The Norton Daily Telegram, Friday, March 17, 1916


Granville Sheley Dead. 

  At 8:40 this morning Granville Sheley died at his home in this city after a lingering illness.

  Deceased is survived by a widow and three sons.  W. R. and and Granville of this city and John, who has been living in Oregon.  The later is now on his way here and arrangements for the funeral will be made probably after his arrival.

  Granville Sheley was well known to the people of Norton and his friends were legion.  He served his country well during the period of the Civil War and during his residence here he served the people of this county both as custodian of the court house and for four years as probate judge.  His genial, kindly nature endeared him to all and while the sympathy of the community goes forth to the surviving relatives all will experience a loss in the realization that their old friend is gone from our midst.