JAMES H. SHEPPARD                    GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

The Wichita Daily Beacon, Thursday, Sept. 10, 1908

Died:  Sept. 9, 1908








Dodged One and Then Stepped in

Way of Another---Did Not Re-

cover From the Shock.


   James L. Sheppard, who was struck by a Rock Island switch engine at the Douglas avenue crossing last evening, died this morning at 2:40 o’clock at the St. Francis hospital.

  Mr. Sheppard, who is an aged man, was weigher at the South Washington avenue scales.  He had started to walk to his home at 418 East Central avenue, when he was hit by the engine.

  Mr. Sheppard was standing on the north side of Douglas avenue at the crossing waiting for southbound passenger train No. 11 to cross.  The train on the west track had just cleared the crossing and Mr. Sheppard had stepped out on the east track and did not notice an engine which was switching cars on that track.  The tender of the engine struck Mr. Sheppard and knocked him away from the track.

  Just as the engine struck Mr. Sheppard a woman who was standing near screamed.  Officer Millis who was near, called Dr. St. John.  Mr. Millis and Dr. St. John took charge of Mr. Sheppard.  Dr. William A. Phares  was also summoned.  An ambulance was called and Mr. Sheppard, accompanied by Dr. Phares and Officer Millis, was taken to St. Francis hospital.  At the hospital he revived sufficiently to give his name and address.  He was badly bruised and cut about the head.  His back and hands were bruised.

  Mr. Sheppard was a Grand Army veteran.  He served in Company C, of the Sixteenth Indiana Infantry.

  Coroner Phillips has not yet decided whether or not be will hold an inquest.