The Latham Mirror, Thursday, May 6, 1909

Died:  April 30, 1909




  Milton Allen Kirkpatrick was born in Pike county, Ohio, September 10, 1832, and died at his home in Latham Kansas April 30, 1909.

  He was one of 13 children, three of whom died in childhood, and of the remainder only two sisters survive him.

  He was born of Godly parents, his father, Rev. John H. Kirkpatrick being for many years an active and efficient local preacher in the Methodist Episcopal church.

  During a big revival meeting, in which many young people were converted, he gave his heart to God in the sixteenth year of his age and united with the Methodist Episcopal church, of which he remained an active and faithful member to the end of his life, being a period over sixty years.

  August 25, 1855, he was married to Sarah Samson, and for nearly 54 years they have traveled life’s way together, sharing their mutual joys and sorrows, toils and cares, disappointments and victories.  Of their union eight children were born, two of whom died in childhood.  The remaining six have grown to manhood’s and womanhood’s estate and were all present to share with their mother their sorrow.  They are Mrs. W. A. Van Gundy of Wellington Kansas, Mrs. W. F. James of Latham Kansas, J. W. Kirkpatrick of Wayne Nebraska, D. A. Kirkpatrick of Latham Kansas, Mrs. R. E. Gilmore of Wichita Kansas, and M. A. Kirkpatrick Jr. of Ford Kansas.

  In the Spring of 1862 brother Kirkpatrick responded to the call of his country for men to defend her flag and the cause of freedom and enlisted in the ninety-first regiment Ohio volunteers infantry and served till the close of the war.  He was in many hardships, yet he came out without being wounded.  During these trying years his wife was at home caring for their little family and trying to help provide for them.  After the war brother Kirkpatrick thought he could do better for his family by coming west, so in the year 1869 he moved with his family from Ohio and settled in Holt county Missouri, where he lived for a good many years, and until most of his children were grown.  In 1887 he moved to Cowley county Kansas, where he has since lived until a few months ago when he and his wife moved to Latham so as to be nearer some of the children.

  Until in very recent years brother Kirkpatrick was active in church work, serving either as Sunday School superintendent, class leader or steward, and sometimes both, for a great many years.

  When brother and sister Kirkpatrick commenced house keeping they erected a family altar and for more than 50 years is was the regular custom to have morning and evening worship in the home.  He was also a reader of the church paper all his life, having been a subscriber to the C. C. A. for 40 years.

  Brother and sister Kirkpatrick’s home was truly a preacher’s home.  In the early days in Missouri the minister of God always found a hearty welcome and the best bed and board the home could furnish when they stopped at brother Kirkpatricks.

  For a few years recently the have not lived very close to Methodist preaching and this was one reason for their moving last Fall to Latham. 

  Death was sudden and unexpected.  He had been in his usual health, when Friday afternoon at about half past two o’clock, while sitting in his rocker his heart suddenly ceased to beat and in a few moments his spirit had gone to be forever with the Lord.

  The funeral was held on Sunday, May 2 at the M. E. church in charge of Rev. L. E. Simes, pastor of the Grace M. E. church of Winfield, assisted by Rev. B. W. Folsom, pastor of the M. E. church in Latham.  Rev. Simes, being an old friend of the family was invited to preach the sermon.

  Burial was made in the Latham cemetery.    --Contributed