Transcribed by John Jackson from “The Parsons Daily Sun” dated May 30, 1904

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In Memory

Soldier Dead.



Following is a Complete List of the Union Soldiers Buried

In G. A. R. Lot in Oakwood Cemetery.

John L. McCauley, Co. B, 62d Ill. infantry.

Frank McGill, 39th Ill. infantry.

Michael Hoffman, Co. K, 3d Iowa cavalry

Oscar Swineford, Co. B, 102d Ohio infantry

Jocob Jaler, Co. B, 10th Kansas infantry.

G. W. Shigley, Co. D, 58th Ind. infantry.

John J. Hall, major, 18th Ky. infantry.

Manford M. Fultz, Co. M, 16th Kansas cavalry.

William VanZant, Co. A, 38th Ind. infantry.

James Q. Howey, sergeant, Co. D, 17th Ill. infantry.

Isaac N. Aultman, 22d Ind. infantry.

John H. Rice, United States engineer.

John W. Shipman, Co. E, 2d Ill. cavalry.

T. J. Hollingsworth, Co. E, 2d Ill. cavalry.

James Hill, Co. G, 8th Kan. infantry.

Joseph Pass, Co. E, 24th Iowa infantry.

George W. Jackson, Co. D, 2d Mo. infantry.

Charles A. Hazzard, 1st lieutenant, Co. C, 6th Ill. infantry.

George Hughes, Co. I, 88th Ind. infantry.

Willis Kinnison, Co. G, 8th Kan. infantry.

J. L. D. Callen, Co. D, 101st Ill. infantry.

Francis M. Abbott, 1st Ind. heavy artillery.

John Duncan, Co. A, 6th Kan. cavalry.

Thomas W. Jones, Co. C, 14th Ill. infantry.

H. M. Singleton, Co. I, 25th Mo. infantry.

Thomas Wood, Co. I, 24th Iowa infantry.

W. R. Mounday, Co. G, 4th East Tenn. infantry.

David Vulgamore, Co. G, 7th Ill. cavalry.

Nathan Ames, Co. A, 16th Kan. cavalry.

William Scott, Co. F, 4th Iowa cavalry.

Hiram Mooney, Co. A, 12th N. H. infantry.

D. H. Crumrin, Co. D, 75th Penn. infantry.

Thomas J. Williams, Co. K, 5th Wis. cavalry.

Luther Weekly, Co. 7th Ill. infantry.

H. F. McKinzie, Co. I, 75th Ind. infantry.

W. H. Dorsey, 1st Wis. heavy artillery.

James Miller, Co. B, 9th Mo. cavalry.

C. C. Smith, Co. M, 4th Kan. cavalry.

Nelson Gaskel, Co. D, 18th Ohio infantry.

Peter Vorhees, Co. D, 103rd Ill. infantry.

B. M. Pippin, Co. D, 17th Ill. infantry.

Caleb T. Haskell, Co. G, 9th Ind. infantry.

Wallace W. Dentler, 1st lieut. Co. H, 53d Penn. infantry.

William Richards, Co. ., 117th Ill. infantry.

Nickolas McGracken, sergt., Co. E, 7th Ill. infantry.

T. C. Cory, sergt., Co. I, 5th Ohio infantry.

A. D. C. Stewart, 1st lieut., Co. H, 25th Mo. infantry.

Jasper N. Smith, 2nd Ind. cavalry.

John L. O'Dell, Co. A, 59th Ind. infantry.

Thomas B. Adams, Co. C, 31st Ill. infantry.

J. C. McGinnes, Co. E, 131st Penn. infantry.

Joseph Foreman, Co. G, 133d Ohio infantry.

Button G. Cody, captain, Co. F, 39th Ind. infantry.

Randolph Gibson, Co. D, 75th Ind. infantry.

M. A. Patterson, 1st lieut., Co. F, 1st Colo. cavalry.

J. B. Cossatt, Co. B, 25th Ill. infantry.

William F. McCrotty, Co. H, 134th Ill. infantry.

Samuel Winans, Co. C, 11th Ind. cavalry.

John Horr, Co. B, 5th N. Y. cavalry.

Aaron H. Miller, Co. G, 29th infantry.

James H. Hampton, Co. ., 20th Ind. infantry.

James M. Flynn, Co. I, 13th U. S. Heavy artillery.

Sylvester M. Bailey, captain, Co. K, 11TH Ill. infantry.

G. W. Gould, sergeant, Co. A, 11th Mo. infantry.

B. C. Kinney, captain, Co. H, 1st Mich. light artillery.

R. Firguson, fife major, 148th Ind. infantry.

W. H. K. Smith, Co. F, 4th U. S. infantry.

James M. Cary, Co. E, 12th Ill. infantry.

W. P. Schol, band, 15th Ill. infantry.

J. W. Carney, Co. C, 31st Ill. infantry.

John Hornby, Co. M, 21st N. Y. cavalry.

C. A. Terell, Co. E, 85th Ind. infantry.

Joseph Story, Co. F, 19th Iowa infantry.

Jonathan Rogers, Co. B, 43d Ohio infantry.

William Hall, Co. C, 67th Oho infantry.

William H. Nichols, Co. M, 15th Mo. infantry.

D. A. Boam, Co. A, Berdan sharpshooters.

S. M. Baldwin, sergeant, Co. H, 73d Ill. infantry.

Noah Walters, Co. L, 1st Colo. cavalry.

Reuben Sutton, Co. I, 55th Ohio infantry.

Theodore Dinsmore, Co. K, 1st N. H. heavy artillery.

J. P. Shannon, Co. H, 71st Ill. infantry.

Nimrod Buckner, Co. C, 154th Ill. Infantry.

W. A. Moter, Co. K, 2d Iowa infantry.

John D. Grass, Co. C, 59th Ind. infantry.

George K, McDonald, corporal, Co. C, 86th Ill. vol. infantry.


The Following are Buried in the Cemetery But Not in the

G. A. R. Lot.

W. A. Godley, 103d Ill. infantry.

George W. Brock, Co. H, 15th Kan. cavalry.

Merrit Noyes, Co. E, 4th Mass. infantry.

John Schmetzer, Co. A, 12th Ill. infantry.

Joseph Kellogg, captain, Co. A, 12th Ill. infantry.

A. D. Gould, Co. I, 88th Ind. infantry.

W. H. Glines, Co. C, 5th N. Y. heavy artillery.

C. E. Snyder, Co. H, 65th N. Y. infantry.

William Harney.... J. E. Denny.

James Darrow, 113th Ohio infantry.

A. J. Maxwell, Co. D, 3d Colo. cavalry.

Adolphus Pechin, Co. G, 38th Ohio infantry.

John Ryan, Co. H, 70th Ill. infantry.

W. H. Lindsey, Co. M, 5th Kan. cavalry.

William Gray, Co. K, 43d Ind.  infantry.

Joseph J. Woods, colonel, 12th Iowa infantry.

D. A. Woodburn, Co. B, 9th Ohio cavalry.

Willis W. Woods, Co. A, 3d Vermont infantry.

J. B. Lamb, surgeon, 35th Mo. infantry.

J. P. Elliot, Co. D, 47th Ky. infantry.

James B. Downs, sergeant, Co. D, 17th Ill. infantry.

W. H. Decker, Co. A. 2d N. Y. M. R.

Wallace H. Rasbach, Co. L, 8th Ill. cavalry.

Charles Gentry, Co. C, 5th Ky. cavalry.

S. I. Coulter, major, 64th Ohio infantry.

Elihu Mason, chaplain 10th Ind. infantry.

H. A. Collier, Co. G, 112th Ill. infantry.

David F. Milks, Co. K, 15th Ill. infantry.

O. L. Hall, 2d lieutenant, Co. H, 83d Penn. infantry.

N. H. Hopkins, sergeant, Co. M, 2d Colo. cavalry.

B. F. Durgan, Co. B, Gen. Lyon's Mo. battery.

J. S. Young, quart. sergeant, 5th Iowa cavalry.

T. L. Wirt, Co. G, 15th Penn. infantry.

Jasper M. Martin, Co. K, 42d Ind. infantry.

Campbell Welch, 1st lieutenant, Co. G, 93d Ind. infantry.

John Keyes, Co. K, 142d Ill. infantry.

J. L. Jaynes, Co. F, 157th N. Y. infantry.

J. A. Hayden, Co. B, 137th Ind. infantry.

J. M. Galbraith, Co. K, 57th Ky. infantry.

Henry A. Lamb, 1st lieutenant and q. m. 22d Kan. infantry, Spanish War.

D. P. Foster, captain, Co. C, 6th Ill. cavalry.

William Roush, captain, Co. B, 44th Wis. infantry.

I. G. Smith, sergeant, Co. K, 146th Ill. infantry.

Reuben Green, Co. G, 109th U. S. colored infantry.

C. W. Evans, Co. C, 10th-20th Mass. Vol. infantry.

L. B. Graves, Co. F. 24th Maine infantry.

Thomas Hayes, Co. H, 49th Ind. infantry.

L. J. Steele, sergeant, Co. B, 10th Kan. infantry.

J. C. Smith, 16th battery Ind. light artillery.

W. J. Gillett, Co. E, 17th Ill. infantry.

Wallace Wolcott, 1st lieut., Co. K, 148th Ohio infantry.

Joel Metcalf, corporal, Co. F, 48th Ind. infantry.

O. E. Peters, sergeant, Co. B, 133d Ohio infantry.

J. F. Bull, Co. K, 12th Ohio infantry.

Henry A. Wilson, 1st lieut., Co. E, 86th Ill. infantry.

Lewis Hudson, Co. A, 60th Ohio infantry.

Joseph S. Lumbeck, Co. C, 16th Iowa infantry.

Joseph T. Barber, Co. B, 7th Iowa infantry.

William C. Weaver, corporal, Co. B, 4th U. S. cavalry.

Ichabod R. Kimball, corporal, Co. D, 37th Ia. Vol. infantry.

Henry Prather, 2d lieut., Co. H, 9th Ill. Vol. cavalry.

Henry B. Struve, private, Co. K, 203d Pa. Vol. infantry.

Augustus Martin, private, Co. F, 1st Penn. light artillery.