Dominicus G. Abbott- CO. E, 101ST ILL. VOL. Infantry

  George Abbott- 1ST MASS. HEAVY ARTILLERY  

  A. B. Adair- CO. G, 30TH OHIO Infantry  

  Elmore Adams- CO. H, 5TH KANS. Cavalry


  Jabez Adams, Jr.- CO. L., 27TH MO. Mounted Infantry

  Jesse D. Adams- CO. C, 15TH ILL. Cavalry

  John Adams- 72ND IND. VOL. Infantry

  John C. Adams- CO. B, 15TH KANS. Cavalry

  William H. Adams- CO. G, 60TH MO. Militia

  Hiram F. Adsit- CO. D, 39TH WIS. Infantry

  John V. Akers- CO. B, 17TH OH. Infantry

  James E. Alger- CO. A, 3RD MICH. Cavalry

  Edward P. Allen- CO. E, 13TH KY. Infantry

  James M. Allen- CO. K, 16TH IND. Infantry

  Robert N. Allen, CO. F, 136TH IND. Infantry

  Robert J. Alexander, CO. B, 73RD ILL. Infantry

  Alexander Allison- CO. E, 81st OH. VOL. Infanty

  William Alsop- CO. F, 19th ILL. Infantry

  John M. Altaffer- CO. H, 12TH VA. Cavalry C. S. A.

  John J. Anderson- CO. K, 7TH MO. Infantry

  John J. Anderson- CO. K, 86TH ILL. Infantry

  John W. Anderson- CO. G, 16TH KANS. Cavalry

  George W. Andrews- 101ST IND. VOL. Infantry

  William H. Andrews- CO. K, 19TH OH. Infantry

  George H. Anthony- CO. A, 83RD IND. Infantry

  John Arendt- CO. B, 10TH ILL. Infantry

  George W. Armstrong- CO. G, 174TH OH. Infantry

  Andrew Arnett- CO. C, 19th OH. Infantry

  John Arnold- CO. C, 1ST N. Y. Mounted Rifles

  Stephen Arnold- CO. D, 108TH ILL. Infantry

  Captain G. W. Ashby- CO D, 12TH KANS. VOL. Infantry 

  Noah Asher- 128TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Samuel R. Atkinson- CO. F, 16TH KANS. Cavalry

  Andrew J. Ausemus- CO. A, 68TH REGT. ILL. VOL. Infantry

  John Baglin- CO. D, 124TH ILL. Infantry

  D. W. Bailey- CO. I, 40TH IA. Infantry

  James K. Bailey- 5TH OH. REGT. VET. RES. CORPS

  Richard Bailey- CO. H, 47TH ILL. Infantry

  William F. Bailey- CO. M. 11TH N. Y. Cavalry, Scott's 900

  Charles Bruce Baker- CO. I, 28TH ILL. Infantry  

  John T. Baker- CO. D, 12TH KANS. Infantry

  Philemon Baker- 146TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Elias Briggs Baldwin- 8TH MO. VOL. Cavalry

  John R. Bales- CO. G, 124TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Sylvester M. Baley-CO. K, 115TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  William Bandel- CO. F, 11TH KANS. VOL. Infantry

  Philip D. Banks- CO. B, 11TH MO. Cavalry

  Joseph H. Bardwell- CO. I, 1ST ILL. Light Artillery

  William Barker- CO. I, 62ND ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Joseph H. Barley- CO. C, 15TH VA. Infantry C. S. A.

  William Barnes- 34TH N. Y. Field Battery

  Elias M. Barrett- CO. B, 9TH KANS. Cavalry

  U. D. Barrett- CO. I, 10TH IA. VOL. Infantry

  John Batterson- CO. H, 7TH IA. Infantry

  William A. Baugh- CO. L, 6TH KANS. Cavalry

  Stephen S. Baxter- CO. B, 6TH U. S. C. H.

  William C. Baylies- CO. K, 10TH IOWA Infantry  

  George Beam, CO. H, 132ND ILL. Infantry

  1st SGT. William Beamer- CO A, 118TH OHIO Infantry  

  Robert T. Bean- CO. I, 8TH KY. Cavalry C. S. A.

  William L. Beck- CO. I, 20TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Benjamin F. Beeson- CO. F, 9TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  John P. Bell- CO. H, 11TH PA. Infantry

  Maurice S. Bell- CO. D, 25TH OH. VOL. Infantry

  Stephen E. Bellar- CO. E, 134TH N. Y. Infantry

  Benjamin F. Bellows- CO. F, 73RD OH. VOL. Infantry

  Alfred W. Benson- CO. H, 154TH N. Y. VOL. Infantry

  Homer E. Benton- CO. B, 38TH IND. Infantry

  Henry Berentz- CO. F, 35TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Captain John Berry- CO. A, 32ND ILL. Infantry

  Joseph Berry- CO. H, 3RD OH. VOL. Infantry

  Thomas Bettis- CO. G, 12TH KANS. Infantry

  Benjamin F. Bice- CO. D, 130TH ILL. Infantry

  Andrew J. Bidwell- CO. F, 153RD IND. VOL. Infantry

  John T. Billings- CO. H, 9TH KANS. Cavalry

  John A. Black- CO F, 11TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Samuel E. Black- CO. F, 138TH ILL. Infantry

  William Blackledge- CO. G, 133RD IND. Infantry

  Alexander M. Blair- CO. F, 36TH OH. Infantry

  William Blosser- CO. H, 15TH OH. Infantry

  Peter Blow- CO. C, 15TH OH. Infantry

  James G. Blunt- Commander, Army of the Frontier

  Michael Boerstler- CO I, 89TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Aaron J. Boggs- CO. H, 79TH ILL. VOL. Infantry

  William H. Bower- CO. B, 2nd KANS. Infantry

  Cyrus S. Bowman- McLaughlin's Squadron Ohio Cavalry

  George L. Boyd, CO. D, 7TH ILL. Infantry

  Leonard A. Boys- CO. K, 107TH ILL. Infantry

  William S. Bradford- CO. H, 1st MO. M. S. M. Cavalry

  Captain William Brainerd- CO. B, 1ST MO. Engineers

  William H. Brady- CO. H, 30TH IA. VOL. Infantry

  Henry Brenton- CO. G, 58TH IND. VOL. Infantry

  Alonzo H. Britton- CO. A, 1ST MICH. Sharpshooters

  Augustus W. Brown- U. S. Navy

  Charles C. Brown- CO. C, 50TH WI. Infantry

  Major Ephraim Brown-CO. G, 114TH OHIO Infantry

  Isaiah Brown- CO. B, 151ST ILL. Infantry

  James B. Brown- CO. L, 10TH NY. Cavalry

  James U. Brown- CO. C, 1ST W. VA. Infantry

  John L. Brown- 151ST IND. VOL. Infantry

  Joseph A. Brown- CO. G, 23RD OH. Infantry

  Rufus M. Brown- CO. H, 26TH IND. Infantry

  Gen. W. R. Brown- 13TH W. VA. Infantry

  Samuel Bruner- CO H, 12TH KY. Cavalry

  Joseph Buck- CO. F, 103RD ILL. Infantry

  Nathaniel Y. Buck- CO. B, 40TH IND. Infantry

  Joseph H. Buckman- CO. B, 73RD ILL. Infantry

  Allen Buckner- 79TH ILL. Infantry

  Elliot Budd- CO. H, 132ND IND. VOL. Infantry

  Max E. Buek- CO. E, 26TH MICH. VOL. Infantry

  John F. Buell- 114TH N. Y. Infantry

  Peter Burger- CO. I, 1ST CO. Cavalry

  James W. Burke- CO. E, 41ST ILL. Infantry

  Thomas F. Burke- CO. A, 116TH ILL. Infantry

  George W. Burkett- CO. H, 18TH TENN. Infantry, C. S. A.

  Robert E. Burnham- CO. K, 133RD OH. Infantry

  James M. Burns- CO. C, 62ND ILL. VOL. Infantry

  Charles E. Burrows- CO. C, 2ND ILL. Cavalry

  Augustus W. Burton- CO. H, 12TH KANS. Infantry

  Charles J. Butin- CO. D, 3RD IA. VOL. Cavalry

  George E. Butin- CO. B, 7TH IA. VOL. Cavalry

  Rensselaur Butler- CO. E, 34th MASS. Infantry

  Thomas Butt- CO. A, 42ND ILL. Infantry

  Thomas J. Byers- CO G, 14TH OHIO Infantry