JOHN C. ADAMS                             GRAVESTONE PHOTO                      

Quenemo Republican, Thursday, March 20, 1902, p.2.

Died:  March 18, 1902

An Old Citizen Gone.

  John C. Adams, oldest son of Jabez and Lucinda Adams was born July 12, 1835, in Kentucky, and was therefore over 66 years old.  While he was an infant his parents settled in Posey county, Ind., where he  spent his childhood and youth.  At the age of 18 years the family moved to Marion county, Ill.  He has since lived in Mo., Iowa, and Kansas.  The last 33 years of his life was spent in Osage county, Kansas-- where he has lived most of the time--the life of a hermit and was familiarly called by all the young folks "Uncle John".  His mother was a devoted Christian and worker and taught him in his childhood the noble story of Christ.  He has never, during his life, departed from her timely advice and has lived a secluded life.  Though eccentric, has always been noted for his pure spotless life, kind, honest and charitable.  During the civil war, he served in Co. B, 15th Kansas Cavalry and was honorably discharged October 1865.

Quenemo Republican, Thursday, March 20, 1902, p. 3.

Local and Personal Items

  Uncle John Adams, of Tequa, died Tuesday and was buried Wednesday in the Humphrey cemetery.

Ouenemo Republican, Thursday, March 27, 1902, p. 2.

One by One

  The ranks of the veterans of the civil war are thinning rapidly now and in a few years they will all be gone.  The death of Comrade Middleton Tuesday makes six veterans that have died in about eight months.  There were five that belonged to the Quenemo Post G. A. R. and Uncle John Adams, just south of Town, who did not belong to the G. A. R.  All have died since July Chaplain, Skinner, Moore, Creviston, Adams and now Josiah Middleton.  The ranks are thinning, they are falling, one by one.