L. D. CO. E, 10th KANS. INF.
Basket John A Union Soldier Sept. 24, 1843 21-May-23
Bell J. T. CO. G, 106th ILL. INF.
Blackwell Richard CO. H, 11th IND. CAV. Jan. 7, 1846 Dec. 25, 1919
Bridges Thomas CO. I, 5th KANS. CAV. Sept. 5, 1843 Jun. 12, 1917
Callaway Achilles CO. A, 115th ILL. INF. July 31, 1842 Aug. 16, 1911
Cline Charles A Union Soldier Jan. 29, 1843 Mar. 26, 1916
Creed Henry A Union Soldier Mar. 24, 1844 8-May-24
Darter Alexander CO. B, 147th IND. INF. Jan. 16, 1898
Durham Charles 11th IND. INF.
Engle Zimri CO. H, 105th OH. INF.
Goodwin William CO. F, 4th IA. INF.
Ham Daniel CO. M, 4th ILL. CAV.
Hull Lewis 60th OH. INF. 11th OH. CAV. 1841 1902
Jones Jason CO. B, 65th ILL. INF.
Livingston James CO. G, 29th ILL. INF. 1831 1908
Noble James CO. D, 34th IND. INF.
Parrham William CO. I, 48th KY. INF.
Patterson John CO. H, 7th IA. INF. May 3, 1835 Nov. 7, 1914
Pierson William CO. E, 26th OH. INF. 1842 1920
Purcell Thomas CO. L, 1st TENN. CAV. 1844 1925
Renfro John CO. A, 9th ILL. CAV.
Shaff Samuel A Union Soldier July 14, 1822 Feb. 24, 1907
Smith J. A. CO. F, 7th MINN. INF.
Vandeberg James A Union Soldier Aug. 10, 1840 Apr. 2, 1923



Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Baty G. W. CO. D, 54th ILL. INF. Feb. 17, 1825 Mar. 17, 1890
Bogle Christopher CO. H, 43rd IND. VOL. INF.
Dryden William CO. F, 25th IA. INF. 1844 1918
Edwards J. S. CO. E, 9th IND. CAV.
Miller Samuel CO. C, 7th PENN. VOL.INF. RES. COR.
Sweene David CO. I, 54th IND. INF.
Watt John CO. F, 110th OHIO INF. Jul. 19, 1845 Feb. 15, 1903
Wooet Martin 122nd ILL. INF.


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Bardwell Aaron 104th ILL. VOL. INF. May 4, 1834 Aug. 19, 1926
Berry* John CO. A, 32nd ILL. VOL. INF. Jul. 18, 1839 May 29, 1911
Brainerd William CO. B, 1st MO. ENGR. VOL. 1832 1913
Butler Rensselaer CO. E, 34th MASS. VOL. INF. Mar. 21, 1831 February 15, 1904
Coleman J. H. CO. A, 3rd P. H. B. MO. INF.
Cook Phillip CO. E, 61st ILL. INF. Feb. 18, 1817 Oct 17, 1891
Crosby John CO. C, 10th REG N.H. VOL. INF. Nov. 8, 1846 February 25, 1902
Dehart J. S. 25th MO. VOL. INF. 1842 1923
Drake G. D. CO. E, 20th IND. INF.
Duckworth Isaac CO. K, 3rd ILL. CAV. 1837 1927
Esch Gerhardt CO. E, 2nd REG MO. LT. ARTY. Mar. 18, 1895
Flack Samuel CO. G, 78th ILL. INF.
Fousset R. S. CO. I, 39th IND. INF.
Gaston J. M. CO. G, 7th ILL. CAV. 1822 1877
Heady Alfred CO. K, 21st IND. HEAVY ARTY. Mar. 31, 1844 Aug. 23, 1891
Henderson William CO. C, 63rd IND. VOL. INF. Feb 28, 1844 22 Aug 1918
Herriff J.H. CO.E, 124th REG. OH. INF. 1844 1914
Hoagland James CO. D, 9th KANS. CAV. 1835 1893
Huffman John CO. I, 6th IND. INF. 1842 1888
Johnson Darmenas CO. H, 1st ILL. CAV. Dec. 25, 1838 Dec. 17, 1893
Lemon James 54th OHIO INF. Jun. 20, 1841 Oct 7. 1910
Lyman A. W. CO. A, 76th ILL. VOL. INF. May 6, 1836 April 9, 1917
McGrary Lewis CO. H, 39th IA. VOL. INF. Dec. 24, 1835 Sep. 14, 1924
Medley Albert CO. G, 3rd KANS. CAV. Jun. 12, 1913
Nafus John CO. F, 9th IND. INF. May 29, 1843 Aug. 1, 1913
Nation* Seth CO. I, 8th IND. VOL. INF. Apr. 13, 1843 Jan. 17 1918
Newell Joseph CO. E, 152nd IND. INF.
Oliphant Thomas CO. E, 40 MO. CAV. Nov 8, 1837 Oct 21, 1876
Otto* E. W. CO. I, 21st MO. INF. Jul. 4, 1842 Feb. 29, 1908
Randall John CO. K, 10th W. VA. VOL. INF. Apr. 25, 1846 Mar. 17, 1917
Sharrock John 115th ILL. INF. Aug. 25, 1841 Dec. 14, 1924
Smith Charles CO. F, 133rd  REG. IND. VOL. INF. Jun. 19, 1844 10 Apr 1909
Snyder Joshua CO. H, 47th IND. INF.
Spring B. A. CO. K, 34th IND. VOL. INF. Dec. 15, 1843 Feb. 24, 1930
Stewart J. W. CO. F,
Thomason Nathan CO. F, 4th TENN. INF. 1843 1932
Tredway Thomas CO. F, 155th ILL. VOL. INF. Jul. 5, 1836 Feb. 28, 1912
Wagner G. W. CO. I, 159th IND. INF. Feb. 25, 1842 Jun. 10, 1920
Wallage Martin 24 REG IND. HEAVY ARTY. Sep 25, 1835 Jun. 11, 1899
Welch J. W. CO H., 194th OH. INF. 1829 1888
Wherrett I. N. CO. G, 138th IND. VOL. INF. Jan. 5, 1831 Feb. 13, 1910
Wikle John CO. L, 6th KANS. CAV.
Willson George CO. H, 144th OH. N.G.INF. Jun 9, 1844 Jul. 13, 1927


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Churchill John CO. K, 5th KANS. CAV. Oct. 13, 1833 Sept. 8, 1908
Wilkerson Newton CO. G, 26th KY. INF.
Tinker Avery CO. D, 110th NY. INF.
Ladd Leroy 110th NY. INF. March 24, 1843 Sept. 10, 1915


Name Unit Born Died
Bachli, John Union Veteran Aug. 14, 1831 Sept. 6, 1911
Bennett, D. R. CO. B, 101st IND. Inf.
Blalock, William R. Union Veteran Feb. 4, 1848 Dec. 12, 1922
Clough, Fernando E. Union Veteran Mar. 20, 1847 Nov. 10, 1939
Fleek, John Union Veteran Feb. 12, 1844 Oct. 16, 1903
Frawner, John CO. G, 3rd ILL. Inf. Jan. 28, 1846 Apr. 15, 1926
Graham, Danial A. Union Veteran Mar. 8, 1841 July 18, 1912
Grouse, W. F. Union Veteran Feb. 11, 1828 Jan. 9, 1914
Hamilton, J. H. Union Veteran Sept. 13, 1842 July 8, 1922
McCormick, Robert James Union Veteran 1839 1926
Middlekauff, John Union Veteran May 11, 1831 Nov. 10, 1915
Oliver, James K. Union Veteran Oct. 21, 1838 Sept. 2, 1907
Ransom, John Union Veteran Jun. 25, 1826 Feb. 18, 1883
Richolson, Oley Union Veteran Nov. 3, 1842 Aug. 21, 1895
Root, Joseph CO. I, 8th IND. Inf.
Sherwin, John F. Union Veteran Feb. 11, 1830 July 11, 1914
Stout, Thomas Union Veteran Oct. 27, 1832 Nov. 13, 1911
Wells, D. W. CO. C, 5th MO. S. M. Cav.
Wicker, Alson G. Confederate Veteran Nov. 14, 1832 Nov. 14, 1897
Williams, James T. Union Veteran May 6, 1900


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Conklin William CO. B, 121st OH. INF.
Craig Aaron CO. D, MO. Home Guards Aug. 7, 1840 Jan. 28, 1922
Dockery Thomas CO. K, 59th  ILL. INF. Sep. 15, 1842 Aug. 10, 1907
Greenhow George CO. I, 11th IA. INF.
Hunter William CO.K, 100th U. S. C. INF.
Lenhart Fredrick CO. H, 6th W. VA. CAV. Apr. 14, 1843 Feb. 24, 1907
McCurdy Winfield CO. C, 4th PA. VOL. CAV. May 30, 1843 Mar. 6, 1907
Niles Orville CO. D, 49th ILL. INF. 1846 1915
Shearer James CO. G, 3rd TENN. MTD. INF. Mar. 17, 1847 April 17, 1934


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Bartlett William CO. G, 40th  ILL. INF. Dec. 25, 1838 Mar. 7, 1932
Burrows D. A. CO. K, 144th ILL. INF.
Chisman William CO. I, 83rd IND. INF. Sep. 24, 1843 Apr. 25, 1925
French George CO. F, 65th ILL. INF.
Kenard William CO. F, 23rd IA. INF. Jul. 9, 1834 Jan. 12, 1911
Kenyon Sylvester CO. E, 77th ILL. INF.
McIlvain John A Union Seldier 1844 1896
Ohmart Christian CO. H, 4th ILL. CAV. May 20, 1842 Jan. 25, 1932


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Abbott* George CO. I, 1st MASS. H. A. Sep. 16, 1911
Aldridge* W. P. CO. H, 9th K. V. C. Jan. 18, 1838 Sep. 26, 1919
Allen* Robert CO. F, 136th IND. INF. Nov. 26, 1846 Sep. 12, 1914
Ashford Thomas CO. A, 3rd KY. CAV.
Ashcraft* Adolphus CO. F, W. VA. LIGHT ARTY. Sep. 18, 1844 Jan. 26, 1900
Baker* Charles CO. I, 28th ILL. INF. Jul. 16, 1844 Oct. 11, 1920
Barton Benjamin CO. H, 61st ILL. INF.
Beamer* William CO. A, 118th OH. INF. Oct. 30, 1919
Beece Edward CO. K, 39th OH. INF.
Biggs Jeremiah CO B
Bigkel Joel CO. G, 24th OH. INF.
Bradley* John CO. K, 23rd REG. MO. VOL. INF. 1837 1923
Brown C.B. CO. H, 33rd REG. N. Y. VOL. INF. Sep. 22, 1838 Jul. 1, 1938
Byers* Thomas CO. B, 14th OH. INF. Jul. 15, 1830 Jul 27, 1903
Carpenter* John 67th PENN. VOL INF. Feb 6, 1838 May 21, 1921
Carry* Carr 13th IND. REGT. Apr. 29, 1898
Cartright David CO. A, 17th KY INF.
Carter Jasper CO. E, 1st IND. H. A.
Cayton L.H. CO. I., 116th OH. INF.
Chambers* Joel CO. A, 89th ILL. VOL. INF.
Clark J.W. CO. F, 93rd OH. INF.
Cole* J. W. 140th IND. VOL. INF. Oct. 21, 1831 Feb. 18, 1913
Cone Luther CO. C, 186th OHIO INF. 1842 1916
Courtney Jas. CO. K., 59th ILL. INF.
Crockett William CO. H, 133rd IND.INF.
Deck* William CO. D, 15th KANS. CAV.
Ditmars* George CO. D, 9th KANS. CAV. Feb 22, 1832 May 22, 1910
Ditmars James CO. D, 9th KANS. CAV. Aug. 11, 1833 Apr. 3, 1926
Downing M. E. CO. G, 9th KANS.CAV.
Dudrow Chas. CO. H, 55th OHIO INF.
Duffield Henry CO. F, 8th ILL. INF. Apr. 18, 1870
Ebert Henry CO. I, 116 REGT. ILL. VOL. INF. 1839 1927
Elsten Charles CO. C, 10th OHIO VOL. CAV. Aug. 21, 1839 Aug. 3, 1898
Farmer* J.Q. CO. C, 2nd KANS. CAV.
Francis Edward CO. F, 80th ILL. INF.
Fry* Isaiah CO. K, 12th REGT. WIS. VOL. Feb. 20, 1839 Mar. 26, 1906
Gardner Hiram CO. F, 3rd WIS. CAV. 1840 1925
Gardner* John CO. H, 52nd REGT. IND. VOL.  Jan. 4, 1898
Gibson Alfred CO. E, 70th IND. INF.
Grady James CO. D, 7th MO. CAV.
Griswold* W.W. 152nd REGT. IND. INF.
Hanson William CO. D, 150th ILL. INF.
Hare Robert CO. E, 105th PA. INF.
Harmon* G.W. CO A., 106th ILL. INF.
Hawkins L. J. 16th IND. MTD. VOL. 1843 1914
Hedrich* Abraham CO. K, 209th PA. VOL. INF. Jan. 18, 1838 Apr. 5, 1901
Heminger* John CO. B, 129th REG. OH. Mar. 11, 1837 Oct. 21, 1921
Hicks Thomas CO. G, 2nd KY. CAV.
Horner William CO. A, 10th IA. INF.
Hose William CO. D, 77th OHIO INF. 1843 1920
Howke* C. A. CO. E, 16th IND. INF. Mar. 1, 1904
Hull* Joel CO. A, 41st REG. ILL. VOL. INF. Sep. 16, 1840 Sep. 16, 1912
Irwin* George CO. C, 11th KANS. CAV. Jan. 21, 1921
Issett Samuel CO. A, 22nd PA. CAV.
Jerzey* John  8th N. Y. LIGHT ARTY. Jul. 28,1907
John Lewis CO. B, 20th REG. OH. INF. Jan. 8, 1834 Jan. 19, 1935
Johnston* William CO. K, 66th IND. VOL. INF. Sep. 16, 1838 Sep. 18, 1905
Joslyn Hiram CO. A, 111th N. Y. INF.
Justice E. P. CO. F, 1sr IND. L. A.
Kelley* Elvina Cumberland Field Hospital Mar. 5, 1920
Kelley* Woodson CO. G, 40th IND INF. May 15, 1920
Liens Andrew CO. L, 1st IND. H. ARTY.
Linch George CO. I,  10th IND. INF.
Maisler John CO. E, 107th ILL. INF.
Manatt Sampson CO. B, 46th IA. REG. 1843 1907
McKinney* Aaron CO. B, 153rd ILL. INF. Jun. 9, 1827 Apr. 2, 1901
Miller John CO. K, 135th IND. INF.
Miller* William CO. C, 79th ILL. INF. Nov. 13, 1832 Sep. 3, 1913
Montague Henry CO D, 23rd REG. O. V. I. Sep. 10, 1840 Aug. 23, 1911
Moore W. R. CO. H, 13th IA. INF.
Newton Lafayette CO. A, 166th OH. INF.
Nichols William 3RD BRIG., 2ND DIV ARMY OF THE POTOMAC 1832 1874
Nigh* Benjamin CO. I, 14th ILL. INF.
Osborn Elias CO. B, 37th ILL. INF.
Peters T. B. CO. G, 36th IOWA VOL. INF. Jan. 12, 1887
Phillips J. S. CO. C, 13th TENN. CAV. 1842 1931
Pickett William CO. E, 118th OH. INF.
Prance Chas. CO D, 35th KY MTD. INF.
Raymer Fred CO. A, 11th WIS. INF.
Reed William CO E, 52nd IND. INF.
Rugg* Levi CO. D, 1st N.Y. MTD. Rifles
Rush James CO. F, 4th W. VA. CAV.
Shirley Samuel CO. E, 38th ILL. INF.
Shommer Peter CO. H, 12th IND. INF.
Shreve John CO. C, 14th ILL. CAV.
Slack* Wilbur CO. D, 68th OH. INF. Feb. 20, 1842 Feb. 18, 1908
Swartman Chas. CO. E, 3rd MICH. INF.
Snyder H. H. CO. F, 74th IND. VOL. INF. Mar. 14, 1844 Feb. 10, 1909
Spears Elijah CO. A, 99th IND. INF.
Spencer Jas. CO. E, 157th OH. INF.
Stanfield Samuel CO. G, 154th OHIO INF. Aug. 14, 1846 May 16, 1908
Stone John CO. C, 46th MO. INF.
Stuemaker C. CO. E, 17th IND. INF.
Sweeney* R. E. CO. D, 4th TENN. INF. 1830 1906
Sweet* J. W. CO. E, 37th ILL. INF. Jan. 13, 1891
Tomlinson Joseph CO. I, 17th ILL. INF.
Troy J. L. CO. I, 42nd OHIO INF.
Tye Matt CO. E, 9TH KAN. CAV.
Tye J. G. CO. C, 19th KANS. INF.
Van Sandt S. L. CO. D, 2nd REG. MICH. VOL. 1842 1920
Waggoner Jeriah CO. B, 11th ILL. INF.
Ward I.M. CO. B, 15th KANS. CAV.
White J. M. CO. I, 1st OH. INF.
Wickard Daniel CO. K, 167th OH. INF. Jan. 31, 1940 Apr. 6, 1882
Williams John CO. F, 14th KANS. CAV. Aug. 24, 1837 Mar. 25, 1921
Williamson* Jas. CO. C, 23rd OH. INF.
Wilson Jesse CO. K, 125th ILL. VOL. INF. Jan. 26, 1903
Woosley* John CO. G, 33rd N. C. INF. C. S. A. Nov. 7, 1841 Jul. 26, 1914
Wright William CO. I, 150th ILL. INF.


Last Name First Name Unit Born Died
Anderson S. M. CO. C, 11th KANS. CAV.