Transcribed by John Jackson from “The Chanute Tribune” dated May 30, 1911

pages one and six.










Two Fought Against the Mexicans

and Two Against the Spaniards—

List of Veterans Compiled by

F. M. Abbott While Com-

mander of Post.


Deaths Since Last Memorial Day.


                                        John Miller, Co. K, 135th Indiana


                                        James M. Robertson, Co. F, 37th 

                                     Illinois Infantry.

    Two graves have been added, since last Decoration Day, to those in Elmwood Cemetery sheltering men who served their country in time of war.  There was one other death among the veterans of Chanute within the year that of Hiram O. Chaffin, who was buried in High Prairie Cemetery, west of the city.

    The number of deaths in the year is smaller than usual, because the ranks are thinning.  The preceding year five veterans heard the final call.

    There are a total of 139 graves to be decorated in Elmwood Cemetery.  All contain men who saw service in the Civil War, with four exceptions.  Two are the graves of Mexican War veterans and two of Spanish War veterans.

    The latter are Fred M. Dryden and Alfred Sater.  Mr. Sater was killed while leading his troops against the fortifications on San Juan Hill.  He was a graduate of West Point and lieutenant of the Thirteenth Regulars.  The news of his death reached Chanute July 4, 1898, and the flags which were floating the town over in honor of the victory won by American arms sank to half mast as a token of mourning for the lost.

    The list which follows of the soldier dead buried in Elmwood and Greenwood cemeteries was compiled by F. M. Abbott while he was commander of Chanute Post of the Grand Army, with the additions which have been reported since.  It includes all that could be learned concerning the names and military service of the men.

    In spite of the best efforts Mr. Abbott found it impossible to obtain complete information.  In some instances the initials could not be learned, and in one instance the initials are all that remain to perpetuate the memory of a man who fought in the Mexican war.

    Greenwood cemetery is across the river.  A peculiar feature there is the large number of members of Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry, who lie buried there, seven of the fourteen graves containing men who saw service in this company and regiment.  Four of them---James, John, Henry and Joseph Jennings---were a father and his three sons.

The Soldier Dead of Chanute.

    Alexander, B. F., Missouri Militia.


    Allen, C. D., Co. G, 89th Ohio Infantry.


    Ashcraft, A. W., 1st Light Artillery, West Virginia.


    Bertram, C. E., Co. B, U. S. Reserve Horse.


    Box, William.


    Byers, T. J., Co. G, 14th Ohio Infantry.


    Ditmars, George W., Co. D, of the 9th Kansas.


    Beebe, Edward, Sergeant Co. K, 39th Ohio Infantry.


    Bailey, Dr. M., Surgeon 19th Kansas Cavalry


    Barton, Dr. Ed., Co. E, 63rd Illinois Infantry.


    B. A. N. Mexican soldier.


    Balch, George B., Co. M, 3rd Wisconsin Cavalry.


    Caton, L. H., Co. I, 116th Ohio Infantry.


    Courtright, David, Lieutenant Co. G, 17th Kentucky Infantry.


    Cole, C. M., Co. A, 141st Illinois Infantry.


    Clark, J. W., Co. F, 73rd Ohio Infantry.


    Cary, Carr, Captain Co. H, 13th Indiana Infantry.


    Cole, E. C., Co. D, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Cox, Jacob S., Co. G, 70th Illinois Infantry.


    Cavin, Martin, Co. D, 116th U. S. Colored Infantry.


    Cole, George.


    Coulter, William J., Corporal Co. C, 47th Ohio Infantry,

    also member Co. I, 97th Ohio Infantry.


    Miller, John, Co. K, 135th Indiana Infantry.


    Dryden, Fred M., Spanish War.


    Downing, M. F., Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry


    Duffield, H. G., Co. F, 8th Illinois Infantry.


    Demoss, Jonathan, Co. G, 78th Illinois Infantry.


    Elston, C. M., Co. C, 10th Ohio Cavalry.


    Ellis, Thomas J., Co. M, 126 Indiana Cavalry.


    Eaton, Z. A.


    Eddy, John P., seaman, U. S. S. Great Western and Fawn


    Francis, Edward, Co. F, 80th Illinois Infantry.


    Fry, Isaiah, Co. K, 12th Wisconsin Cavalry.


    Farmer, Judson.


    Farris, J. H., Sergeant Co. G, 7th Kentucky Infantry.


    Flickinger, Jesse M., Co. A, 169th Ohio Infantry.


    Farmer, J. Q., Co. C, 2nd Kansas Cavalry.


    Field, George, Corporal Co. L, 1st Missouri Cavalry.


    Gwynn, William T., Co. A, 160th Ohio Infantry.


    Griswold, W. W., Captain 30th Indiana Infantry and

Colonel 152nd Indiana Infantry.


    Gray, C. M., G, Co. I, 52nd Indiana Infantry.


    Gardner, John A., Co. B, 52nd Indiana Infantry.


    Hanson, A. A., Sergeant, Co. K, 95th Ohio Infantry.


    Hedrich, A. B., First Lieutenant Co. K, 209th Pennsylvania Infantry.


    Hickey, Dr. J. F., Co. I, 60th Ohio Infantry; Co. I, 8th Ohio Infantry.


    Hart, Hiram W., Co. D, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Hart, H. S., Co. G, 98th Illinois Infantry.


    Hertzell, J. S., Co. K, 1st Ohio Cavalry.


    Hopkins, C. J. Co. C, 21st Illinois Infantry.


    Hermon, Henry.


    Howke, C. A., Co. I, 16th Indiana Infantry.


    Hadden, Levi L., Co. H, 10th Kansas Cavalry.


    Harmon, G. W., Captain Co. A, 105th Illinois Infantry.


    Hull, J. G., Co. E, 9th  Kansas Cavalry.




    Justice, F. P., Co. F, 1st Indiana Horse Artillery.


    Jones, T. C., First Lieutenant Co. A, 146th New York Cavalry.


    Johnson, William H., Co. K, 66th Indiana Infantry.


    Jersezy, John, 8th Independent Battery, Light Artillery, New York.


    Keath, G. E., Co. K, 76th Illinois Infantry.


    King, James, Co. E, 18th U. S. Infantry.


    Galansky, H. R. E., Co. D, 13th Illinois Infantry.


    Keys, Samuel L., Sergeant Co. I, 151st Illinois Infantry.


    Killion, Barnabas H., Co. F, 28th Illinois Infantry.


    Lobaugh, Abraham. Co. D, 86th Illinois Infantry.


    Long, John L., Co. B, 145th Indiana Infantry.


    Low, Allen, Corporal Co. F, 5th Indiana Cavalry.


    Lawrence, Sprague, First Lieutenant Co. C, 7th West Virginia Cavalry


    Mosier, Fred.


    Malcolm, George R., Co. I, 10th Kansas Infantry.


    Mitchell, A. J., Captain Co. H, 2nd Kansas Infantry.


    Morgan, Hiram, Missouri Militia.


    McAdoo, Foster.


    McKinney, Aaron, Co. B, 153rd Illinois Infantry.


    Malsbury, William, 1st Ohio S. S.


    Markle, Samuel J., Co. E, 30th Ohio Infantry.


    McAtee, Daniel B, Co. K, 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry.


    Robertson, James M., Co. F, 37th Illinois Infantry.


    Moore, W. H., Co. H, 9th Iowa Infantry.


    Manatt, S. C., Co. B, 46th Iowa Infantry.


    MvClaslin, John C., Co. I, 18th Indiana Infantry.


    Matsler, John, Co. E, 107th Illinois Infantry.


    McBride, Thomas J., private in Captain Biddle’s Independent Volunteer,

Mexican War.


    Nichols, William A., Major 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Army of the Potomac.


    Ogden, J. F., Co. G, 125th Illinois Infantry.


    Ogden, J. C., Co. G. 125th Illinois Infantry


    Phillips, Rev. F. A., 18th Illinois.


    Prange, C. W. D., Captain Co. D, 35th Kentucky.


    Parmenter, J. W.


    Pickett,William, Lieutenant Co. E, 188th Ohio Infantry.


    Peters, T. R., Co. B, 36th Iowa Infantry.


    Prange, Charles F., Co. F, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry, Co. D, 35th Kentucky Mounted Infantry.


    Rhodes, David, Co. H, 25th Missouri Infantry.


    Reed, R. V., Corporal Co. F, 71st Illinois Infantry, Co. I, 26th Illinois Infantry.


    Reece, Michael H., Co. K, 2nd Colorado Cavalry.


    Reeves, C. L., Co. H, 123rd Indiana Infantry.


    Reinhold, Dr. F. K.


    Smith, Lieut. J. H.


    Shreve, John, Co. C, 14th Illinois Cavalry.


    Sweeney, Dr. R. E., Surgeon 4th Tennessee Cavalry.


    Sater, Alfred, Lieutenant Co. A, 13th Regulars, Spanish War.


    Sweet, J. W., Co. E, 77th Illinois Infantry.


    Shoemaker, D. M., Corporal Co. E, 17th Indiana Infantry


    Sweaney, T. R., Co. D, 161st Ohio Infantry.


    Stanfield, William, Co. G, 154th Ohio Infantry.


    Swartman, Co. G, 3rd Michigan Cavalry.


    Stanfield, William, Co. G, 154th Ohio Infantry.


    Swarttman, Co. C, 3rd Michigan Cavalry.


    Swett, Joseph H., Co. F, 15th Illinois Infantry.


    VanOrman H., Co. E, 83rd Illinois Infantry.


    Spencer, Dr. James, Co. E, 157th Ohio Infantry.


    Saunders, William, 2nd Independent Artillery.


    Slack, Wilbur G., Co. D, 68th Ohio Infantry.


    Stanfield, Samuel, Co. G, 154th Ohio Infantry.


    Sanders, Samuel, Co. G, 12th Kentucky Cavalry.


    Snyder, Henry H., Sergeant Co. H, 74th Indiana Infantry.


    Tait, Chaarles G., Corporal Co. H, 10th Kansas Infantry.


    Tait, Stewart T., Co. C, 10th Kansas Infantry.


    Turner, Joseph, Co. F, 22nd New York Infantry.


    Troy, J. L., Co. I, 42nd Ohio Infantry.


    Tomlinson, Joseph, Co. I, 17th Illinois Infantry.


    Tye, L. D., Corporal Co. E, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Tye, J. M., Corporal Co. G, 19th Kansas Infantry.




    Thurman, William E.


    Vanderment, Clinton P., Co. B, 68th Illinois Infantry, Co. G, 7th Illinois Infantry.


    Wickard, D. K., Co. K, 167th Ohio Infantry.


    Ward, I. N., Co. D, 15th Kansas Cavalry.


    Waggoner, Jeriah, Co. B, 11th Illinois Infantry.


    Winfield, Samuel, Co. F, 138th Indiana Infantry.


    Ware, Francis, Co. H, 10th Indiana Infantry.


    Weaver, Francis, Co. H, 10th Indiana Infantry.


    White, J. M., Co. I, 1st Ohio Infantry.


     Wickard, S. A., Co. K, 167th Ohio National Guards.


    Wilson, Jesse, Co. K, 125th Illinois Infantry.

10th Pennsylvania Reserves.


    Wertz, J. C., Sergeant, Co. B, 10th


    Watt, William N., Co. D, 74th Ohio Infantry.


    Williamson, James J., Co. C, 128th Ohio Infantry.


    Ward, Elbridge E., Sergeant Co. K, 7th Kansas Infantry.




    Boerstler, Michael, Co. I, 89th Indiana Infantry.


    Sanders, Samuel, Co. G, 12th Kentucky Cavalry.


    Coeoman, Morris.


    Jennings, James, Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Jennings, John, Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Jennings, Henry, Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Stipp, George B., Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Denny, George, Co. G, 9th Kansas Cavalry.


    Baldwin, Isaac P., Iowa.


    Wimsett, Jacob, Co. I, 116th Indiana Infantry.