GEORGE W. ARMSTRONG               GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Baldwin Ledger, Friday, Feb. 3, 1899, Pg. 3

Vol. XVI, No. 16


G.  W. Armstrong.

  George W. Armstrong was born in Sewelsville, Ohio, June 15, 1825, and died of apoplexy January 30, 1899, in Baldwin, Kansas.  He was converted and joined the M. E. church in the fall of 1850, and remained a member until the time of his death.  He was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Dallas, May 21, 1850.

  He came to Kansas in 1877, and has lived in Baldwin continuously since September 1894, having spent some years here previously.  He was a member of the G. A. R., having been in the U. S. service in 174th Ohio volunteer infantry, in Co. G. and in Home Guards previously.  He was admonished that his death might be sudden, as a member of his father’s family had died suddenly, and recently conversing about the matter with his wife.said:  “It stands one in had to watch and be ready.”

  He was a kind husband, an indulgent father, an accommodating neighbor, and as a member of the church not demonstrative, but firm in his principles and sought to profess less than he lived.  One who knew him most intimately said:  “He was a good man.”  He leaves a wife and two sons with other distant relatives to mourn his loss.

  The circumstances of his death were these:  While standing in the store of S. Lake talking to some friends about hunting he suddenly closed his eyes and fell to the floor.  Life was extinct when a physician arrived.

  The funeral services were held from his late residence Wednesday afternoon, Dr. S. S. Murphy officiating.  The interment took place in Oakwood cemetery.