DAVID WORLEY                             GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

Emporia Gazette, Oct 7, 1902                        PHOTO LATER IN LIFE

Died:  Oct. 4, 1902

An Old Soldier Dead

At his home in Neosho Rapids, last Sunday, the funeral service of David Worley was conducted by Rev. Sprague of that place

     Mr Worley died from the effects of cancer.  He was 63 years old and an old soldier, a member of 3rd Iowa Volunteer Cavalry, Co D.
     Mr Worley was the next youngest in a family of eight sons, all of the eight sons fought in the Civil War, six in the Third Iowa Cavalry and two in the Ninth Kansas.  In all, the eight boys furnished the Union, twenty two years of active service and although they were in every engagement their companies were in, non of them were killed or died during the war.  The eight sons were big fellows and averaged six feet two inches in height. 
     David Worley for thirty-five years has been a Methodist preacher in Kansas, and for the last
few years, he has not been able to do any active church work.  His brother John Worley, lives in Council Grove and was here to be present at his brother's funeral.  Five of the eight brothers are still living.

Emporia Weekly Republican, 16 Oct 1902

Falling From The Ranks One by One

"He was converted in early life, immediately after his discharge from the Civil War.  He was licensed to preach by the United Brethren Church, and in 1874 joined the Kansas Conference, of which he was a faithful preacher until his death.
     He was not only a Civil War soldier, but was a soldier of the cross and one of the pioneer preachers of Kansas.  Holding service in the open air and in dugouts and sod houses of Kansas, thus sowing the seed by the wayside which sprang up and flourished.  Many a church spire now points heavenward where he first preached the gospel of Christ.  He was also a prominent member of the Odd Fellows for years.  With his Bible in one hand and the fraternal grip in the other he walked steadfast by it tenets through life.  A good man has gone to seek his reward beyond the silent river".