Linn County Kansas



George Thomas Tracy LaCygne city cemetary in Linn County. He was in Company D, Tenth Kansas Infantry. I also have a photo of the grave of my great-grandfather's first company officer, Captain Eli Snyder, Company D, Tenth Kansas, Osawatomie.
William HENRY enlisted as a private in Company G, 12th Regiment of the Kansas Infantry on 16 August, 1862, at Paola, Kansas.  He rose in rank to Corporal, on 1 August, 1864, and was discharged on 30 June, 1865, at Little Rock, Arkansas.  William died on 13 July, 1919, in Parker, Linn County, Kansas.  Marion Alcorn
Henry Bascom SCOTT.  Buried at Oakwood cemetery, Linn County. Born in Jefferson County, Ohio 10 December 1838.Arrived in Kansas 1858. Served in Companies D and H, Fifth Kansas Cavalry 1862-1865. Wounded at battle of Helena, Arkansas, 4 July 1863. Died in Centerville, Kansas, 14 December 1925. entry submitted by his great-grandson, Alan Scott Ligda, Issaquah, Washington, 18 June 1998
William HENRY enlisted as a private in Company G, 12th Regiment of the Kansas Infantry on 16 August, 1862, at Paola, Kansas.  He rose in rank to Corporal, on 1 August, 1864, and was discharged on 30 June, 1865, at Little Rock, Arkansas.  William died on 13 July, 1919, in Parker, Linn County, Kansas. Mr. M.E. Alcorn 
Jack Rogers and his wife have walked these cemeteries listed below and have compiled this list for your research. I certainly appreciate what he has done for the Civil War Reseacher.
Davis, James S.  d. 6 Feb 1897. 72y9m12d. Co. C, 22nd Ind Inf
Heilman, William   6 Jul 1841-22 Sep 1928.  Co. B, 108th IL Inf
Iliff, James M.   d. 4 May 1915. 81y3m3d.  Co. K, 12th Kan Inf
Jamison, George W.   4 Nov 1838-6 Oct 1918.   Co. F, 70th Ohio Inf
May, Thomas M.  d. 12 Oct 1883. 50y. Co. K, 12th Kan Inf
Miller, J.   d. 11 Feb 1888.  Co. C, 10th Kan  ___
Morrison, James N.   d. 2 May 1892. 72y3m13d. Co. B, 31st Wisc Inf
Rice, John   d. Jun 9, 1892. 62y1m21d.  Co. A, 39th Iowa Inf
Roberts, David F.   18 Sep 1839-17 Apr 1918.  Co. D, 26th Ind Inf
Snider, David   1846-1927.  Co. D, 35th IL Inf
Breeze, W.A.P.  Jun 14, 1843-Apr 19, 1908.  Co. F, 48th IL Inf & Co. I, 60th IL Inf
Duprie, Pierre   Sgt.  Co. K, 81st U.S.C.T.
Foster, Charles   Co. E, __ IL Inf
Long, John   Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Achey, Jonathan   14 Feb 1844-22 Nov 1909.  Co. K, 12th Kan Cav
Bottrell, John   25 Dec 1831-22 Nov 1904. Co. A, 24th Wisc Inf
Brand, Christian   6 Mar 1844-15 Nov 1882. Co. M, 6th MO S.M. Cav
Cannon, John Wesley   8 Sep 1842 - 2 Feb 1897.  Co. D, 3rd MO Inf
Collins, Noah Y.  d. 111 Apr 1899. 57y11m21d. 41st IL Inf
Fritsche, A.   1830-1876.  Co. H, __ MO Home Guards
Hope, John   1846-1923.  Co. C, 12th Kan Inf
Kirby, John W.   1842-1928.  Co. I, 39th IL Inf
Love, Lewis   22 Nov 1832-28 Aug 1915.  Co. A, __ W.VA. Inf
Page, Alfred   d. 20 Apr 1901. 73y5m9d.  Co. K, 1st IL Cav
Provin, William   Co. I, 2nd IL Light Artillery
Shepards, E.P.   22 Jan 1843-13 Feb 1906. Co. C, 15th Kan Cav
Shinkle, James   d. 14 Jan 1905. 81y4m12d.  Co. L, 107th IL Inf
Smith, John M.   24 Mar 1841-24 Nov 1920.  Co. G, 91st IL Inf
Wilson, J.L.   Co. D,  15th Kan Cav
Hazelbaker, Sidney J.   7 Apr 1838-23 Sep 1922. Co. K, 8th IL Inf
Craig, David R.   13 May 1833-8 Dec 1914.  Co. E, __Iowa Inf
Larkey, Edward   1847-20 Jun 1932.  Co. A, 3rd MO Cav & Co. I, 6th MO S.M. Cav
Mathews, Harrison F.   1841-1925.  Co. A, 12th Kan Inf
Decker, M.C.   d. 16 Mar 1884.  Co. K, 3rd IL Cav
DeFreese, A.B.  d. 16 Dec 1861. 49y. Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Ford, Thomas   6th Kan Cav
Lawhon, James   Co. C, 60th Ind Inf
Russell, George W.   14 Aug 1846-10 Feb 1912.  Co. K, 60th Ohio Inf
Irwin, B.F.   6 Jan 1827-2 Mar 1895.  Co. D, 3rd Kan Cav
Johnson, Paddy C.   1832-1910.  Co. D, 94th IL Inf
Lovewell, William   d. 24 Apr 1875. 53y9m29d.  Co. I, 5th MO Cav
Alexander, J.T.   22 Mar 1810-7 Jan 1886. U.S. Soldier
Blair, Samuel W.   1830-1912. Co. F, 15th IL Cav
Caldwell, William   1842-1906.  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Crooks, Charles N.  11 Dec 1838-12 Dec 1889.  Co. B, 112th IL Inf
Goodrich, James A.   1837-1911.  Co. B, 112th IL Inf
Goodrich, John Samuel   9 Oct 1831-3 Feb 1918.  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Holloman, Virgil M.  1834-25 Jan 1917.  U.S. Soldier
Kerr, Calvin C.,  22 Oct 1837-24 Mar 1919.  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Magneson, Charles J.   1836-1917.  Civil War Veteran
Newbold, James W.   31 Oct 1830-29 Jun 1910. Co. K, 57th IL Inf
Redding, S.   1840-1941.  Co. B, 112th IL Inf
Robinson, Herbert   1836-1911.  Captain  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Thompson, W.T.   9 oct 1835-18Mar 1909.  "Soldier"
Tyler, T.S.   13 Jun 181-5 Apr 1914. Co. M, 15th Kan Cav
Waller, Cash   Civil War Soldier
Woolington, Edward T.  27 Apr 1838-15 Jan 1910.  U.S. Soldier
Wooton, John M.   1834-1913.  Co. L, 2nd MO Light Artillery
Brase, Henry  W.  d. 26 Aug 1894.  Co. L, 2nd Kan Cav
Ray, Anderson   Co. C, 12th Kan Inf
Bruce, David H.   1832-1922.  Co. I, 3rd NY Light Artillery
Byers, A.S.   1847-1927.  Co. C, 1st KY Cav
Cottle, Thomas D.   1836-1919.  Co. I, 10th Kan Inf
Culbertson, W. P.   1839-1912.  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Day, Peter A.   1840-1906.  Co. G, 12th Kan Cav
Henry, William H.   1841-1919.  Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Jones, W.B.   Dc 11, 1831-Oct 28, 1908.  Cpl.  Co. G, 45th KY Inf
Leiser, Morgan   6 Nov 1838-11 Dec 1903.  Co. A, 48th PA Inf
Mallory, Hiram P.   1840-1932. Cpl. Co. B, 112 IL Inf
Teter, Balaam   1837-1929.  Co. C, 62nd VA Mtd. Inf   CSA
Bower, Seth K.   1838-1923.  Co. B, 108th IL Inf
Park, Jacob   d. 11 May 1874.  Co. A, 35th IL Inf
Finfrock, James   d. 31 Jul 1888. 73y.  Co. K, 94th Ohio Inf
Guynn, Samuel P.   d. Oct 25, 1864. Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Jobe, William L.    Co. B, 10th Kan Inf
Atkinson, G.W.  Jan 14, 1840-Feb 27, 1907.  Co. A, 126th IL Inf
Earnest, Jacob   1844-1920. Co. E, 11th IL Inf
Gregg, George  D.  Co. L, 2nd Ohio Heavy Artillery
Ham, Virgil A.   Dec 27, 1842-Jun 25, 1913.  17th Kan Inf
Irwin, Francis Asbury   d. 12 Jan 1894. 63y9m12d.  Lieut.  Co. C, 8th TN Cav
McFarland, Alex   d. 29 Jan 1911.  Co. G, 116th Ohio Inf
Stanton, Thomas   1836-1918.  Co. E, 76th IL Inf
Williams, Melvin L.   Jan 15, 1839-Apr 3, 1889.  Co. I, 1st Iowa Cav
Corn, J.W.   21 Dec 1835-1 Apr 1911.  Co. F, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Marmon, Michael   1828-1919.  Co. G, 7th IL Inf
Poore, William   d. 1919.  Co. E, 26th Ind Inf
Spangler, Henry   1811-4 Dec 1886. Co. H, 3rd Kan Inf
Clark, Mitchell B.  24 Sep 1833-13 Jul 1913.  Co. C, 116th Ind Inf
Cochran, George L.  30 Jan 845-8 Mar 1899.  Co. E, 17th Kan Inf
Dixon H.C.   d. 10 Mar 1895. 52y2m26d.  Co. K, 120th Ind Inf
Doolittle, Samuel   5 May 1834-26 Mar 1907.  Co. H, 7th Kan Cav
Drury, Henry H.   1840-1924.  Co. H, 27th Ohio Inf
Dudley, Geroge W.  8 Jun 1839-28 Feb 1927.  Co. B, 37th IL Inf
Frear, David   18 Nov 1842-14 Sep 1894. Co. C, 33rd MO Inf
Grasty, Jeremiah   1844-1920.  Co. __, 6th Kan Cav
Hinkle, Emanuel   1839-1898.  Co. F, 107th IL Inf
Lewis, J.H.  Co. E, 116th IL Inf
McIntyre, William E.  1849-1907.  Co. B, 4th PA ____
Tacket, Asa   20 Dec1827-20 Sep 1915. Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Wier, William   1836-1917.  Co. A, 78th IL Inf
Clark, W.P.   d. Mar 3, 1889. 53y2m25d. Co. B, 5th PA Heavy Artillery
Hanna, J_____ G.   d. Feb 19, 1887. 68y7m.  1stSgt  Co. A, 10th Iowa Inf
Johnson, E.D.   Nov 11,1845-Mar 29, 1843.  Co. D, 23rd Ohio Inf
Kerby, John M.  Co. E, 126th Ohio Inf
Salkeld, J.E.   2nd Kan Ligtht Artillery
Ragain, William Harrison.  1806-24 Nov 1877.  Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Ames, George R.  1843-1916.  Co. E, 8th Wisc Inf
Anderson, E.W.   Co. H, 7th Kan Cav
Armsby, Sherman   Co. H, 11th Minn Inf
Atkin, Charles    May 25, 1829-Jun 11, 1911.  Sgt. Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Atkin, William H.   Apr 11, 1844-Apr 8, 1899.  Co. F, 18th IL Inf
Bradwell, Charles   d. 8 Apr 1908.  Co.B, 16th VT Inf
Blackman, E.A.   1841-1927.  Bat. _, 1st U.S. Artillery
Bradley, Eli   May 3, 1822-May 15, 1915.  Co. E, 17th Kan Inf
Brewster, Robert Edward   Aug 14, 1839-Jul 28 1892.  Captain  74th NY Inf & 8th NY Cav
Carson, William Albert   Co. D, 12th Kan Inf
Carson, Wilson   Sgt. Co. B, 18th Iowa Inf
Carver, James M.   May 11, 1848-Nov 19, 1917.  Co. , 9th Kan Cav
Conley, John   Aug 18, 1832-Mar 9, 1908. Co. K, __ PA __
Coppage, Joseph F.  Co. D, 1st KY Cav
Dunn, Birney   May 20, 1846-Feb 10 1934. 10th Kan Inf
Eby, John   Aug 23,1831-Apr 26, 1913.  Co. K, 47th IL Inf
Fine, Joseph   Sgt   Co. F, 113th U.S.C.T.
Fisher, Wilson  ComSgt. Com M, __W.VA. Cav
Garrett, John   Apr 18, 1844-Apr 14, 1923.  Co. I, 2nd Kan Cav
Gibbons, Robert O.  Feb 5, 1836-May 5, 1903.  Co. C, 9th Kan Cav
Goss, David   Apr 17, 1836-May 24, 1917. Captain   Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Goss, James   1841-1926.  1stSgt. Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Goss, Thomas   1839-1914.  Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Graham, Reuben   Co. A, 98th IL Inf
Harmon, I.M.   Mar 10, 1842-Jan 1, 1916.  Co. B, 1st TN Inf
Hayes, James   Co. H, 75th Ohio Inf
Hendrix, William   Nov 2, 1845-May 22, 1920.  Co. M, 15th Kan Cav
Henson, Elijah H.   Co. H, 82nd Ohio Inf
Higday, Jos. W.   Jul 6, 1843-Jun 1, 1927. Co. F, 33rd Wisc Inf
Johnson, John W.   Aug 8, 1846-Nov 23, 1928.  Co. B, 180th Ohio Inf
Kniveton, Geroge T.  1834-1925.  Co. C, 2nd PA Cav
Langdon, John W.   Co. D, 7th MO Cav
Leeka, John Wesley   Mar 23, 184-Mar 4, 1916.  Co. A, 48th Ohio Inf
Long, David   d. Jan 23, 1890. 75y. Co. F, 9th Kan Cav
McBath,Thomas   Co. D, 106th NY Inf
McGlothlin, Henry H.   1840-1926.  15th Kan Cav
McGlothlin, S.   Co. F, 45 KY Inf
McWilliams, John E.  d. Feb 24, 1890. 50y. Co. A, 6th MO Cav
Marshall, Henry   Co. K, 148th IL Inf
Nelson, William B.  Co. B, 19th IL Inf
Plumb, Henry   May 29, 1836-Jan 4, 1929. Surgeon  2nd Conn Heavy Artillery
Ransom, Isaac   d. Aug 4, 1897.  Co. C, 49th Ind Inf
Reece, E.B.   Nov 18, 1832-May 25 1916.  Co. F, 21st Kan Mil Cav
Ruth, John L.   Co. A, 30th IL Inf
Shoemaker, R.K.  May 5, 1835-May 13, 1898.  Co. A, 83rd IL Inf
Smith, Adam  Co. K, 12th Kan Cav
Smith, Joseph   Co. F,  11th KY Cav
Smith, Otis H.   May 11, 1819-Jul 12, 1992.  Captain  95th IL Inf
Smith, Phillip   Co. C, 192nd Ohio Inf
Smith, William A.   1835-1899.  Co. D, 17th Mich Inf
Stewart, David D.  Co. B, 42nd Ind Inf
Swan, Henry   Sgt. Co. F, 15th MO Inf
Webb, A.M.   oct 23, 1840-Jan 26, 1911.  Co. C, 106th IL Inf
Wilkins, Abraham   1842-1932.  Co. F, 38th IL Inf
Banks, ___ O.  Dec 24, 1834-Apr 4, 1902. Co. B, 11th MO Cav
Barnes, William P.   1 Jul 1837-26 May 1904.  Sgt. Co. C, 91st IL Inf
Campbell, Andrew J.   1836-1921. Co. G, 102nd IL Inf
Conner, William H.   3 Feb 1837-1 May 1911.  Co. B, 46th Ohio Inf
Conrey, W.P.   Apr 8, 1843-May 31, 1898. 1st Kan Inf
Cox, James W.   Jan 10, 1844-Feb 17, 1913.  Co. C, 33rd IL Inf
Curtis, Samuel   1842-1927.  Co. D, 19th Mich Inf
Day, Daniel D.   Mar 24, 1843-Jun 20, 192. Co. B, 6th Ind ___
Davis, J.D.     Co. B, 10th NJ Inf
Fairchild. E.L.   1836-1921.  Co. H, 72nd IL Inf
Freeman, William H.   1841-1904. Co. D, 50th Ind Inf
Hebbe, John A.   1843-1940.  Co. E, 8th Wisc Inf
Holland, William J.   1837-1923.  Co. I, 23 KY Inf
Lowery, James M.   24 Jul 1847-20 Feb 1912.  Co. D, 107th IL Inf
Morley, Israel P.   1836-1930.  Troop K, 5th Kan Cav
Priest, Samuel   1834-1922.  Co. D, 38th Ohio Inf
Sankey, A.   d. 1 Dec 1897.  Lieut.  88th Ohio Inf
VanBuskirk, Franklin   1844-1922.  Co. K, 47th Ind Inf
Glenn, William   d. May 2, 1902. 84y.  Co. G, 7th MO S.M. Cav
Creager, George W.  d. Jul 26, 1904. Co. G, 7th Kan Cav
Allen, A.J.   26 Sep 1826-26 Dec 1907.  Co. B, 14th Iowa Inf
Bellman, Detrick   1831-1922.  Toop K, 8th MO Cav
Brittingham, Arthur W.   7 Jul 1842-24 Jul 1920.  Co. I, 125th IL Inf
Billings, Joseph C.   25 Feb 1845-22 Jul 1928. Co. B, 13th IL Inf
Davis, Benjamin F.   8 Dec 1841-4 Sep 1923.  Co. B, 6th Kan Cav
Denison, George W.   1829-1917.  Co. D, 5th Kan Cav
Duncan, Samuel   Sgt.  80th Ohio Inf
Faber, Jacob   25 Aug 1837-8 Jul 1908.  Co. I, 78th IL Inf
Ford, William H.  13 Feb 1840-16 Jul 1914.  Co. F, 5th MO Cav  CSA
Friley, Berthol   29 Jul 1843-28 Nov 1926. Co. C, 26th Mich  Inf
Gifford, G.W.   1844-1933.  Co. D, 93rd Ohio Inf
Grigsby, Harrison M.   3 Jan 1849-11 Jan 1919.  Co. D, 31st Ohio Inf
Haller, Charles   14 Jan 1827-25 Jun 1913.  Co. C, 7th Kan Cav
Hammond, William F.   d. 15 Sep 1898.  Co. E, 39th IL Inf
Harkness, Kelton W.   21 Jun 1838-2 Sep 1908.  3rd IL Cav
Hazlett, William H.  1827-1905.  Co. B, 11th PA Inf
Holmes, James T.   1843-1913.  Cpl. Co. E, 14th Kan Cav
Johnson, Henry C.   14 Sep 1834-13 Feb 1913. Co. G, 112th IL Inf
Keesecker, A.J.  Co. K, 10th Kan ___
Laflin, James   d. 22 May 1891. 53y2m24d.  Co. D, 35th IL Inf
Mayfield, Leander   1844-1916.  Co. D, 15th Kan ___
Mealman, Andrew E.   1844-1929.  Co. G, 112th IL Inf
Miller, Benjamin Franklin   1842-1928.  Co. K, 5th Kan Cav
Morrell,   ---     9 Aug 1836-6 Aug 1898.  Co. A, 6th Kan Cav
Morton, John P.   27 Dec 1833-5 Jan 1910.  Co. Q, 1st MO Cav
Perrin, Asa Delano   1834-1919. Lieut. Co. D, 5th Kan Cav
Reeves, Joseph    8 Aug 1840-27 Mar 1918.  Co. D, 83rd IL Inf
Roy, Geroge D.   1841-1930.  Co. J, 21st Ind Inf
Searl, Addison W.   9 May 1839-13 Mar 1892. 93rd IL Inf
Stark, Marion C,   21 Mar 1837-19 Oct 192-. Co. T, 70th IL Inf
Sutherland, Walter   d. 21 Feb 1923. 79y1m17d.  Co. B, 18th VT Cav
Ulrich, Clarence   Aug 10, 1836-Dec 15, 1917.  Co. D, 32nd IL Inf
Dobyns, Henry M.   c. 23 Oct 1864. 47y2m8d. Captain  Co. E, 6th Kan Cav
Mendel, John    1846-1899. Co. A, 148th Ohio Inf
Estes, William M.   Co.G, 23nd MO Inf
Lumsden, E.D.  Co. B, 2nd KY Cav
Riley, Robert E.   d. 13 Aug 1880. 30y. Co. C, 7th W.VA. Inf
Smith, John L.   Co. I, 12th Kan Cav
Watkins, Francis M.  Co. O, 12th Kan Inf
Grisham, C.C.   Sgt.  Co. F, 5th MO S.M. Cav
Hibbard, Henry C.  d. 26 Sep 1875.  Co. F, 9th Kan Cav
Davis, E.H.  1838-1883.  Co. A, 126th IL Inf
Gaines, W.T.   Co. E, 101st IL Inf
Ooton, Jordon   d. Nov 21, 1891.  Co. C, 17th Ind Inf
Shattuck, William Henry   1835-1887.  Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Tubbs, Elias L.   Mar 1, 1838-Dec 12, 1928.  Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Barker, Moses   Co. A, 43rd MO Inf
Calvin, Jackson   Feb 10, 1835-Jan 26, 1887.  Cpl. 22nd Ind Cav
Doland, Moses   Co. K, 98th IL Inf
Harris, E.M.   Co. C, 85th IL Inf
Kelso, John R.   Co. E, 14th Kan Cav
Kamerer, John   Sep 15, 1834-Feb 18, 1910.  Co. A, 2nd Colo Cav
Lacy, John   d. Mar 3, 1890. 42y. Co. B, 2nd Kan Colored Troops
Martin, James   23 Sep 1827-31 Dec 1910.  Co. D, 6th Kan Cav
Mefford, J.C.   Cpl. Co. H, 154th IL Inf
Nickel, Jasper   d. Dec 16, 1863. 19y8m5d. Co. D, 7th Kan Cav
Nickel, Samuel   Nov 24, 1805-Apr 8, 1876.  Co. D, 7th Kan Cav
Raynor, Charles A.   Co. D, 31st Ohio Inf
Rittinghouse, Zaddock   Co. K, 51st IL Inf
Simpson, John   d. 6 Dec 1907. 73y.  Co. E, 2nd Colo Cav
Smith, A.J.   d. Aug 23, 1887. 58y. Co. A, 6th Ind Cav
Gott, John R.   d. 9 May 1908.  78th IL Inf
Huffman, William H.   22 May 1836-9 Sep 1909.  Co. G, 41st IL Inf
Miller, Henry   d. 14 Feb 1886. 53y10m15d.  Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Pomeroy, Edwin E.  1835-1927. GAR
Ayers, Samuel   d. 17 Feb 1887. 84y13d.  GAR Marker.
Crain, Zephaniah  6 Sep 1841-10 Aug 1905.  Co. B, 11th Kan Cav
Crystal, Peter H.   25 Nov 1840-18 Jun 1917.  Co. D, 5th Kan Dav
Herman, John   1840-1915.  Co. K & F, 2nd Kan Cav
Herman, Valentine   24 Mar 1845-19 Dec 1921.  2nd Kan Cav
Lockwood, William 15 Mar 1835-25 May 1897.  Co. E, 5th Ind Cav
Mumford, Ezra   1828-1865.  1st Batt, Kan ___ Artillery
Paddock, Mathias H.  31 Mar 1842-8 Nov 1896.  Co. B, 26th Ind Inf
Paddock, Thomas H.  29 Dec 1839-31 Jul 1916.  Co. H, 51st Ind Inf
Schench, Fredrick   d. 24 Nov 1900. 75y5m23d. Co. G, 48th Ind Inf
Sessions, Moses C.   Col.  d. 14 Sep 1868. 69y6m9d.  GAR Marker
Taylor , William  17 May 1829-10 Sep 1902.  Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Ungeheur, Jacob   1835-15 Aug 1905.  Co. B, 11th Kan Cav
Alexander, Robert J.   16 Aug 1832-2 Sep 1906.  Co. B, 73rd IL Inf
Arnold, Stephen   6 Nov 1837-10Ag 1912.  Cpl.  Co. D, 108th Ind Inf
Bartleson, Elim W.  Co. B, 20th Iowa Inf
Clark, W.H.   Co. B, 104th IL Inf
Corbin, Nathan Albert   7 Jan 1843 - 23 Jan 1914.  Co. K, 45th IL Inf
Flora, John W.   1834-1894.  Co. E, 10th Kan Inf
Hawkins, J.J.   9 Mar 1839-4 Nov 1913.  Co. G, __ IL Inf
Hellard, Samuel   1840-1924.  Co. K, 4th Ohio Inf
Johnson, Andrew W.  Co. H, 79th U.S.C.T.
Lamoreau, Daniel R.  b. 10 Nov 1929.  Lieut.  Co. C, 13th Wisc Inf
Madden, John H.   1841-1910.  Co. K, 14th IL Inf
Marrs, Isaac H.   1846-1940.  Co. H, 12th Kan  Inf
Mentzer, Z. 23 Oct 1830-15 Mar 1914.  Co. G, 16th Iowa Inf
Mitchell, William   1842-1919.  Co. G, 34th Ind Inf
Montanye, C.S.   Co. M, 2nd PA Heavy Artillery
Morse, Orlin E.  27 Nov 1837-13 Jul 1917. Captain    Co. D, 5th Kan Cav
Richardson, James   Co. B, 14th Kan Cav
Sands, C.H.  Captain    Co. F, 83rd U.S.C.T.
Trego, J.H.   d. 14 Jul 1905.  Lieut.  Co. D, 5th Kan Cav
Waymire, Jacob   d. 5 Dec 1917. 86y9m21d.  Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Wayne, Alfred R.   28 Oct 1843-17 Mar 1934.  Co. E, 17th Kan Inf
Yeoman, John M.   28 May 1843-23 Dec 1904.  Co. D, 91st IL Inf
Within Woodland Cemetery there is a large monument with a figure of
a Union Soldier standing on the top.  It is dedicated to the soldiers
killed Oct 25, 1864 at the Battle of Mine Creek.
Near the monument are graves of  soldiers ---
Abbott, James   Co. C, 6th Kan Cav
Bell, G.T.   Sgt.  Co. M, 15th Kan Cav
Buck, E.E.  Sgt.  Co. G, 15th Kan Cav
Cummins, John C.  1842-1908.  102nd IL Inf
Curtis, H.W.   Lieut.  Co. F, 4th Iowa Cav
Finley, George W.  Co. K, 12th Kan Inf
Hannant, John   Co. C, 27th IL Inf
Harrison, James Findley  Mar 9, 1825-Feb 14, 1907.   Col.
Higgins, J.E.  Cpl. Co. K, 15th Kan Cav
Hill, David      U.S. Soldier
Irish, C.G.       U.S. Soldier
Kille, Clayton   Sgt.  Co. C, 10th Kan Inf
Montgomery, James  1813-1871. Colonel 34th U.S.T.C.
McSweeny, John   4th Kan Cav
Newton, A.C.   4th Kan Cav
Nicely, Peter   Co. H, 189th Ohio Inf
Poor, John   Co. A, 4th MO Cav
Provost, F.C.   Co. A, 83rd IL Inf
Schasteen, Henry S.   Co. F, 44th IL Inf
Somes, Charles E.  1841-1927.  Co. K, 12th Mass Inf
Smith, S.R.   U.S. Soldier
Teeter, V.R.   5th Kan Cav
VanWort, J.L.   Co. G, 10th Kan Inf
Vaughn, Calvin  Co. G, 15 Kan Inf
Wallace, Richard   U.S.Soldier
Wessburg, C.E.  Cpl. Co. B, 15th Kan Cav
Winkel, William   Co. G, 12th Kan Inf
Winterton, S.   Co. G, 17th Iowa Cav
Yager, W.H.     U.S. Soldier
      Sixteen graves  marked  ------ Unknown U.S. Soldiers.
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