JOSEPH H. LIGHT                         GRAVESTONE PHOTO     

                                                            PHOTO TAKEN WHEN MAYOR OF CHANUTE   

Biographical Sketch


  Joseph H. Light was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 4, 1845 and died in Chanute, Kansas on March 20, 1925.  His father, A. S. Light, came to Neosho county in 1869 and settled on a farm near Erie, where he lived until his death.

  Dr. Light was educated at Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana, where he completed his course in 1862.  There also he entered the Union army, although yet in his teens, enlisting in Company C. 138th Indiana infantry, and being mustered into service May 27, 1863.  Later he became a member of Company C, 145th infantry, with which he served until the close of the war.

  The study of medicine, which he began in Nashville, Tenn., he continued in Louisville, Ky. and at the New York Homeopathic Medical College.  In 1869 he came to Kansas and began the practice of his profession, but later returned to Cincinnati, Ohio, and there was graduated from the Homeopathic School of Medicine.

  Since the fall of 1882 he had been located in Chanute, where he enjoyed an extensive and remunerative practice and acquired valuable property.  He was mayor of the city for three years, beginning in 1890.

    At the time of his death he was survived by his wife and his son, Dr. Ralph A. Light, who also became a physician in Chanute.

  Two brothers, W. I. Light of Erie and G. B. Light of Springfield, Mo., also survived him.  One brother Isaac T. Light died in Chanute, Kansas on February 7, 1918.

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