EDWARD AUGUST KILLIAN               GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas




  ED. A. KILIAN, now of Alma, Kan., was born in Hesse-Nassau, Germany, September 1, 1828. He was educated in the Polytechnic School at Darmstadt and at the Normal School at Friedberg. Becoming a participant in the Revolution in 1848, he emigrated from his native country and came to America in September, 1849, first locating in Rochester, N. Y., where he remained six months. From Rochester he went to Buffalo, N. Y., and stayed until the spring of 1853; from thence to New Orleans, and remained until 1856; from thence to Chicago, where he was the local editor of the Staats Zeitung until the spring of 1857; thence to Hermann, Mo., where he remained until the spring of 1861, principally engaged in teaching. On May 10, 1861, he enlisted in Company A, First Missouri Volunteer Infantry, as a private. He was wounded and taken prisoner at the battle of Wilson's Creek, August 10, and remained in Springfield, Mo., in charge of the rebels, until November of the same year, being released when General Fremont took possession of the city, and discharged on account of disability. He again enlisted in November, 1862, in Company A, Seventeenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry, and served as a private until September, 1863, when he was promoted to sergeant of the regiment. On December 20 he was promoted to first lieutenant and adjutant of the regiment, and was mustered out on September 24, 1864, at the expiration of the term of service of his regiment. He participated in the engagements at the siege of Vicksburg, Jackson (Miss.), Lookout Mountain, Missionary Ridge and the Atlantic Campaign. He was commissioned as Captain of Company G, Eightieth Missouri Enrolled Militia, and participated in the Price raid, in October, 1864, and the same month accepted the position of first assistant in the public schools of Edwardsville, Madison County, Ill., which he occupied until 1869. He then became principal of the public school in Marine, Ill., holding the position until 1874. In the fall of that year, he took charge of the German paper at Joliet, The Herald, which he conducted until the spring of 1875. From that time until July, 1878, he was in Buffalo, N. Y., as custodian of The Museum of Natural Sciences, when he returned to Edwardsville, Ill., and resumed his old position in the school, which he held until he came to Kansas, August 22, 1879, and located in Alma, Kan., and was the principal of the public schools of that place, being also engaged in farming at the same place. Mr. Kilian was married in Buffalo, N. Y., June 24, 1865, to Carrie Bloecher, a native of Tonowanda, N. Y.; they have five children -- Irmgerd, Edward, Hedwig, Carrie and Edith. Mr. Kilian is a contributor to several educational and scientific journals, and has, perhaps, the finest conchological collection in the State, and also has a large archeological collection.