Cherokee County, Kansas


George Sidenbender Richardson, buried in the City Cemetery in Columbus, KS Joined Co. G, 6th Iowa Infantry in 1861 out of Washington Co., Iowa at age 22.  Captured in the Battle of Shiloh in 1862; freed in early 1863 in a prisoner exchange.  He died September 2, 1897.  His tombstone bears the name/dates of his younger brother William (Billie) who died of wounds in December, 1863.  William is buried in Civil War Cemetery in Tennessee. Letters between the Richardson brothers and their family back in Iowa give a good first-hand insight to life of a soldier in "For My Country" by Col. Gordon Jones, a descendant of George's.  We are fortune to have such a document to better have known him.    His great great grandaughter, Roberta Duvall Hammer

Baxter Springs Cemetery
Austin, Horace   Sep 1, 1815-Feb 3, 1903. Captain   __ MO Inf
Baker, Andrew   d. 9 Aug 1914. 75y.  Co. M, 1st MO Cav
Beach, Stephen A.  27 Mar 1826-9Mar 1900.  Co. F, 20th Iowa Inf
Beale, George H.   15 Oct 1840-8 Jul 1922. Co. D, 23 IL Inf
Beathon, Donald   d. 1912.  Co. K & E, 8th IL Inf
Behm, Louis   10 May 1828-13 Aug 1873.  Co. C, 1st MO Cav
Bingham, Elijah Harmon   Co. I, 18th MO Inf
Bingham, George W.   28 May 1840-15 Jul 1900.  Co. C, 106th IL Inf
Bishop, John   Co. L, 1st MO Light Artillery
Black, William C.   20 Sep 1840-25 May 1930.  Co. C, 8th Kan Inf
Boyd, Abrahm   Co. B, 68th U.S.C. Inf
Boyd, Jos. O.   Co. M, 25th U.S. Inf
Boyer, J.B.   24 Oct 1841-12 Dec 1903.  Co. E, 5th Ohio Cav
Brolyer, Josiah   10 Dec 1828-3 May 1904.  Co. D, 52nd Ohio Inf
Brown, N.J.   12 Jan 1840-25 Feb 1901.  Co. f, 15th MO Cav
Bunn, J.W.  Co. I, 49th U.S. Inf
Burnett, James   Co. C, 12th U.S.C.I
Carney, D.C.   20 Feb 1848-13 Oct 1908. Co. H, 15th MO Cav
Chapman, Sylvanus L.   6 Apr 1832-24 Nov 1899.  Co. C,  6th Mich Inf
Charters, Jno.   Co. L, 5th Kan Cav
Chubb, Horace W.  1840-1912.  Co. G, 2nd Cal Cav
Clark, A.J.   d. 10 Feb 1894.  Co. D, 6th MO Cav
Clark, John A.  Jun 17, 1841-Aug 10, 1898.  Co. A, 1st Kan ___
Coldwell, J.A.   29 Jan 1843-4 Jan 1915.  Co. D, 62nd IL Inf
Cole, John W.   Co. A, 12th Kan Inf
Coons, Peter   30 Oct 1840-31 Dec 1893 Co. I, 125 __ Inf
Cooper, John Milton   11 Dec 1841-18 Nov 1914.  Co. K, 16th IL Inf
Croker, Charles   Co. I, 63rd MO Inf
Crowell, R.F.   Co. A, Fremont's Body Guard , MO Cav
DeMoss, James   27 Feb 1833-1 Mar 1912.  Co. F, 101st Ind Inf
Denton, Justice M.   8 Sep 1894-5 Dec 1907. Cpl.  7th Ind Cav
Dill, John S.   19 Mar 1825-24 Feb 1904.  Co. K, 34th Iowa Inf
Dixon, John   d. 6 Ocg 1904. 65y1m7d.  Co. M, 15th MO Cav
Dodson, William B.   8 Aug 1843-7 Jul 1901.  Co. I, 1st MO Cav
Doty, Morris   10 Jul 1836-24 Dec 1916. Co. G, 93rd Ohio Inf
Doty, W.A.   11 Aug 1842-3 Jun 1918.  Co. C, 12th Kan Inf
Duff, William   30 Nov 1838-8 Mar 1909. Co. F, 99th IL Inf
Dunham, John W.   26 Mar 1843-8 Mar 1909.  Co. C, VNA
Duran, Joshua   Co. H, 73rd IL Inf
Ebenstein, Karl  13 Apr 1826-26 Dec 1898.  Co. F, 69th Ind Inf
Ewing, Nelson   d. 5 Nov 1895. 55y.  Sgt. Co. I, 111th U.S.C.
Flanders, Orrin J.   6 Nov 1834-21 Feb 1910.   Co. K, 78th IL Inf
Garman, John W.   d. 1 Dec 1900.  Co. d, 35 IL Inf
Garrett, John H.  1831-1902.  Co. B, 15th IL Inf
Gill, W.M.   12 Dec 1849-6 Sep 1910.  Co. H, 136th Ohio Inf
Girton, J.L.   10 Jan 1825-1 Apr 1899.  Co. I, 143rd PA Inf
Goff, David   28 Feb 1843-31 May 1926.  Co. H, 52nd Ind Inf
Grazier, Moses L.   Co. H, 48th MO Inf
Green, W.S.   d. 8 Feb 1894. 53y2m. Co. G, 13th U.S. Inf
Hales, Grafton B.   5 May 1836-12 Sep 1898.  Co. B, 57th Ohio Inf
Hamilton, John B.   4 Jan 1834-8Aug 1911. Co. F, 3rd TN Cav
Hamilton, Henry   1832-1924.  Co. K, 4th Ind Cav
Hanback, Albert G.  1845-1922.  Co. C, 145th IL Inf
Harbaugh, Jos. E.  Cpl. Co. K, 85th Ind Inf
Harmon, J.R.  11 Jan 1840-10 Jul 1911.  Cpl. Co. __, __ Ohio Inf
Hammon, Elijah   Co. I, 18th MO Inf
Harrison, Virgil T.   Co. B, 51st MO In
Hartley, J.P.   24 Aug 1844-23 Aug 1899.  Co. I, 69th Ind Inf
Havnie, James E.   22 Apr 1829-26 May 1895.  Co. G, 12th IL Cav
Hedrick, Solomon C.  22 Aug 1829-Sep 1906.  Co. G, 58th IL Inf
Hendry, James F.   10 Apr 1842-5 Oct 1909.  Co. H, 4th Ind Cav
Hileman, Michael d.   1846-1921.  Co. B, 51st MO Inf
Hodgkins, Edwin M.   1836-1930.  Co. I, 12th NY INf
Hogan, James   d. 17 Nov 1909.  Co. F 8th Iowa Inf
Hopkins, Samuel   d. 10 Jun 1914. 74y. Co. G, 15th KY Inf
Hunt, William B.  Battery E, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Hyland, William   4 Feb 1830-1 Sep 1878.  Captain   Co. D, 4th IL Inf
James, H.B.   147th NY Inf
John, William P.   29 Aug 1842-19 Jan 1906.   Co. A & E, 8th MO Inf
Johnson, Elias   10 Apr 1821-25 Feb 1885.  Sgt. Co. E, 161st Ohio Inf
Johnson, Jair W.   d. 10 Aug 1900.  7th W.VA __
Johnson, Oliver P.   d. 12 Feb 1912. 68y6m.  Co. H, 6th Kan Cav
Johnson, Shelby   11 Jan 1843-2 Jan 1916.  Co. D, 33rd Ind Inf
Johnson, William M.   Co. H, 34th IL Inf
King, John   5 May 1837-20 Dec 1914.  Co. C, 8th KY Inf
Labedie, Charles   25 Nov 1846-10 Aug 1898.  Co. F, 14th Kan Cav
LaDu, John   1840-1921.  Co. H, 42nd IL Inf
Large, H. P.  22 Jan 1840-25 May 1909.  Sgt.  Co. A, 112th IL Inf
Leroy, Lyon   6 Jul 1841-24 Apr 19010.  Co. B, 53rd KY Inf
Leslie, Thomas   10 Oct 1819-17 Oct 1891.  Co. D, 15th Iowa Inf
Mansell, John W.   d. 7 Jan 1917.  Co. H, 9th __ Inf
Mapes, Elsworth A.   Co. K, 129th IL Inf
Martin, Timothy   b. 24 Oct 1836.  Co. D, 15th MO Inf
Martin, John W.   20 Oct 1845-11 Jun 1909. Co. L, 3rd TN Cav
McAlerney, Joseph P.   15 Aug 1843-7 Jul 1902.  Co. E, 2nd Iowa Cav
McFadden, Eli A.  2 Jun 1823-29 Jan 1894.  2Lieut.  Co. G, 2nd Ohio Inf
McKenzie, John W.   31 Mar 1843-20 Jul 1915.  Co. A, 10th Ind Inf
Miller, Franklin   20 Jan 1839-26 Feb 1914.  Co. B, 8th Ind Inf
Moore, Harrison W.   d. 8 Nov 1901. 59y8m.  Major  Co. B, 8th Ind Cav
Morris, James   26 Nov 1836-15 Aug, 1895.  Co. G, 32nd MO Inf
Mullen, Leroy   d. 26 Feb 1909. 65y.  Co. K, 12th MO Cav
Nash, Judah   d. Aug  1886. 56y. Co. E, 95th Ohio Inf
Nicholas, Garrett, Co. C, 15th MO Cav
Noble, E.O.   14 Sep 1836-26 Nov 1906. Co. C, 46th Mass Inf
Norris, James   26 Nov 1836-15 Aug 1895.  Co. C, 32nd MO Inf
Palmer, T.J.   d. 23 Nov 1896.  Co. G, __ IL Inf
Parsons, A.J.   7 Amy 1841-16 Feb 1902.  Co. L, 6th Kan Cav
Patterson, John   6 Apr 1829-29 Jun 1895. Co. C, 16th Ohio Inf
Pierson, John   28 Mar 1830-19 Nov 1908. Co. C, __ __
Phelps, Vincent   1 Aug 1816-29 Nov 1903.  Major   Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Preston, Fred M.   1841-1936.  Co. G, 87th Ohio Inf
Price, David A.   Co. C, 28th IL Inf
Price, J.S.   25 Dec 1832-27 Apr 1908.  Captain  79th IL Inf
Proctor, Hiram B.   d. 4 Jun 1897. 526. Co. D, 11th Kan Cav
Rowe, William E.   5 Nov 1836-1 Aug 1891.  Co. I, 5th MO Cav
Sanders, James M.   1847-1933. Co. K, 7th IL Inf
Schoonover, C.P.  25 May 1843-8 oct 1900.  Co. C, 9th IL Cav
Seaman, Henry C.   Captain   Co. D, 3rd Kan Cav
Sergeant, Charles   d. 7 Aug 1904.  Co. D, 126th Ohio Inf
Sharp, Geroge   15 Aug 1847-3 Aug 1896. Co. F, 116th Ind Inf & Co. F, 4th Ind L.A.
Shipley, Isaac F.   1841-1932.  Co. C, 18th MO Inf
Skaggs, J.S.   Co. E, 38th U.S. Inf
Smith, Azor A.   25 Aug 1892-20 Mar 1903.  Asst. Surgeon  1st Col Cav
Smith, Orin M.   d. 16 Aug 1909.  Co. F, 25th IL Inf
Smith, T.W.   15 May 1834-3 Nov 1912.  Co. I, 103rd Ohio Inf
Smith, Charles H.   1845-1917.  Co.f, 132nd IL Inf
Smith, Samuel H.   1843-1923.  Co. K, 13th Mich Inf
Stodwell, J.A.   29 Jan 1843-4Jan 1914.  Co. D, 64th IL Inf
Strait, W.P.  d. 24 Nov 1896.  Co. A, 34th Iowa Inf
Strow, John A.   10 Apr 1846-26 Mar 1908.  Co. d, 9th Iowa Cav
Sweem, Edward   5 May 1825-22 Jan 1906.  Co. G, 2nd Neb Cav
Traner, Peter H.   Co. K, 1st IL Light Artillery
Treat, John   24 May 1838-14 Jun 1913.  Co. A, 16th MO Cav
Van Fossen, Luther G.   c. 6 Dec 1892.  Co. H, 1st IL Heavy Artillery
Wallace, George W.   13 Jan 1839-2 Nov 1897.  Co. L, 4th MO Cav
Waymire, Nathaniel  30 Aug 1841-16 Reb 1892.  Co. K, 48h Ind Inf
Weaver, Thomas C.   14 Jul 1840-19 May 1934.  Adjutant   58th IL Inf
Wells, William N.   c. 29 Mar 1912. 74y1m.  Co. D, 9th U.S. Vol
Wilbur, Leonard C.   14 Jul 1846-15 Mar 1891.  Co. B, 143rd PA Inf
Wilkins, Romanzo L.   28 Mar 1843-2 Jan 1911.  Co. A, 17th NY Inf
Williams, Bert   4th MO Inf
Williams, P.L.   2 Apr 1845-27 May 1915.  Co. E, 11th MO Cav
Willis, Richard   Co. G, 142nd Ohio Inf
Winter, Solomon I.     Sgt. Co. I,  56th Miss Inf
Wright, Andrew D.  15 May 1902.  Co. F, __ IL Inf
Wright, Larmon Z.  d. 4 Jan 1900. 70y.  Co. E, 23rd Iowa Inf
Baxter Springs Cemetery

In the "Soldiers Lot" of the Baxter Springs Cemetery is a monument dedicated to the soldiers  killed October 6, 1863 by Quantrill's Raiders at the Battle of Baxter Springs. 
"Erected by the United States to the memory of the officers and soldiers kiled in the battle of Baxter Springs October 6, 1863, and other engagements in this vicinity, who are buried near this monument, and whose names, so far as know, are inscribed hereton"
Maj. Henry Z. Curtis, Ast. Adj. General, U.S. Volunteers
Chaplain Ozem B. Gardner, 13th Kan Infantry
14th Kansas Cavalry
T.B. Long;  J.A. Baker;  G.W. Tracy;  Jesse Gay;  M.M. Stanley; W.T. Collins;  Thos. Martin;  Alex Miller;
Sgt. Theo. Wade; Henry Suttee; Owen Donnelly; Lawrence Roach;  E.B. Sharp;  Elias Way; Jno. Welsh;
D.D. Elliott;  Thos. Delly;  Theo. Tracy;  Thos. Morgan;  J.T. Cardwell; Zimri Piercey; Sgt. Geo. Keith; Dan'l Sulivan;  Jas. Buckmaster;  Corp'l W.G. Martin
79th U.S.C.T.
Corp'l Bedford Green
3rd Wisconsin Cavalry
Lieut. Lorenzo A. Dixon; Lieut. Asa W. Farr;  W.C. Clark;  John Davis;Geo W. Tice;  Saml Hart;  G.R. Kelly;  C.O. Howard; Sgt. C.K. Bly;  Jno. Cannon;  Wm. Gifford;  O.H. Shaffer;  Henry Pond; P.J. Stimpson;  Frank
Guldin;  Henry Brewer; Marion Record;  Jos. Burlingame; Fred'k Mossinger;  Francis Van Camp; T.P. Leach;  Wm. Hopper; David Beam; Jno. Wright; Alf'd Green;  Jno. Zaynor;  J.S. Russell;  A.A. Bennett; Lincoln Rice; Dennis Smith;  Rob't Murphy;  Denis McNary; James Dempsey; Stephen Gallea;  Martin Van Duzen;
Abraham Woodhull.
Brigade Band
M. Mumser;  Swartk Quis;  Frank LaRue; Franz Balloun;  Sgt. Henry Bulow; Sgt. J.P.M. Madison;  Corp'l Fred'k Simon;  Jno. Fritz;   Sgt. T.L. Davis;   Geo. Gemunder; Henry Pellage;   Frank Rossmaith;  Corp'l Nathan Nott;   Corp'l Theo. Luscher.
2nd Kansas Battery
Corp'l  Van R. Hancock;   A.W. Gaines;  Joseph Endicott;  Thos. Larkin; Cameron Garrett.
9th Kansas Cavalry
Lieut. A.T. Spencer;  Geo. A. Ela; J.M. Barrow; Peter Schafer.
2nd Ohio Cavalry
Enoch Summers;  Roman Winchell.
83rd U.S.C.T.
Lieut. R.E. Cook;  Chas Allen.
9th Wisconsin Infantry
Ludwig Salzwedell.
12th Kansas Infantry
Jno. T. Moore.
15th Kansas Cavalary
Corp'l W.J. Wallace.

      In addition to the above names of soldiers,  14 civilians are also listed.

BEASLEY Cemetery
Dawson, William  4 Mar 1826-27 Sep 1897. Battery __  12 Ind ___
Borland Cemetery
Bland, William   Apr 26, 1846-Dec 12, 1893.  Co. I, 154th IL Inf
Craig, J.W.   Co.A, 31st IL Inf
Patterson, Leslie   Sep 15, 1844-Oct 22, 1905.  Co. E, 102nd IL Inf
Wilcox, James D.   Oct 31, 1839-Feb 17, 1895.  Cpl.  55th Iowa Inf
Brush Creek Cemetery
Burger, Philip   Apr 3, 1846-Jan 27, 1912. Co. G, 59th Ind Inf
Houston, Benjamin   Aug 22, 1842-May 20, 112.  Co. F, 125th IL Inf
Ransom, Andrew   may 23, 1839-Nov 21, 1915.  Co. E, 7th Ohio Inf
Council Corners Cemetery
Bullock, Sanford   Aug 24, 1834-Jan 16, 1894.  Co. A, 9th MO Cav
Davis, William   Jan 1, 1818-Nov 8, 1903. Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Douglas, Benjamin F.   Aug 7, 1840-Mar 5, 1895.   Co. H, 29th Iowa Inf
Duncan, Alexander   1837-1920.  Co. K, 103rd PA Inf
Fisher, Andrew J.   Feb 23, 1833-Apr 20, 1897.  Co. D, 23rd Ind Inf
Moody, J.S.   Apr 5, 1837-Jun 10, 1897.  Co. K, 68th KY Inf
Rankin, Henry C.   Oct 23, 1843-Jul 11, 1906.  Co. D, 71st Ohio Inf
Siesser, George   May 20, 1924-Feb 10, 1891.  Co. B, 287th PA Inf
Smith, Richard M.   Jan 12, 1837-Oct 12, 1908.  Co. K, 7th PA Ubf
Vincent, W.H.   Mar 20, 1830-Oct 29, 1893.  Co. H, 25th Iowa Inf
Walton, Henry   Apr 5, 1831-Aug 16, 1894.  Co. F, 60th IL Inf
CITY CEMETERY, Columbus, Kansas
Adams, Thomas J.   Nov 22, 1836-Dec 29, 1926.  Co. K,  3rd KY Inf
Anderson, R.H.   Jun 6, 1844-Jan 24, 1909.  Co. G, 72nd Ind Inf
Archer, James P.  Mar 4, 1839-Apr 18, 1898.  Co. A, 6th Kan Cav
Armstrong, Samuel J.   Feb 27, 1846-Oct 16, 1932.  Co. E, 3rd IL Cav
Baker, William   Oct 19, 1837-Jul 20, 1906.  Co. K, 11th IL Cav
Beckman, William J.   Mar 4, 1848-Dec 6, 1883.  Co. J, 1st MO Cav
Best, Henry   1844-1882.  Co. B, 98th IL Inf
Bickett, John   Co. C, 40th Iowa Inf
Bliss, Daniel M.   1841-1933.  Battery D, 1st VA Light Artillery
Briggs, John A.   Mar 26, 1844-Feb 2, 1902.  Co. A, 91st IL Inf
Brown, Wilson L.   May 23, 1838-Jul 7, 1887.   Co. A, 33rd Iowa Inf
Carter, J.R.   Apr 24, 1843-Feb 6, 1931.  Co. C, 96th Ohio Inf
Caspari, John J.   Oct 20, 1829-May 21, 1918.  Co. H, 47th IL Inf
Cory, James L.   Jul 3, 1842-Jan 14, 1911.  Co. C, 70th IL Inf
Cowley, W.R.   Apr 23, 1843-Jul 15, 1914. Co. C, 15th Iowa Inf
Cupp, Augustus W.   Dec 27, 1837-Feb 3, 1917.  Co. H, 15th Ohio Inf
Daugherty, David M.   Dec 28, 1840-Oct 4, 1902.  Co. E, 11th MO Cav
Davis, Charles  Oct 14, 1844-Mar 8, 1933.Co. __, 18th Ind __
Davis, Charles   Jun 22, 1815-Aug 28, 1902.  Co. E, 6th IL Cav
Dugan, Daniel W.   1846-1934.  Co. A, 11th MO Cav
Dunlavy, James C.   Captain   Co. A, 10th MO Inf
Durkee, Henry E.   1827-1882.  Sgt.  Co. B, Kansas State Militia
Eggleston, John N.   Jul 14, 1843-Feb 17, 1908.  Co. A, 68th Ind Inf
Epperson, W.   d. Jan 20, 1901.  56y.  Co. F, 102nd Iowa Inf
Freeman, Daniel S.   Co. D, 1st Ohio Inf & Co. B, 147th Ohio Inf
Furness, Herman N.   843-1925.  Co. C, 105th IL Inf
Gates, Jacob   Dec 28, 1825-May 4, 1896. Co. E, 8th IL Cav
Glasgow, John W.   Nov 22, 1841-May 19, 1907. Co. F, 4th U.S. - 1st & 3rd PA Heavy Artillery
Goldsberry, George W.   Dec 26, 1838-Mar 5, 1913.  Co. G, 72nd Ind Inf
Goldsberry, Theodore W.   Aug 21, 1841-Nov 28, 1913. .  Co. H, 9th Ind Inf
Hallam, W. H.   Dec 20, 1845-Jan 16, 1900.  Co. C, 129th IL Inf
Haynes, Thomas   Jan 29, 1834-Mary 18, 1914.  Co. B, 52nd IL Inf
Heaton, David B.   1828-1881.  Co. F, 151st Ind Inf
Henderson, John    Apr 8, 1832-Jun 28, 1895.  Co. F, 73rd Ind Inf
Hodson, James   May 21, 1849-Jan 9, 1897.  Co. B, 151st IL Inf
Hogg, Benjamin F.   Apr 22, 1841-Nov 13, 1896.  Co. C, 104th NY Inf
Hollingsworth, Isaac B.   Jun 2, 1830-May 18, 1915.  Co. L, 8th Ohio Cav
Huey, John   1843-1916.   Co. F, 80th IL Inf
Joachim, George M.   Jun 5, 1835-Oct 19, 1907.  Co. E, 106th Ohio Inf
Johnson, Simeon   b. May 5, 1845.  Co. I, 40th Ind Inf
Jones, Thomas M.   mar 24, 1824-Nov 17, 1904. Co. A, 1 Bat V.R.S.
Leamon, Silas W.   Oct 1, 1838-Jun 15, 1907.  Co. D, 1st Oregon Cav
Lees, John   Dec 25, 844-Jul 9, 1924.  Co. K, 21st Iowa Inf
Lees, William  Jul 25, 1840-Jul 23, 1918.  Co. B, 4th Iowa Cav
Lisle, Aaron   1837-1898.  Co. D, 102nd Ohio Inf
Loser, William   Aug 19, 1848-Sep 4, 1896.  Co. E, 57th Ind Inf
Losey, T.J.   d. Jan 15, 1936. Co. A, 14th Kan CAv
Marshall, James   Jun 15, 1833-Apr 10, 1925.  Co. K, 55th IL Inf
Masters, William   Sep 2, 1827-jan 9, 1905.  Co. D, 47th IL Inf
Masters, John G.   Mar 14, 1838-Jul 6, 1906.   Co. D, 47th IL Inf
Mattheson, Francis J.   Sep 26, 1831-Oct 24, 1896.  Co. C, 126th IL Inf
McCullough, John C.   1845-1929.  Co. B, 2nd Ind Artillery
McDowell, S.O.  Mar 3, 1848-Jul 29, 1914.  Co. M. 11th Ind Cav
McKinsey, Samuel  Aug 18, 1839-Feb 18, 1897.  Co. B, 17th Ind Mtd. Inf
Meek, Jacob   Dec 24, 1810-Jun 13, 1897. Co. N.  6th W.VA. Inf
Nair, Eugene .   Feb 17, 1847-Jul 23, 1934.  Co. C, 10th W.VA. Inf
Newbery, Edward T.   Oct 29, 1815-Mar 6, 1896.   Co. F, 37th Ind Inf
Norell, Lewis  Jan 31, 1844-Apr 14, 1910.  Co. B, 138th IL Inf
Pierson, G.N.   June 10, 1840-Jan 30, 1892.  Co. C, 10th NY Heavy Artillery
Pickett, John   Co. C, 40th Iowa Inf
Ratcliff, John A.   Jun 10, 1840-Jan 7, 1915.  Co. D, 147th Ind Inf
Reader, George   d. Oct 29, 1905. 73y.  Co. J, 93rd Ind Inf
Richardson, George S.   Aug 10, 1839-Sep 2, 1897.  Co. G, 6th Iowa Inf
Richardson, William A.   Mar 29, 1841-Dec 24, 1863.  Co. G, 6th Iowa Inf
Riseling, Joseph   Feb 12, 1847-Feb 25, 1921.   Co. C, 11th PA Inf
Schmell, Louis F.   May 2, 1837-Jul 3, 1906.   Co. F, 85th Ohio Inf
Seymour, E.G.   May 25, 1840-Jun 24, 1909.  Co. D, 126th IL Inf
Skidmore, James  1830-1924.  1stLieut. 51st IL Cav
Smith, John H.   1841-1895.  Co. G, 15th Ind __
Snider, John W.   Sep 2, 1825-Sep 23, 1914.  Co. H, 179th Ohio Inf
Tague, John   Feb 6, 1840-Aug 22, 1908.  Co. C, 63rd Ind Inf
Tanquary, L.S.   Jul 28, 1839-Jan 10, 1916.  Co. C, 10th Ind Inf
Thompson, Evans   1841-Jan 13, 1903.  Co. E, 12th U.S. Cav
Throop, S.B.   Aug 7, 1839-Jan 13, 1907.  Co. B, 20th Mich Inf
Vaughn, Job   d. Dec 23, 1899. 61y. Sgt. 55th IL Inf
Walker, Arcenith F.   1845-1916.  Co. K, 10th IL Inf
Washburn, Lloyd C.   1844-1916.  Co. C, 106th NY Inf
Watson, Marshall R.   d. Oct 19, 1895. 60y.  Co. K, 13th NH Inf
Whipple, Edward R.   Jan 26, 1836-Jul 9, 1906.   Co. G, 20th MIch Inf
Willis, Rodney M.   Dec 4, 1841-Mar 23, 1920.  Co. I, 102nd IL Inf
Wilson, A.H.   Nov 2, 1840-Feb 2, 1892.  Co. I, 14th IL Inf
Crocker Cemeter
Cooper, W.H.  May 27, 1832-Dec 28, 1885.  Co. G, 192nd IL Inf
Daron, Henry   16th Ohio Light Artillery
Gould, John H.   Nov 24, 1839-Jan 15, 1918.  Cpl.  Co. C, 72nd IL Inf
Hopkins, Isaac A   Jul 7, 1834-Oct 4, 1916.   Co. F, 58th Ind Inf
Kekkey, W.R.   Co. D, 14th Ind Inf
Owsley, John H.   1846-1901.  Co. D, 14th Kan Cav
Winter, Cornelius   Co. H, 25th IL Inf
Dove Cemetery
Davis, John   Co. F, 8th MO Inf
Edgman Cemetery
Cook, F.R.   Nov 10, 1826-Mar 10, 1904.  Co. E, 75th Ind Inf
Craig, William B.   Mar 10, 1840-Jan 31, 1918.  Co. K, 8th Iowa Cav
Haney, Thomas   d. Jun 18, 1893.  Co. F, 17th Iowa Inf
Swearingen, Alden   1845-1940.  Co.I, 42nd Iowa Inf
Tarter, Dennis   Feb 3, 1843-Apr 10, 1923.  Co. F, 2nd KY Cav
Taylor, Richard W.   1839-1910.  Co. A, 186th Ohio Inf
Wade, Alexander   Mar 1, 1845-Sep 12, 1914.  Co. C, 36th Iowa Inf
Galena Cemetery
Agard, Sanford S.   Aug 25, 1833-Feb 3, 1905.  Co. C, 101st Il Inf
Angleberger, John P.   d. Nov 28, 1920. 80y.  Co. I, 71st Ohio Inf
Beaston, J.A.   Dec 18, 1840-Mar 25, 1913. Co.C, 119th Il Inf
Blunk, A.J.   Nov 20, 1838-Feb 5, 1911. Co. D, 32 Iowa Inf
Boye, William   Apr 8, 1849-Dec 10, 1904.  Co. M. 2nd IL Cav
Bramble, George T.  d. Aug 16, 1899. 60y. Co. A, 198th Ind Inf
Brewer, E, W.   Co. K, 15th MO Inf
Bryans, E.R.  d. Nov 29, 1909. 71y.  Co. K, 63rd KY Inf
Butler, Samuel C.   Co. E, 120th IL Inf
Carter, George   d. Apr 25, 1898.  Co. G, __IL Inf
Couch, W.A.   d. Jan 14, 1901. 54y. Co. A, 40th MO Inf
Crabtree, A.T.   Aug 25, 1835-M ay 17, 1892.  Co. C, 4th KY CAV  CSA
Crabtree, W.D.   Oct 2, 1831-May 17, 1892.  Co. C, 14th KY Cav  CSA
Craig, John H.   Oct 11, 1815-Jan 12, 1888.  Co. G, __, MO Cav
Craig, John W.  Aug 4, 1849-Jan 10, 1933.  Co. K, 49th MO Inf
Crandall, A.J.   d. Jul 11, 1917.  Co. C, 55th Wisc. Inf
Crawford, E.C.   d. Sep 3, 1910.  Co. K, 2nd Ind __
Crumb, Leander A.   d. May 7, 1913. 79y. Co. F, 73rd Inf Inf
Dickerson, John   d. Aug 24, 1898. 59y. Co. M, 4th Ind Cav
Drake, W.C.   Oct 10, 1843-Nov 9, 1884.  Co. G, 10th IL Inf
Eaton, Geroge F.   Feb 18, 1838-May 8, 1887.  Co. C, 111th Wisc Inf
England, John F.   Sep 13, 1832-Mar 2, 1920.  Co. G, 14th Iowa Inf
Elder, Hugh   d. Jul 24, 1899.  75y.  Co. A, 3rd IL Light Artillery
Exendine, F.M.   Dec 18, 1843-Feb 18, 1905.  Co. F, 1st Ark Cav
Foote, John W.M.   Co. E, __Kan Cav
Freeman, M.B.  d. Dec 29, 1906. 69y. Co. F, 4th IL Inf
Garner, A.J.   Mar 10, 1840-Sep 26, 1906. 1st Lieut   Co. B, 2nd Ark Cav
Guinn, W.J.   d. Aug 10, 1899.  55y.  Co. K, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Hight,  ____d. 1897.  Co. F, 14th MO Cav
Hurt, Clabe   d. Oct 4, 1905. 58y. Co. K, 2nd TN Inf
Isaih, Roy   Mar 8, 1849-Nov 15, 1902.  Co. B, 6th Kan Cav
Jacobs, J.W.   Feb 22, 1848-Feb 18, 1920.  Co. H,  16th MO Cav
Lake, G.W.  Mar 18, 1849-Mar 22, 1892.  Co. C, 11th IL Cav
Lamb, Emerie   d. Aug 18, 1904.  Co. H, __ MO __
Lewis, Isaac   182-1885.  Sgt. Co. F, 38th Ind Inf
McKnight, J.P.M.   Aug 10, 1819-Jan 9, 1892.  Co. K, 6th Kan Cav
Metcalf, Andrew   Co. I, 25 Wisc Inf
Moody, B. D.  1844-Jul 10, 1930.  Co. F, 21st MO Inf
Morlan, Job   Co. M. 4th MO S.M. Cav
Parsons, G.S.   d. Aug 29,1908. 53y. Co. B, 125 NY Inf
Pittman, Edward   Aug 19, 1840-Nov 14, 1902.  Co. F, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Pittman, Reason   Dec 12, 1837-Jun 21, 1908.  Co. F,  2nd MO Cav
Prigden, F.L.   May 21, 1844-Mar 4, 1922. Co. A, 7th MO Cav
Rice, Alexander   d.  Apr 27, 1905. 85y.  Co. I, 8th Iowa ___
Ross, W.L.   Mar 4, 1844-Aug 9, 1914.  Co. B, 13 MO Cav
Scoggan, Alob   d. Jan 2, 1898. 55y.  Co. B, 50th IL Inf
Slocomb, Ephraim   d.  Nov 26, 1899.   Co. C, 40th IL Inf
Shamblin, Hugh   Co. G, 6th Kan Cav
Stone, James R.   Jul 6, 1829-Aug 13, 1892.  Co. H, 1st MO Cav
Trease, John   d. Mar 12, 1898. 74y.  Co. A, 1st Ark Cav
Ward, James M.   Apr 9, 1823-Dec 24, 1902.   Co. H, 9th Kan Cav
Walmer, William   Jan 28, 1846-Dec 17, 1904.  ___ IL ___
Weaver, Joshua   Jun 29, 1827-Jul 12, 1902.  Co. D, 85th IL Inf
Webb, George W.   d. Nov 1, 1903. Captain   Co. A, 36th Ind Inf
Welch, Jasper   Mar 22, 1849-Mar 22, 1892.  Co. L, __ MO Cav
Wenzel, W.W.   Aug 15, 1848-Feb 27, 1910.  Co. D, 47th MO Inf
Wile, Michael   d. Aug 22, 1898.  60y.  Co. H, 3rd PA __
Willford, G.W.   Feb 28, 1848-Feb 23, 1906.  Co. F, 55th IL Inf
Willford, W.A.  Feb 12, 1845-Dec 20, 1894.  Co. F, 55th IL Inf
Greenlawn Cemetery
Amos, Jessie T.   1843-1932.  Co. F, 30th Ind Inf
James, William F.   Co. D, Osage Co., MO Home Guards
Kimerer, Joseph L.   Co. f, 16th IL Inf
Starrett, Wilford H.   Nov 16, 1844-Dec 21, 1925.  Co. F, 59th Ind Inf
Hillcrest Cemetery
Park, Horace E.   Co. I, 36th Iowa Inf
Wagner, John J.   Oct 3, 1834-Jan 7, 1928. Co. __, 106th IL Inf
Whisler, William   d. Sep 2, 1930. 86y.  Co. H, 45th Ohio Inf
Hosey Hill Cemetery
Barber, William Alex  Sep 3, 1843-Jan 4, 1917.  Co. G, 61st IL Inf
Cowan, Henry F.   1833-1902.  29th MO Inf
Frazee, Silas   1825-1901.  83rd Ohio Inf
Haney, John   1838-1913.  Co. H, 2nd IL Cav
Gassaway, D.F.   Mar 8, 1816-Jul 22, 1891.  Co. F, 9th Kan Cav
Hubbard, Samuel C.  1841-1919.  Co. A, 40th Ohio Inf
Kennedy, Joseph  J.  Co. G, 135th IL Inf
La Brant, Jonathan B.   1836-1928.  Co. G, 58th IL Inf
Magers, Thomas   1835-1914.  Co. F, 196th Ohio Inf
Reed, Matthew   Cpl.  Co. H, 33rd IL Inf
Usher, William   May 24, 1840-Aug 10, 1908.  Co. K, 30th IL Inf
Willman, Jonas   d. Nov 12, 1897. 64y.  Co. A, 5th Mass Cav
Lowell Cemetery
Chambers, G.W.   d. May 1, 1900. 60y11m12d.  Co. L, 32 MO Cav
Covert, Peter   Jul 4, 1838-Nov 10, 1926.  Co. C, 2nd Neb. Cav
Glasener, Harrison H.   1840-1910.  Co. B, 5th IL Inf
Gregory, William H.   Co. I, 31st Ohio Inf
Hale, Joseph T.   Feb 11, 1838-May 8, 1904. Co. I, 8th Ind  ---
Nott, John A.   Oct 19, 1840-Feb 28, 1919.  Co. L, 1st Ark Cav
Payne, Robert Newton   Jun 23, 1850-Aug 2, 1896.  Co. G, 19th Kan Inf
Rakes, William   Oct 4, 1844-Mar 13, 1932. Pvt. Co. H, 48th MO Inf
Reed, John   Dec 20, 1845-Aug 13, 1907.  Co. F, -- Ind Inf
Rounsavell, Jos. R.  Nov 18, 1828-Jun 20, 1920.  Co. D, 10th Kan ---
Stanfield, Wm. H.   Co. F, 18th Kan Inf
Smith, Marcus L.   1844-1926.  Co. M, 9th Kan Cav
Wilson, N.B.  1849-1926.  Co. L, 1st Ohio Artillery
McKEE Cemetery
Hackett, E.A.   Co. A, 9th Ind Inf
Phillips, Jerome   11 Apr 1829-13 Jul 1898.  Co. A, 18th Iowa Inf
Messer Cemetery
Ellis, Samuel J.   Aug 15, 1845-Jan 21, 1910.  Co. M, 9th TN Cav
Hubbard, Herman Root   Jan 13, 1838-April 10, 1926.  Co. A, 119th IL Inf
Johnson, Allen D.   may 18, 1837-Jun 26, 1902.  Co. A, 15th W.VA  Inf
Kimmel, E.M.   d. Sep 18, 1870. 39y.  Co. H, 10th MO Inf
Knott, William A.   d. May 24,1891. 50y21d.  Cpl. Co. E, 1st MO Cav
Peters, William Harrison   May 27, 1846-Aug 15, 1905.  Co. A, 88th Ohio Inf
Watson, William   Jun 4, 1841-Nov 4, 1897.  Co. C, 6th Kan Cav
Williams, D. C.   Aug 1, 1841-Sep 13, 1918.  Co. H, 154th Ohio Inf
Moore Cemetery
Fouts, David   Aug 18, 1841-Dec 16, 1913.  Co. H, 93rd Ohio Inf
Mound Cemetery
Becker, Samuel   12 Aug 1820-1Dec 1889.  Co. F, 9th Kan Cav
Cooper, W.H.   Co. D, 13th Iowa Inf
Kamatzer, ----  Mar 8, 1846-Nov 29, 1885. Co. __ , __ KY Cav
Lawrence, James L.   Jul 9, 1826-Mar 15, 1885.  Co. D, 183rd Ohio Inf
Leaming, Calvin C.  Co. G, __MO SM Cav
Moriarity, Miletus E.  26 Oct 1842-18 Nov 1909.  Co. K,___ Iowa Inf
Stoneking, Samuel   1831-1881.  Co. I, 62nd IL Inf
PARK CEMETERY, Columbus, Kansas
Ellis, J.A.   Mar 7, 1835-Jul 21, 1911.  Co. C, 116th IL Inf
Gaither, Rodolph   Mar 27, 1839-Oct 5, 1911.  Co. K, 30th IL Inf
Hudson, William Hampton   Jul 3, 1840 -Nov 8, 1931.  Co. H, 36th Iowa Inf
Jackson, Elvis B.  Feb 16, 1838-Jan 24, 1930.  Co. D, 52nd KY Inf
Jones, Daniel M.   1846-1922.  Co. A, 72nd Ohio Inf
LaRue, Thomas Perry   1842-1921.  Co. G, 21st ___ Inf
Loop, Charles W.  Nov 2, 1840-May 20, 1909.  Captain   38th Ind Inf
Luckey, Jeremiah   Oct 15, 1842-Apr 23, 1913.  Co. F, 25th Iowa Inf
Miles, Robert P.   Mar 21, 1849-Feb 2, 1914.  Co. E, 14th MO Cav
McCombs, Robert  1842-1930.  Co. H, 185th Ohio Inf
McCombs, John T.   1832-1921.  Co. F, 98th Ohio Inf
Parr, John P.   Aug 15, 1848-Mar 17, 1935.  Co. K, 7th Ind Cav
Potter, Oscar O.   Feb 17, 1846-Oct 31, 1914.  Co. A, 141st IL Inf
Rains, Hiram F.   Jun 11, 1847-Sep 9, 1918.  Co. G, 49th KY Inf
Sadler, H.R.   1841-1921.  Co. F, 4th Iowa Cav
Spencer, W.   1846-1924.  Major   Co. I, 101st IL Inf
Ventle, Rosell   Mar 2, 1846-Aug 17, 1934.  Co. H, 123 ___ Inf
Willabee, John   Aug 16, 1825-Jun 19, 1908.  Co. D, 94th IL Inf
Winn, William A.   Jul 23, 1833-Mar 15, 1912.  Co. H, 93rd IL Ind
Pleasant View Cemetery
Duggar, William H.   May 4, 1836-Mar 5, 1938.  Co. A, 13th TN Cav
Gillenwaters, Lewis W.   Mar 21, 1841-Jul 2, 1917.  Co. I, 57th IL Inf
Pleasant View (Shiloh) Cemetery
Mitchell, George W.   Jul 26, 1840-Mar 1, 1923.  Co. I, ___MO S.M. Cav
Quaker Valley Cemetery
Dixon, Zimri   Nov 2, 1840-Oct 12, 1902.  Co. K, 43rd Ind Inf
Jessup, William   1830-1885.  Co. A, 48th Iowa Inf
Miller, Emanuel   d. Feb. 5, 1904. 60y.  Co. K, 101 __ __
Wellman, L.C.   Jan 17, 1845-Apr 10, 1932. Co. D, 5th Ind Inf
Scammon Cemetery
Griffin, John S.   Jun 28, 1824-Apr 11, 1993.  Co. F, 8th IL Inf
Star Cemetery
Hoy, John W.   Co. El, 9th IL Inf
Stephenson Cemetery
Blackford, Henry C.   1850-1907.  Co. I, 7th Ind Cav
Moore, Benjamin   Nov 6, 1835-Nov 25, 1888.  Co. B, 138th IL Inf
Smith, Benjamin F.   d. 1892.  Co. K, 147th Ind Inf
Wheeler, George N.   May 9, 1830-Nov 30, 1897.  Co. I & E, 2nd Mich Cav
Union (Old Ritchie) Cemetery
Messer, Lewis C.   d. 26 Mar 1901. 56y11m18d.   Co. E, 15th MO Cav
Submitted by Jack Rogers

Jones, Isaiah D. 8 May 1841-7 July 1899 Co. A 6 Ia Vol. Inf.
Clevenger, And'w Co. B 44th Mo. Inf.
Allen, William R. Apr. 28, 1827-June 8, 1901 Co. I. 91 Ill. V.I.
Gillenwaters, Lewis W. Mar. 21, 1841-July 2, 1917 G.A.R.
Alexander, Mathew Giffin 1848-1899 G.A.R. ** R.L.T.
Dugger, William H. May 4, 1846-Mar. 13, 1938 Co. A. 13th Tenn. Vol. Cav.
Jefferson, Henry Died Apr. 7, 1909 Age 68Y Co. D. 40 U.S. Cal. Vol.
Gentry, James B. Sep 11, 1847-Dec. 18, 1918 Co. I 13 Ohio Cav.
Walker, William H. Co. A 43 Ind. V.I. Dec. 10, 1840
Deen, Perry 1839-1922 Priv. co. E 1st Reg. Va. Vol.
Mason, John A. GAR-FLT-AOUW Co. F. 47 Ill. V.I. Oct. 12, 1844-Nov. 3, 1917
Submitted by: Mary Jane Parmele

James JOHNSON  *Birth: 9 Mar 1833 Perry Co., IL Death: 21 Sep 1909 Columbus, Cherokee Co., KS
Burial: 22 Sep 1909 Columbus, Cherokee Co., KS, City Cemetery Unit: 111th IL Infantry, Company B
Enlisted: August 13, 1862 Date of Muster: September 18, 1862 Mustered Out: Septemeber 30, 1865
Rank: Private Mustered out with a disability Enlisted at Richview, Washington Co., IL Spouse: Malinda (FARMER) JOHNSON Marr: 11 Sep 1856 Washington Co., IL Notes: BIRTH: 9 Mar 1833 Perry Co., IL is birth date/place appearing in Declaration for Pension filed by James Johnson on 9 Mar 1908.  Obituary published in "Columbus Advocate" on Tuesday, 21 Sep 1909, had March 4, 1833 as date of birth.  Tombstoneinscription in Section 29 of City Cemetery, Columbus, KS shows 3-7-1832/9-21-1909.  Most likely date of birth is 9 Mar
1833. DEATH: Per obit, was 76 years old at time of death.  Steven L. Watts

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