ELIJAH M. WILSON                    GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

Died:  Dec. 9, 1904.


The obituary below is for Elijah M. Wilson of Co. K, 62nd, Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment C. S. A.  He was living in Monroe County, TN. and after the war he moved to Elk County, Kansas, and acquired a farm located 3 miles west of present day Moline, KS.  Today his home with 80 acres is owned by his great-grandson, John Waller of Wichita.  Elijah and Captain Charles F. Wilson of the 59th TN C. S. A. are first cousins and both these Confederates are buried in the Moline Cemetery, Elk County, Kansas.


Obituary for Elijah M. Wilson:


  Elijah M. Wilson was born near Madisonville, Monroe, Tenn.; Jan. 26, 1825.  Departed from this life December 9, 1904, age 79 years, 10 months, 13 days.  He was married to Miss Sarah A Harris, about the year 1850.  To this union were born seven children; five boys and two girls, one of whom died of typhoid fever and two have been lost sight of, consequently, not known, whether they are living or not.

  The mother of these children departed this life about the year 1865.  He was married again to Mrs. (Lydia) Adaline Saffels about the year 1866.  To this union were born five children, four boys and one girl, all of whom are living.

  He moved to Dade county Missouri in 1870; lived there for about eight years.  He came from there to Elk county, Kansas in 1878 and lived an honored citizen until his death.  He made a profession of religion soon after he came to Kansas and united with the church of Star near his home and remained a faithful member until his death.  He was a sufferer for about three years but bore it patiently until the end came.

  He leaves a wife, eleven children and two step-children with there families and relatives and friends to mourn his death.  The funeral services were conducted at Star where he was a member, by his pastor the writer of this, to a large concourse of people.  The Text was Number 22-10.  Let me die the death of the righteous and let my last end be like His.

  Interment in the Moline cemetery there to await the resurrection Morn.  A seat in the home is vacant that cant be filled.  He will be missed by all.  The aged wife will miss him; the children will miss his kind advice and council.  He is gone, the voice is heard in the home no more; he sleepeth and peace be to his dust.


There is a vacant chair,

    With in our home today;

The one that was our constant care,

    Is from us laid away.

A father we did love,

    And cherished so well here;

Has been transplanted up above,

    To mansions bright and clear.

He was a sufferer here,

    For a few fleeting years;

But then he felt the Savior near,

    And realized no fear.

Farewell to my father dear,

    We leave you here to rest;

Until the resurrection clear,

    And Jesus you confess.


  May God bless, sustain and comfort the wife and children and may they all so live so they can meet him in heaven where parting is no more.


Contributed by:

Charley Wilson, Commander

South Kansas Camp No. 2064

Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)