JOHN W. FLAGLER                                   

The Howard Courant, June 14, 1907

Died:  June 5, 1907


Obituary---John W. Flagler. 

  After a long siege of poor health and an illness of several weeks, John W. Flagler of Howard, died Wednesday, June 5, 1907, age 67 years, 10 months, 17 days.

  His youngest son, Robert, was in the far west, and telegraphed, that he wished to attend the funeral, so the services were not held until Tuesday, the 11th.

  The following short sketch of the deceased was read by Rev. Searcey at the beginning of his remarks:

  John W. Flagler was born in Peoria Co., Ills., July 24th, 1839.  Died at Howard, Kansas, June 5, 1907.  Age, 67 years, 10 months and 11 days.

  Mr. Flagler was married Sept. 4th, 1859 to Mary J. Shane.  Moved to Kansas from Illinois in May 1871, since which time he has resided in this state.

  The deceased was the father of 9 children, six of whom are still living.

  John W. Flagler enlisted as a private July 31st, 1862, in Co. H, 86th Illinois Volunteers.  He was discharged April 24th, 1863, on account of gunshot wound in the right hand, which resulted in the loss of several fingers.  He was an honored member of the local Post G. A. R., under whom auspices the burial services was conducted.

  We can only add to the above that John W. Flagler was a good man, an honorable citizen, a faithful husband, a loving, indulgent father, a good neighbor and a loyal friend.  He had lived in this county for more than 36 years, and had the respect and good will of every man who knew him.  He took very little active part in public affairs, but was a quiet, law abiding citizen, respecting the opinions and views of others, and while having radical views on all matters, he was kind and considerate and a man of peace.

  The funeral was attended by a large number of his neighbors, friends and comrades, about 40 members of the G. A. R. participating in the services at the grave.

  The mourning family have the sympathy of many friends.