ISAAC R. SMITH                    GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Burns Citizen, Thursday, Oct. 2, 1902, Pg. 1

Died:  Sept. 28, 1902


A Good Man Promoted.


  Isaac R. Smith, whose pure soul was last Sunday morning promoted to the better world, was born in Lewis county, W. Va., June 21, 1828.  He was married to Sarah Gaston, in 1855, and the two thus lived in blessed union for more than forty-seven years.  Eight children were born to them, one daughter going on before at the age of five years.  All of the others were permitted to be at his bedside, except one daughter, Mrs. F. I. Bell, who on account of feeble health could not be present.

  He was converted in his young manhood, at the age of eighteen, and ever afterward lived an earnest Christian life.  He first joined the Methodist Protestant church, in which his father was a minister, and at the close of the war united with the M. E. church.  Since coming to Kansas in Sept., 1890, he has been a pillar and shining light in the local church of that denomination.

  Uncle Isaac was a blessed man.  All who knew him, loved him.  His beautiful Christian life was a help and a great comfort to all who were so fortunate as to be his associates.  He was a loving spirit, a kind and forgiving disposition.  His conception of a Christian Life was exalted and inspiring.  He strove earnestly to live a holy life, trusting day by day, and faithful in his Master’s cause.  Even in his last illness, as long as it was possible to do so, he delighted in attending divine worship.  In his great suffering he was patient and sang and shouted the praises of God,  He would say “I’m so glad I ever started” and though he lingered long in the shadow of the Valley of Death, he faltered never in his faith in God.

  The cause of his death was cancer of the liver, lungs and intestines.  The funeral was held Monday afternoon.  The church was appropriately draped in mourning.  Presiding Elder Beach preached a consoling sermon from Rev. 14, 13.  At this time Pastor W. M. Runyan also paid a beautiful tribute to the memory of the departed.  Rev. G. W. Durham was also present and assisted in the services, after which the body was laid to rest in the Burns cemetery.

  “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”