JAMES K. BAILEY                           GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Ottawa Herald, Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1918

Died:  Aug. 27, 1918







Had Served Eight Years in the County

Clerk’s Office---Body Will Be

Brought Here for Burial.



  J. K. Bailey, familiarly known here as “Captain” Bailey, was killed by a train at Osage City about 9:30 o’clock this morning.  He was walking up town along the tracks.  Complete details of the accident were not known late this afternoon.  An inquest was to be held and trainmen have been called.

  Mrs. J. W. Roberts of Ottawa, a daughter of Captain Bailey, Mr. Roberts and Mrs. W. H. Church, went to Osage City as soon as they heard of the tragedy.  The body of Mr. Bailey will be brought to Ottawa for burial.  Complete funeral arrangements have not been made.  Sons and daughters have been notified.

  Captain Bailey who was about 70 years old had lived in this county for many years.  His home was a Pomona for a long time but he moved to Ottawa in about 1897.  He served two terms as county clerk and two as a deputy.  He also had a similar position in Ohio, his native state.  For the last three years he had lived-at Osage City and prior to that lived at Allen about the same length of time.  Mr. Bailey was a veteran of the Civil War.

  Two sons and three daughters survive.  They are T. L. Bailey, Newcastle, Pa.; J. M. Bailey, Waverly; Mrs. J. W. Roberts, Ottawa; Mrs. C. C. Rawlins, Newcastle, Pa.; Mrs. C. C. Mathews, Weatherford, Tex.  Mr. Bailey was twice married.  His wife by the second union survives.


The Ottawa Herald, Wednesday, Aug. 28, 1918




Funeral Arrangements Will Not Be

Announced Until Later.


  The body of Capt. J. K. Bailey, formerly county clerk here, who was killed by a Santa Fe train at Osage City yesterday morning, was brought here last night after an inquest had been held.  Funeral arrangements will not be made before tomorrow.  The arrival of T. L. Bailey and Mrs. C. C. Rawlins, son and daughter, from Newcastle, Pa., is being awaited.

  Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Roberts and Mrs. W. H. Church of this city who went to Osage City have returned here.  Mrs. Roberts is the daughter of the deceased.  A short prayer service was held at Osage City last evening and funeral services here will probably be Friday.

  Captain Bailey was 74 years old.  He was born July 10, 1844.

  The captain was walking along a stretch of three tracks in Osage City when killed.  It is believed he probably thought that he was clear of the main track on which the train was coming.  He was killed almost instantly.  His body was badly bruised and bones were broken.